Sri Mookambika Temple In Kollur

Sri Mookambika Temple In Kollur


The Sri Mookambika Temple is a renowned Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Mookambika, located in Kollur, Udupi district, Karnataka, India. It is one of the important pilgrimage centers in the state and attracts devotees from all over the country. The temple is situated amidst the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, surrounded by lush greenery and a serene atmosphere.

Full details of the Sri Mookambika Temple in Kollur:-

Location :

The Sri Mookambika Temple is located in Kollur, Udupi district, Karnataka, India. It is nestled amidst the picturesque Western Ghats, surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil surroundings. The temple’s geographical coordinates are approximately 13.9318° N latitude and 74.8028° E longitude. Kollur is well-connected by road and is easily accessible from major cities in Karnataka, such as Mangalore and Udupi.

Historical Significance:

The Sri Mookambika Temple holds great historical significance. According to legends, it is believed to have been established by sage Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple’s history can be traced back to ancient times, with various rulers and dynasties contributing to its expansion and renovation over the centuries. The temple’s association with mythology and the blessings of Goddess Mookambika make it a revered pilgrimage site for devotees seeking divine blessings, spiritual solace, and a connection to the rich cultural and religious heritage of the region.

Architectural Marvel:

The Sri Mookambika Temple is renowned for its architectural marvel. The temple showcases a unique blend of Dravidian and Kerala architectural styles. Intricate carvings and sculptures adorn the main entrance, depicting various deities and mythological stories. The sanctum sanctorum houses the beautifully adorned idol of Goddess Mookambika. The temple complex also includes other shrines dedicated to different gods and goddesses. The use of intricate designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and attention to detail in the temple’s construction makes it a visually stunning masterpiece. The architectural splendor of the Sri Mookambika Temple adds to its spiritual aura, drawing visitors to admire its grandeur and experience the divine ambiance within its sacred walls.

Goddess Mookambika:

Goddess Mookambika is the presiding deity of the Sri Mookambika Temple. She is worshipped as a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. The idol of Goddess Mookambika is depicted with four arms, holding a conch, a discus, a mace, and a lotus. Devotees believe that she is the bestower of knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity. People seek her blessings for academic success, artistic talent, and overall well-being. The goddess is revered for her compassionate nature and is considered a source of divine grace and blessings. The devotees offer prayers, perform rituals, and seek solace in the presence of Goddess Mookambika.

Kollur Mookambika Temple Darshan Timings :

The darshan timings of the Kollur Mookambika Temple may vary, but typically the temple is open for darshan from early morning until late evening. The morning darshan timings usually start around 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM and continue until noon. After a brief mid-day closure, the temple reopens in the evening for darshan, which extends until around 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM. It is advisable to check the specific darshan timings before planning your visit, as they may be subject to change on special occasions or during festivals.

Sri Mookambika Temple In Kollur


Sri Mookambika Temple In Kollur


Festivals and Celebrations:

The Sri Mookambika Temple celebrates various festivals and hosts grand celebrations throughout the year. The most significant festival is Navaratri, a nine-night celebration dedicated to Goddess Mookambika. The temple is beautifully decorated, and cultural programs and religious rituals are conducted during this period. Other important festivals celebrated at the temple include Makara Sankranti, Ugadi, and Shivaratri. These festivals witness a large influx of devotees who participate in special prayers, processions, and cultural performances. The festive atmosphere, devotional fervor, and vibrant celebrations make these occasions a truly memorable experience for visitors and devotees of Sri Mookambika Temple.

Kodachadri Trek:

The Sri Mookambika Temple is the starting point for the popular Kodachadri Trek. The trek takes adventurers through the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats. It is known for its dense forests, picturesque landscapes, and breathtaking views. The trail to Kodachadri is challenging yet rewarding, offering a sense of adventure and an opportunity to connect with nature. Trekkers can witness stunning sunsets, explore the diverse flora and fauna, and experience the tranquility of the mountains. The Kodachadri Trek is a favorite among nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, providing an unforgettable journey amidst the majestic beauty of the Western Ghats.

Nearby Attractions :

Kollur, the location of the Sri Mookambika Temple, offers several nearby attractions for visitors to explore. Here are some notable ones:

Kodachadri Peak: Apart from the trek, the Kodachadri Peak itself is a captivating attraction. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills, lush greenery, and stunning landscapes.

Maravanthe Beach: Situated a few kilometers away, Maravanthe Beach is known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can relax, indulge in water activities, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach.

Kundapura: A nearby town, Kundapura, boasts ancient temples like the Anegudde Vinayaka Temple and the Kotilingeshwara Temple. It is also famous for its scenic backwaters and delicious local cuisine.

Murudeshwara Temple: Located a few hours away, the Murudeshwara Temple is a popular pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for its towering statue of Lord Shiva and the beautiful Murudeshwara Beach.

Exploring these nearby attractions adds to the overall experience of visiting the Sri Mookambika Temple, offering a mix of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spiritual exploration.

How To reach Sri Mookambika Temple :

The Sri Mookambika Temple in Kollur is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Here are some ways to reach the temple:

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, located approximately 135 kilometers away from Kollur. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the temple.

By Train: The closest railway station to Kollur is Kundapura Railway Station, which is about 28 kilometers away. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the temple.

By Road: Kollur is well-connected by road. Regular bus services are available from major cities in Karnataka, including Mangalore and Udupi. Private taxis and cars can also be hired for a more comfortable journey.

Once you reach Kollur, the Sri Mookambika Temple is located in the heart of the town and can be easily reached by walking or taking a short auto-rickshaw ride. The temple is a prominent landmark in Kollur and is well-known among the locals, who can guide you to its exact location.

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