Sammakka Saralamma Temple In Medaram

Sammakka Saralamma Temple In Medaram


Sammakka Saralamma Temple | History, Jathara and Timings
Sammakka Sarakka Temple ( Sammakka Saralamma Temple) was constructed in the 12th century. The temple is located in Medaram village in Tadvai Mandal, Mulugu District. Medaram Jathara/Sammakka Karakka Jathara is held once each two years. The timings of the Sammakka Sarakka Temple are not available; however, the temple will be open 24/7 during Jathara.

About Sammakka Sarakka Temple
The Koya priests of the tribe conduct ceremonies at the temple by their customs and traditions. It is also a memorial to two tribesmen Women, Sammakka and Saralamma who struggled to defeat Kakatiya Rulers. The temple was visited by around 2000 people from the temple from 1995 to 1995 and 1500 of them were from tribes.

Now, over 10 million people worship Goddesses but just 2% of them belong to the tribes. The temple is located in the far-off region of the Eturnagaram Forest, Dandakaranya, the vast forest belt within the Deccan.

The temple attracted a lot of devotees throughout the country during the time of Jathara and is also the most significant festival of the tribal community around the world.

History of Sammakka Saralamma Temple
According to the tribal legend around 6-7 centuries ago the tribes were hunting. They discovered a girl (Sammakka) sitting among the tigers, emitting lights. The tribe’s head was adopted and made the chief. Sammakka was a hero to the tribal members of the region. She also got married to Pagididda Raju who was the tribal leader and a follower of Kakatiyas. They have three children: Saralamma, Nagulamma, and Jampanna.

In the absence of rain in the region, the chief Pagididda Raju did not pay taxes to Kakatiya ruler Prathapa Rudra. The king dispatched the army to collect taxes from the tribe which led to a conflict among tribes as well as Kakatiyas. Saralamma, Nagulamma, Jampanna as well as Pagididda Raju fought and died to defend their territory.

Following the demise of the family members, Sammakka continued to fight bravely and destroyed her Kakatiya army. The king was impressed by the courage of Sammakka and demanded peace however she refused and continued fighting.

Sammakka promised her people to keep them safe for as long as she was there. Sammakka was badly injured during the battle, and then walked across Chilakala the forest of Gutta.

The tribe was in the forest to find Sammakka and discovered an unopened box containing Kumkum as well as several bangles along with footprints left by the tiger. The most shocking part was that it was in the exact spot that Sammakka discovered it, and handed it over to the head of her tribe. The tribes celebrate a feast to honor her courage in defending the tribe.

Sammakka Saralamma Temple In Medaram


Sammakka Saralamma Temple In Medaram


Medaram Jathara Timings 
This year, Asia’s biggest tribal gathering, Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jathara

On the 1Day  Sarakka along with Pagididaraju along with Govindaraju are located at Gadde.
2nd Day. Sammakka is also situated on Gadde located in Chilakalagutta.
The people will pray to the goddesses on the 3rd Day.
On the 4th Day, the goddess returned to the forest to close the Mahajathara.

Sammakka Saralamma Jathara, also known as the Sammakka Saralamma festival of the tribes occurs twice a year during Magha Masam. The Jathara is celebrated for 4 days and is known for its significance as Medaram Jathara. Visitors come from across the world and especially Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh to commemorate the Jathara.

It is a popular place to have a holy bath in Jampanna Vagu. The name of this Vagu is Sampangi which is the main tributary of the River Godavari. Jampanna was killed in the conflict with the Kakatiya army and was buried in the stream. The stream changed color because of Jampanna’s blood. Jampanna was later called Jampanna Vagu.

The Jathara is celebrated without Vedic or Brahmanic influence. The tribal people carry out their rituals and celebrate Jathara. The devotees offer Bangaram (Jaggery) as a sacrifice to gods at the time of the Jathara.

Four Days of Medaram Jathara

On the first morning of Medaram Jathara, the goddess Saralamma (Sarakka) purchased the sarakka from Kannepalli the village of a neighbor at night, then placed her on the sacred site known as Gadde.
On the second day of the festival the tribal priest travels into Chilakala Gutta and brings the goddess Sammakka to Chilakala Gutta’s Sanctum later in the night. The goddess will take shape of Kumkum. The tribal priest takes two bamboo sticks and places them on the Gadde which is Sammakka in addition to Sarakka. Sammakka Bamboo sticks, sprayed by Kumkum, and Sarakka stick infused with Turmeric.
The third day of the festival is Magha Suddha Pournami The gods Sammakka, as well as Sarakka, are open for worship for devotees. The devotees seek blessings from goddesses.
On the most important day in Medaram Jathara, the deities have returned from the Gadde back to their home, Vanapravesham.

Sammakka Saralamma Temple In Medaram

Sammakka Sarakka Temple Timings
The Sammakka Sarakka temple hours are 6 AM until 6 PM on all days. the temple is all hours of the day on Jathara days.

The belief of many is that visiting the Jathara and offering prayers to the goddesses will solve their problems. Many believe that dangerous evil powers can also be eliminated from this location. The Telangana government has provided drinking water sanitation roads, and hygiene as well as health, in Sammakka Sarakka Jathara. Medaram Jathara is among the biggest gatherings for Hindus across the World.

How to Reach Sammakka Sarakka Temple
by road: TSRTC has provided busses from all regions up to Sammakka Saralamma Temple. Since the temple is located just 100 km away from Warangaland and 240 kilometers from Hyderabad We can travel by our vehicle as well.

Railway: The nearest railway station is Warangaland Kazipet and Kazipet as well. There are a variety of trains going from Kazipet or Warangal from across the country. You can take a train to Kazipet and travel on the highway to get to the temple.

On Air: It is the closest airport to Shamshabad Airport which is 270 kilometers away. In Sammakka Sarakka Jathara, the Telangana Government provided exceptional Helicopter service. Helicopter service runs available from Hyderabad up to Medaram. Aerial surveys of Medaram costs RS 2999/-. The same with VIP Darshan along with Helicopter Service for up to six guests costs about 1.8 Lakh + GST.

Accommodation at Sammakka Saralamma Temple
In the Telangana tourism sector, Haritha Hotel is the ideal place to stay with all its amenities. There are only a handful of options to stay at Medaram.

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