Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple In Kerala

Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple In Kerala



Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple | History & Timings

Muthappan The temple is located within the Kannur District of Kerala. It is located near Parassinikadavu within the Anthoor Municipality, on the banks of the Valapattanam river. The temple’s principal deity is Sree Muthappan and his divinity is represented in two different forms, Thiruvappan and Vellattam, as a rite of worship Theyyam ceremony. Sree Muthappan, Parassinikadavu Temple timings start at 5 AM and run until 8 pm.


Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple History:

According to legend, Muthappan has been part of a tribe since the day he was born. So when he came to Kunnathurpadi city, he appointed a tribal person named Chintan as his first friend. One day, Muthappan was able to see Chintan playing with a toddy in the tree of palms. Then, he requested Chintan to give him a Toddy however, he was unable to gift the toddy to Muthappan.

Then, Muthappan, out of anger and rage, cursed his love Chintan and, in a flash, transformed into the form of a stone. The month Dhanu his wife offered prayers and vowed to follow all the Oottu, Tiruvappana along with the Amruthakalasam rituals to bless Muthappan. Muthappan brought her husband back. Chan’s family began worshipping Muthappan.

In another story, during an absence from Chintan, Muthappan climbed the coconut tree and empty the jug of toddy. Then, when Chintan returned and discovered Muthappan in the jar in his hands, he was furious and fought with Muthappan. Muthappan cursed Chintanat at the exact time.

Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple In Kerala


Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple In Kerala

Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple Timings
Following are Muthappan timetables for the temple.

The Temple is open from 5 am and closes at 8 pm. Valletta and Thiruvappana perform every morning between 5:45 AM and 8 AM. Then at night, starting at 6:30 pm.

Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple online booking:
The devotees can make an offering of offerings for the temple via online method. There aren’t any other online options for devotees to make an appointment online. This article outlines the procedure to send online donations to temples like the Temple of Parassinikadavu. The procedure is as the following.

Visit the official site for the parassinikadavu Muthappan temple.
You can view the menu bar and the menu options accessible on the home page.
Select”offerings” or the “offerings” option from the menu.
On the latest page, you will view the online offering option.
Click the Online options to open a new webpage. will open on the screen.
You must enter the information of the person you are selling, such as their name, email address, and email.
Select the amount you want to accept and click the “Pay Now “Pay now” option.
It will take users to the appropriate payment portal that will process their payment.
Today you can see that your online donations towards temples like the Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple are successful and you’ll receive the receipt of the transaction.

Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple In Kerala


How can I reach how to get there? Muthappan temple?
By Air:

Kannur international airport is 35km away from the shrine.

By Rail:

Kannur train station can be found around 20 km away from the temple.

By Road:

All public transportation facilities are available via road to reach the temple.

The temple is well-equipped with all transport facilities, you can get to the temple with no hassle.

Contact Details:
Address: Parassini Madappura Sree Muthappan, Parassinikadavu, Kannur, Kerala – 670563, India.

Number to contact:0497 278 0722

Email Id:

To visit the Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple’s Official website visit this link.


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