Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu complicated of beautiful temples (c. 700 C.E.). It is many of the severa Hindu landmarks alongside the Coromandel Coast in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Shore Temple timings: The Shore Temple timings are from 6 am until 6 pm.

It changed into considered to be one of the first-class examples of medieval South Indian temple structure. Coastal Temple, Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

Shore Temple is said to be the work of king Rajasinha as a outstanding instance of the architectural first-section temples constructed in the Dravidian fashion.

It become a thriving port underneath the time of Narasimhavarman II. There are two temples committed to Lord Vishnu further to Lord Shiva and Shiva, which can be facing to the east and west.

The history of the shore temple

According to the legend consistent with legends, the Shore Temple is one of the seven towers in Mahabalipuram. The seven pagodas represent an historical Hindu myth. According to ancient information, Prince Hiranyakashipu didn’t trust in Vishnu.

But the son of his father Prahladha Prahladha became an ardent follower of Vishnu which resulted inside the deportation with the aid of Prince Hiranyakashipu from his kingdom.

Prahlad welcomed him rapidly later on his arrival and became topped the king. He also had a grandchild, referred to as Bhali who become also the founding father of Mahabalipuram.

After seeing the best shape on the coastline The Shore Temple turned into named ‘Seven Pagodas’. The Temple was a landmark for sailing. Additionally, the design is similar to that of pagodas and consequently is known to all.

The temple’s unique distorted structure become found after the tsunami struck within the Coromandel Coast in 2004. The Temple is constructed absolutely from granite.

Following this incident, reports started to flow into that Mahabalipuram changed into the various seven towers of the diaries of Europeans.

It also said that six temples were submerged within the ocean. It additionally found out the ancient statues of peacocks and elephants and lions that were used to enhance temple walls inside the Pallava rule of the seventh and eighth centuries.


Mahabalipuram Shore Temple Architecture

Shore Temple become the first stone structure constructed in the Pallavas. Pallavas. Before the introduction of this time, it changed into believed that each one vintage monuments have been constructed using stones. The stunning Temple has five floors as well as the structure is manufactured from stone.

It is a few of the maximum significant and oldest Temples of South India. The higher place of the Temple become been embellished with sculptures and carvings. The stone become also built to defend the majestic Temple from erosion via the sea.

The shape’s pyramid is 60 feet tall and is atop an elongated 50-foot square. It is a beautiful display of the Dravidian architectural fashion as well as the superb records that is a best combo.

It changed into constructed to seize the sun’s first rays of growing and the water that dripped off after sunset in the words of Percy Brown served as an identifier throughout the day and additionally a lighthouse at night time. Pavillions and compound partitions are surrounded through the outstanding Temple.

The lion’s rock became reduce right into a small rectangular on its stomach with  younger ladies alongside one of the aspects of the Temple. Near the Temple is a big stone that has been in waves for several years.

On the northern side at the north facet, the design of the buffalo ghost may be visible as properly retaining an item in his palms. The Shore temple appears to be the chariot from an in-intensity distance.

Three Shore temples were located inside the identical spot. View from the north those temples look like exact copies of Dharmaraja Chariot.

The predominant Shore temple is located at the east, and the sun’s rays hit the principal deity of Shivalingam which isn’t actually a piece of stone but a saga of an antique Hindu production. The Temple changed into constructed the use of carved granite stones that were taken from an adjacent quarry.

In front is a tiny temple. The original porch is manufactured from overwhelmed neighborhood granite. This Temple is likewise the various most well-known temples.

Recently, excavations found out severa systems that have not been located are submerged in sand.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


The nice time to be there

In mild of conditions, the perfect moment to see The Shore temple is from October to March. The best time with a view to watch the Temple is usual throughout the morning or evening hours.

Additionally, January and February is an appropriate time to be a part of the Mahabalipuram Dance Festival. Mahabalipuram Dance Festival. Sunset and dawn beautify the temple’s splendor, consequently the Temple is satisfactory visited between sunrise and sunset.

Shore Temple Timings

The Shore temple hours are 6 am until 6 pm.

The Shore Temple opens at 6 am and closes at 6 at night time. People who are committed to the Temple take Darshan between eight am and five pm.

Tips for Visiting the Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Still, Photography had granted at no more charge. For films, however, you must be capable of pay INR 25.

Use a digital camera to capture the stunning splendor of this beautiful Temple.

The ticket income for admission close at five:55 pm.

The dedicated can take a journey to close by monuments free of rate.

Shore Temple Nearby Restaurants

Sea Shore lawn seashore restaurant

Sunrise Pizzeria & Guest House

Bambino Beach Restaurant

The Wharf Restaurant


Le Yogi Restaurant

Latitude 49

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


The pinnacle 4 places to go to in Mahabalipuram

Arjuna penance

A huge open-air sculpture depicts Arjuna’s diverse activities all through his penance. The comfort became carved onto  huge stones that have been forty three ft tall, and at the top was a massive series pool that turned into used inside the beyond.


One of the 108 Divine Lands or Temples of Lord Vishnu. The Pallavas for the duration of the 8th century BC constructed The Thirukadalmalai which is also called the Sthalashana Perumal Temple. The Divya Doshas is a temple of 108 devoted to Lord Vishnu which were built by Tamil Alvars, or saints.

Cave temples

Mahabalipuram is domestic to 8 caves cut from rock temples constructed by way of the Pallava Kings in the seventh century. The temples are decorated with numerous stones that have been cut thinly. Numerous stone sculptures depicted one-of-a-kind Hindu gods and had been idea to be some of the maximum stunning work of Indian artwork.

Pancha Rathas

It is an great Pancha Rathas designed inside the shape of reliefs reduce from the outside with five horses named for his or her respective Pandavas of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The monoliths have been made of crimson granite. The tallest is forty toes tall.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


How to Reach


This town in Mahabalipuram located in the Kanchipuram district become splendid connectivity to the relaxation of the country thru roads.


The Temple is located at a distance of 27.2 kilometers from the Otivakkam Railway Station and


The Temple is 59.2 kilometers from Chennai International Airport. The distance is blanketed with cabs or buses.


Mahabalipuram Shore Temple, Tamil Nadu 603104

Toll toll price-unfastened Number 1-800-425-31111 (Within India simplest).

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