SIDDIPET Mandal Sarpanch Upa-Sarpanch Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

SIDDIPET Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers 2014 Medak District in Telangana State


Mandal Village Name Mobile no’s
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial SURAM ANITHA Sarpanch 9573022238
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial NARALA BABU Upa-Sarpanch 9908632600
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial ANNARA SWAPNA Ward member 9912382128
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial BATTALA KANKAVVA Ward member 8978167449
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial KALAKOTI VENKATAIAH Ward member 9032008210
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial KOTHACHAKALI CHANDRAIAH Ward member 9030796344
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial KURELLA MUTYALAVVA Ward member 8977834079
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial MANDAVARAJU KAVITHA Ward member 9866864663
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial SANDENABOINA LAXMI Ward member 8143211631
SIDDIPET Bakrichapial UPPARAM RAGHURAMLU Ward member 9705309992
SIDDIPET Burugupalle V Bapu Rao Sarpanch 9441368232
SIDDIPET Burugupalle T Rama Raju Upa-Sarpanch 9959748711
SIDDIPET Burugupalle B Kanakaiah Ward member 9701329244
SIDDIPET Burugupalle B Lachavva Ward member 9032790845
SIDDIPET Burugupalle D Rajavva Ward member 9908938038
SIDDIPET Burugupalle D Ram Prakash Ward member 9550424593
SIDDIPET Burugupalle J Renukha Ward member 9618344450
SIDDIPET Burugupalle P Prameela Ward member 9949623227
SIDDIPET Burugupalle S Yellaiah Ward member 7842433231
SIDDIPET Bussapur Maddoori Lalitha Sarpanch 8106955391
SIDDIPET Bussapur Nampally Nagaraju Upa-Sarpanch 7702154231
SIDDIPET Bussapur Baithi Kanakaiah Ward member 9704107428
SIDDIPET Bussapur Bolla Laxmi Ward member 9908320155
SIDDIPET Bussapur Erram Buchavva Ward member 9652874544
SIDDIPET Bussapur Ganagoni Shyamala Ward member 9704685524
SIDDIPET Bussapur Kedari Balreddy Ward member 9652651060
SIDDIPET Bussapur Maddoori Srinivas Ward member 9704716009
SIDDIPET Bussapur Manne Narsavva Ward member 9989383102
SIDDIPET Bussapur Singireddy Jananamma Ward member 9000509713
SIDDIPET Bussapur Uppari Sathaiah Ward member 9849128366
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly B. RAMAKRISHNAREDDY Sarpanch 9502455551
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly K. PARSHAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9705266879
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly A. RAJU Ward member 9640716833
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly CH. KARUNAKAR REDDY Ward member 9705550006
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly G. JYOTHI Ward member 9553784723
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly G. LATHAGARU Ward member 9963169622
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly G. PUSHPALAHA Ward member 8106272163
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly K. NAGARAJU Ward member 9948501285
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly M. SANJEEVULU Ward member 9705555990
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly M. YADAMMA Ward member 9912661646
SIDDIPET Chinnagundavelly R. PRAMEELA Ward member 9652496008
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka E.Laxmi Sarpanch 9949024764
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka R.Balraj Upa-Sarpanch 9676529732
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka A.Mallesham Ward member 9603832715
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka A.Siddavva Ward member 9010050456
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka D.Bhagya Ward member 9704614231
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka E.Rajitha Ward member 8978322883
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka Ghousiya Begum Ward member 9505499105
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka K.Laxmi Ward member 9550046015
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka K.Narsimulu Ward member 9848856181
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka M.Yadagir Ward member 9704499473
SIDDIPET Chintamadaka N.Laxmi Ward member 9912471607
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle D.Bhumavva Sarpanch 9441958666
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle Allam Yellaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9440494976
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle Balraj Padma Ward member 7382831878
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle B.Ramulu Ward member 9396850406
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle Ch.Santosh Ward member 9948049774
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle D.Prasanna Ward member 9848370823
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle K.Swapna Ward member 9295605815
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle K.Yadagiri Ward member 9848370823
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle M.Balnarsaiah Ward member 9010874465
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle M.Chandrakala Ward member 9959505011
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle P.Rajavva Ward member 9848953060
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle R.Andalu Ward member 8985710634
SIDDIPET Ensanpalle S.Padma Ward member 9912971354
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Kumbala Laxmiyadamma Sarpanch 9963839952
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Sukari Narsaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9573102153
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Bandi Mallaiah Ward member 9949029350
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Kancherla Devavva Ward member 9908330515
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Payyaula Komaraiah Ward member 9963839952
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Pendyala Gnaneswari Ward member 9908551323
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur P Nagaraju Ward member 9550620564
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Romala Rajavva Ward member 8008044271
SIDDIPET Ibrahimpur Shaga Devalatha Ward member 9963563154
SIDDIPET Irkode Mareddy Vinitha Ravindar Reddy Sarpanch 9440708811
SIDDIPET Irkode Ganapuram Bhudavva Upa-Sarpanch 9949535355
SIDDIPET Irkode Bandaram Swapna Ward member 9866644116
SIDDIPET Irkode Borra Yellavva Ward member 9701989872
SIDDIPET Irkode Challa Vijai Kumar Reddy Ward member 9705550006
SIDDIPET Irkode Gaddameedi Anjaneyulu Ward member 9705888512
SIDDIPET Irkode Kacharla Pushpa Ward member 9441160583
SIDDIPET Irkode Kuchula Ravi Kumar Ward member 9505547663
SIDDIPET Irkode Lakkidi Chandra Reddy Ward member 9908816136
SIDDIPET Irkode Lingapalli Renukha Ward member 9959003136
SIDDIPET Irkode Matla Mahendar Ward member 9705000340
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally G. BHUMAIAH Sarpanch 9951495969
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally P. SHANKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9441828367
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally A. BAGYAMMA Ward member 9949605478
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally B. RAJU Ward member 9849913986
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally G. KAVITHA Ward member 9652704938
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally G. NARESH Ward member 9505539282
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally G. RAJIREDDY Ward member 9441851402
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally S. LALITHA Ward member 7893306891
SIDDIPET Kodandaraopally Y. LAXMI Ward member 8106241055
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Peddi Yellavva Sarpanch 9704628409
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Dappeta Anjaneyulu Upa-Sarpanch 9177333117
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Bonguram Sharabandu Ward member 9959858648
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Dandu rajaiah Ward member 9704628409
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Dongala Tirupathi Ward member 9959739917
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Gundelli Laxmi Ward member 9849344780
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Kasturi Lalitha Ward member 9618605640
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Kotte Laxmi Ward member 9949625351
SIDDIPET Laxmidevipally Pothula Chinnolla Rajavva Ward member 8008822156
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle BONDLA RAMASWAMI Sarpanch 9849690306
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle SAYANNAGARI ANASUYA Upa-Sarpanch 9866215819
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle AVULA RADHIKA Ward member 9848205024
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle BANDARAM RAMAGOUD Ward member 9912275709
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle BANDI MANEMMA Ward member 9848879831
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle KASHABOINA KANAKAIAH Ward member 9912763933
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle KOLLA SWATHI Ward member 9666274764
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle KONNE KANAKAIAH Ward member 9676201183
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle KUMBAM RAJESHWARI Ward member 9959190171
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle MERGU RAJU Ward member 9347980087
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle POCHAMMAGARI SRINIVASREDDY Ward member 9948860045
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle TATIKONDA MANEMMA Ward member 8106692411
SIDDIPET Lingareddypalle VANARASI RAJU Ward member 9908326097
SIDDIPET Machapur Mykala Krishnaveni Sarpanch 9848833314
SIDDIPET Machapur Pitla Navya Upa-Sarpanch 9640354550
SIDDIPET Machapur Akunuri Lingavva Ward member 9441490154
SIDDIPET Machapur Durgi Kanakaiah Ward member 9704499486
SIDDIPET Machapur Kore Satyanarayana Ward member 9848833314
SIDDIPET Machapur Mittapally Pochavva Ward member 9848833314
SIDDIPET Machapur Padige Srinivas Ward member 9963316286
SIDDIPET Machapur Parsaveni Balraj Ward member 9949558291
SIDDIPET Machapur Pitla Lalitha Ward member 9704499754
SIDDIPET Machapur Pochampally Swamy Ward member 9963423582
SIDDIPET Machapur Reddy Sumalatha Ward member 9676403117
SIDDIPET Mittapalle S.RAjyalaxmi Sarpanch 9849991419
SIDDIPET Mittapalle ch. Mallavva Upa-Sarpanch 9866864513
SIDDIPET Mittapalle A.Narsimlu Ward member 9963149976
SIDDIPET Mittapalle B.Padma Ward member 9618990334
SIDDIPET Mittapalle Ch.Vasantha Ward member 9949384311
SIDDIPET Mittapalle E.Yadagiri Ward member 9502115095
SIDDIPET Mittapalle G.Samesh Ward member 9490130103
SIDDIPET Mittapalle I.Bhagya Laxmi Ward member 9908383919
SIDDIPET Mittapalle J.Narsingarao Ward member 9849840107
SIDDIPET Mittapalle Md.Fayazuddin Ward member 9676395145
SIDDIPET Mittapalle M.Rajitha Ward member 9704340176
SIDDIPET Mittapalle P.Vasavi Ward member 9866498530
SIDDIPET Mittapalle V MAHESH Ward member 9573415999
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle Domakonda.Bhagyalaxmi Sarpanch 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle B.Rajitha Upa-Sarpanch 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle A.Kiran Ward member 9949048120
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle B.Balraju Ward member 9618344405
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle B.Sattavva Ward member 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle G.Beeravva Ward member 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle M.Ilavva Ward member 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle M.Pochavva Ward member 9550407916
SIDDIPET Nancharpalle P.Raju Ward member 9908837599
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet B. RAJAMANI Sarpanch 9440380307
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet T. KISHAN Upa-Sarpanch 9963391290
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet CH. VIJAYA Ward member 8179105409
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet D. BALRAJU Ward member 9666832501
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet D. KANAKAIAH Ward member 9678822587
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet GADDAM BALAIAH Ward member 9618921363
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet GADDAM MALLESHAM Ward member 9618440704
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet GADDAM YADAGIRI Ward member 9959278191
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet GEKURI VENKATAMMA Ward member 9704061399
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet G. RAJITHA Ward member 9678634670
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet G. YADAIAH Ward member 9989575939
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet M. LAXMI Ward member 9963794700
SIDDIPET Narayanraopet N RATNAMALA Ward member 9963805060
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal J Kishan Sarpanch 9948653496
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal K Rajamani Upa-Sarpanch 9550032568
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal A Bapu Reddy Ward member 9948192932
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal A Meenavva Ward member 9963631310
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal B Lalitha Ward member 9618603350
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal G Sanjeva Reddy Ward member 9550556516
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal J Narsavva Ward member 9494876331
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal K Ball Narsaiah Ward member 9010345344
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal K Manemma Ward member 9618603350
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal T Prasada Ward member 9704062086
SIDDIPET Peddalingareddypal T Sathaiah Ward member 9885782450
SIDDIPET Ponnal Tupakula Yellamma Sarpanch 9666679907
SIDDIPET Ponnal Satupalli Shiva Prasad Upa-Sarpanch 9505123007
SIDDIPET Ponnal D Ravi Ward member 9440091393
SIDDIPET Ponnal Gande Latha Ward member 9440507323
SIDDIPET Ponnal K Ball Laxmi Ward member 9705535874
SIDDIPET Ponnal K Kankaiah Ward member 9440805939
SIDDIPET Ponnal l latha Ward member 9505801338
SIDDIPET Ponnal N TULSHAVVA Ward member 9949569265
SIDDIPET Ponnal P ANURADHA Ward member 9030307733
SIDDIPET Ponnal Ramula Shiva Rajavva Ward member 9666099573
SIDDIPET Ponnal Satupalli Srinivas Ward member 9703527155
SIDDIPET Ponnal S parsharamllu Ward member 9666529800
SIDDIPET Ponnal T Narsimulu Ward member 9440491457
SIDDIPET Pullur PULLURI SAROJANA Sarpanch 8096757750
SIDDIPET Pullur POTHULA KANAKARAJU Upa-Sarpanch 9704499845
SIDDIPET Pullur BUSANI VENKATLAXMI Ward member 9848545614
SIDDIPET Pullur KUNCHAM LACHAVVA Ward member 8897966879
SIDDIPET Pullur MADAM MALLESHAM Ward member 9705525101
SIDDIPET Pullur MEDISHETTI MANEMMA Ward member 9177809920
SIDDIPET Pullur MOLUGU LACHAVVA Ward member 9949556741
SIDDIPET Pullur MOLUGU YELLAVVA Ward member 9550925115
SIDDIPET Pullur OGGU YADAGIRI Ward member 9701572533
SIDDIPET Pullur PULLURI KAKAIAH Ward member 9912661832
SIDDIPET Pullur PULLURI MALLAVVA Ward member 9705000350
SIDDIPET Pullur SIADUGARI RAMCHANDRAM Ward member 9912792576
SIDDIPET Pullur THADKAPALLY ANANDAM Ward member 9704626617
SIDDIPET Raghavapur RAMAGONI SATHAIAH GOUD Sarpanch 9493141958
SIDDIPET Raghavapur RENIKUNTA SATHAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9391104088
SIDDIPET Raghavapur BAITHI RAJAIAH Ward member 8978583637
SIDDIPET Raghavapur B. SRILATHA Ward member 9948215115
SIDDIPET Raghavapur CH. SWAPNA Ward member 9492913065
SIDDIPET Raghavapur D. BHARATHAMMA Ward member 9490804049
SIDDIPET Raghavapur DURGAM PREMALATHA Ward member 9701513146
SIDDIPET Raghavapur G. KANAKALAXMI Ward member 9550100023
SIDDIPET Raghavapur G. SWAMI Ward member 8985707630
SIDDIPET Raghavapur KODADI LAVANYA Ward member 9912218995
SIDDIPET Raghavapur NAGANI RAMESH Ward member 9848774292
SIDDIPET Raghavapur S. BUGGARAJ Ward member 9177762915
SIDDIPET Raghavapur S. RAMESH Ward member 9393151573
SIDDIPET Raorukal A.Samala Sarpanch 9618590806
SIDDIPET Raorukal K.Bagalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 8184954827
SIDDIPET Raorukal A.Kishan Ward member 9849998678
SIDDIPET Raorukal B.Pushpalato Ward member 9573888495
SIDDIPET Raorukal B.Rajireddy Ward member 9573732587
SIDDIPET Raorukal B.Sumalatha Ward member 9618590806
SIDDIPET Raorukal Ch.Narayana Ward member 9704573737
SIDDIPET Raorukal D.Yellawa Ward member 9908602504
SIDDIPET Raorukal Md.Baba Ward member 9177779311
SIDDIPET Raorukal N.Ravindar Ward member 9110507287
SIDDIPET Raorukal P.Ligawa Ward member 9010507287
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle Gaddam Balnaraiah Sarpanch 9885164707
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle GADEELA BUDAVVA Upa-Sarpanch 9948653270
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle DANDU MANJULA Ward member 9908646103
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle DASARI LAXMI Ward member 7416148626
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle DUBBAKA RAVI KUMAR Ward member 9963005131
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle GODUGU MAHENDER Ward member 9959524948
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle GUNNALA NARSAVVA Ward member 8008385804
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle MANTRI NARSIMLU Ward member 9989149167
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle M SHARADA Ward member 9704450556
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle POSAKONDA DEVA LAXMI Ward member 9989769071
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle RAJAMGARI AGAMREDDY Ward member 9912356961
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle TODANGALLA YADAIAH Ward member 9440160439
SIDDIPET Tadkapalle TODENGALLA RAMESH Ward member 9908812616
SIDDIPET Tornal Annasaram Parameswargoud Sarpanch 9676161979
SIDDIPET Tornal Gadila Navaneetha Upa-Sarpanch 9573713034
SIDDIPET Tornal Annasaram Rameshgoud Ward member 9000838281
SIDDIPET Tornal Dandla Ramesh Ward member 9701339972
SIDDIPET Tornal Ela Laxman Ward member 9505705009
SIDDIPET Tornal madugula laxmi Ward member 9866423629
SIDDIPET Tornal meadugula laxmidishetty Radhika Ward member 9603223201
SIDDIPET Tornal Seelam Yellavva Ward member 9618345842
SIDDIPET Tornal uppala Narsimulu Ward member 8978427303
SIDDIPET Tornal Vasuri Yellavva Ward member 9573814209
SIDDIPET Tornal Verappa Harinath Ward member 9912381880
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Mutyala Pratapreddy Sarpanch 9948254965
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Kotagiri Papavva Upa-Sarpanch 9704626947
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Ambati Devender Goud Ward member 9177356424
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Dabbeta Narsavva Ward member 8897877557
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Erra mallesham Ward member 9849684542
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Gopani Renuka Ward member 9959525841
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Kuncham laxmi Ward member 9550925742
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Mutyala Jagadeshwar reddy Ward member 8897673936
SIDDIPET Venkatapur Tarigoppula Thirupati Ward member 9701522618
SIDDIPET Yellupally p.balakrishnareddy Sarpanch 9959525467
SIDDIPET Yellupally ch.kanakachari Upa-Sarpanch 9949569221
SIDDIPET Yellupally i.rajavva Ward member 9676594379
SIDDIPET Yellupally i.ramesh Ward member 9550040126
SIDDIPET Yellupally n.tara Ward member
SIDDIPET Yellupally p.murali Ward member 9849486751
SIDDIPET Yellupally p.renuka Ward member 9440082252
SIDDIPET Yellupally s.n.rajavva Ward member 9908291953
SIDDIPET Yellupally s.srinivas Ward member 8008338609

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