Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Nizamabad -

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Nizamabad

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Nizamabad 


The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is a famous Hindu temple positioned in Nizamabad, a town within the country of Telangana, India. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the temple is renowned for its religious importance, architectural beauty, and historic significance.

Here are the whole info of the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple:-


The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is located in Sarangpur, a locality inside the metropolis of Nizamabad, Telangana. It is placed at a distance of about 2 kilometers from the Nizamabad Railway Station and may be without issue accessed through street.


The history of the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple dates once more several centuries, but actual historical records are scarce. It is believed to had been constructed in some unspecified time in the future of the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty, which ruled the region from the twelfth to the 14th century. Over time, the temple has witnessed numerous renovations and expansions, reflecting distinct architectural patterns and spiritual impacts. Despite the shortage of particular historical documentation, the temple stands as a image of the region’s cultural history and has performed a widespread function inside the non secular and social life of the local people for generations.


The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple showcases a charming blend of architectural styles. Its front is decorated with complicated carvings and sculptures, reflecting the wealthy historical past of historic Indian shape. The temple’s maximum critical sanctum houses the awe-inspiring idol of Lord Hanuman, crafted from a unmarried granite stone. The idol stands tall, depicting Lord Hanuman in a standing posture, shielding a mace (gada) in one hand and a mountain within the distinctive. The temple complicated moreover encompasses more shrines dedicated to various Hindu deities. With its notable layout and innovative craftsmanship, the temple stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the bygone generation.


The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple holds massive significance for devotees and site visitors. It is taken into consideration a sacred area in which devotees are trying to find the blessings of Lord Hanuman, the epitome of energy, devotion, and loyalty. Worshipping on the temple is notion to carry courage, protection, and achievement of desires. The temple serves as a non secular haven, providing solace and guidance to the ones going via disturbing situations and seeking out divine intervention. Additionally, the temple’s ancient and architectural significance provides to its charm, attracting each non secular and cultural enthusiasts. The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple stands as a reputable internet web page, symbolizing faith, devotion, and the iconic energy of Lord Hanuman.

Main Idol:

The essential idol of the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is a fascinating illustration of Lord Hanuman. Carved out of a single granite stone, the idol stands approximately 6 ft tall. Lord Hanuman is depicted in a status posture, exuding strength, and valor. On one hand, he holds a mace (gada), symbolizing electricity, whilst on the other, he holds a mountain, signifying his sturdy feats. The idol is intricately adorned with conventional clothing and adorns, captivating the devotees with its divine presence. The critical idol of Lord Hanuman serves as the point of interest of devotion and reverence, attracting countless devotees in search of blessings and non secular solace.

Temple Timing :

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple follows a selected timing schedule for devotees and visitors. The temple opens early inside the morning at round 5:00 AM. Morning rituals and prayers commence rapidly after the hole. The temple remains open during the day, permitting devotees to go to, provide prayers, and seek blessings from Lord Hanuman. The temple continues its spiritual sports and ceremonies until evening. The exact ultimate time may also range, but usually, the temple closes round eight:00 PM. It’s really useful to test the modern-day timing time table with the temple authorities or on line assets earlier than planning a go to.

Festivals and Celebrations:

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple celebrates numerous fairs and events for the duration of the year, growing a colourful and festive ecosystem. The annual Hanuman Jayanti, which marks Lord Hanuman’s birth, is well known with splendid fervor and exuberance. Devotees acquire in massive numbers to take part in special prayers, devotional songs, and processions. Other large gala’s celebrated at the temple consist of Diwali, Ram Navami, and Navaratri. These events are marked by means of problematic decorations, non secular ceremonies, cultural packages, and the distribution of prasad (holy offerings). The temple turns into a hub of spiritual power and pleasure at some stage in those festive celebrations, attracting devotees and site visitors from a ways and huge.

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Nizamabad

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Nizamabad


Rituals and Prayers:

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is a place of deep spiritual devotion, where numerous rituals and prayers are performed regularly. The day starts with the Mangala Aarti, an early morning prayer rite that invokes benefits. Throughout the day, devotees can participate in unique puja ceremonies, imparting plant life, coconuts, and different symbolic gadgets to Lord Hanuman. Recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn committed to Lord Hanuman, is a common exercise among devotees. The temple clergymen lead these rituals and prayers, developing a sacred atmosphere for devotees to hook up with the divine and are seeking blessings for his or her well-being and spiritual progress.

Spiritual Significance:

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple holds colossal non secular importance for devotees. Lord Hanuman, worshipped at the temple, is respected as the embodiment of strength, devotion, and protection. Visiting the temple and searching for the benefits of Lord Hanuman is assumed to bestow courage, steering, and benefits to triumph over boundaries in existence. Devotees offer prayers, carry out rituals, and recite hymns to deepen their spiritual reference to Lord Hanuman. The temple serves as a sacred space wherein individuals locate solace, are seeking for divine intervention, and beef up their faith. The religious significance of the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple resonates deeply with devotees, inspiring devotion and fostering a experience of religious properly-being.


The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple affords various centers to beautify the visiting enjoy of devotees and traffic. The temple complex consists of a spacious prayer corridor in which devotees can sit and meditate. Free food (prasad) are provided to devotees as a form of divine presenting. Additionally, the temple has facilities for conducting non secular ceremonies, marriages, and different auspicious occasions. Adequate parking area is available for the benefit of traffic arriving with the aid of car. The temple management strives to make sure the comfort and comfort of devotees, offering a serene surroundings for non secular practices and fostering a sense of community and devotion.

Spiritual Activities:

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple organizes a number of non secular activities to promote religious and cultural focus among devotees. These sports encompass discourses and lectures on spiritual teachings, scriptures, and the importance of devotion. Bhajans (devotional songs) and kirtans (musical chants) are achieved, growing an surroundings of divine bliss and non secular upliftment. The temple also conducts non secular lessons and workshops, presenting opportunities for devotees to deepen their know-how of Hindu philosophy and practices. These non secular activities function a way to hook up with the divine, cultivate religious growth, and foster a experience of cohesion and devotion some of the devotees of the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple.

Nearby Attractions :

Nizamabad, the city where the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is placed, offers numerous close by sights that traffic can discover. Here are some exceptional places to go to:

Nizamabad Fort: A historical citadel situated inside the coronary heart of the town, imparting panoramic perspectives and insights into the region’s wealthy history.

Dichpally Ramalayam: A renowned temple committed to Lord Rama, regarded for its architectural grandeur and non secular importance.

Ali Sagar Reservoir: A picturesque reservoir surrounded by way of lush greenery, best for a peaceful picnic or stroll.

Kanteshwar Temple: A lovely temple committed to Lord Shiva, acknowledged for its complicated carvings and serene ambiance.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary: A natural world sanctuary located on the outskirts of Nizamabad, domestic to various species of plant life and fauna, best for nature fans and wildlife lovers.

Ashok Sagar Lake: A serene lake surrounded by means of a scenic panorama, supplying boating centers and a tranquil environment.

Mallaram Forest: A dense forest location placed close to Nizamabad, known for its herbal beauty and as a famous spot for nature walks and birdwatching.

Neelakanteshwara Temple, Bheemgal: A ancient temple committed to Lord Shiva, known for its unique architecture and religious significance.

These close by points of interest provide visitors with more than a few options to explore the herbal beauty, cultural background, and spirituality of the location surrounding the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple.

How To Reach Sarangpur Hanuman Temple :

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is located in Nizamabad, and achieving the temple is highly clean. Here are the distinctive modes of transportation to reach the temple:

By Air: The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, which is about one hundred eighty kilometers away from Nizamabad. From the airport, you may rent a taxi or take a bus to Nizamabad after which proceed to the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple.

By Train: Nizamabad has a properly-related railway station with regular trains from major cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. Upon reaching Nizamabad railway station, you may hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to attain the temple, which is about four kilometers away.

By Road: Nizamabad is well-related by using roadways with essential cities and towns in Telangana and neighboring states. You can both power to the temple or take a bus to Nizamabad bus station. From there, you can hire a taxi or an automobile-rickshaw to reach the temple.

Local transportation alternatives consisting of taxis, car-rickshaws, and buses are available inside Nizamabad to attain the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple. It is recommended to test the precise region and course ahead and plan your journey therefore.

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