Tali Shiva Temple In Kerala

Tali Shiva Temple In Kerala


Tali Shiva Temple Kerala| History, Timings & Contact Details
Tali Shiva Temple is among the most ancient temples of Kozhikode. Swamy Thirumulapad built the Temple. The holy nature of this old Temple is directly linked to the establishment and success of Kozhikode. It is believed that Parasurama placed the lingam within the Temple’s sanctum at the end of the Dvapara Yuga. Tali Temple timings run from 3:30 am to 8:30 PM.

The holy stance of Umamaheswara. While this sacred power has been in existence from the very beginning of time, it was only 1500 years ago the inhabitants of Kozhikode began paying an attention to the Temple. In the later years, under the rule of the Zamorin from Calicut (also known as Samoothiri) who held the honorific title of Sailabdheswara, The Temple reached its highest point.


Tali Temple History:

According to the history According to history, according legend, Tali Temple was one of the local temples. The temple was home to 50 Namboothiri households that have been able to take advantage of the temple. 15,000 years ago the Temple began to gain importance. Zamorins took over the Namboothiri family and assumed control of the Temple.

It was placed under the supervision of Zamorins. Another Zamorin named Manavikraman revamped the Temple. It remains under the supervision of Zamorins.

When Tipu Sultan arrived in Kozhikode during the 17th century, Tipu Sultan was close to destroying the Temple. Then, in 1964 they redesigned the Temple yet again. Additionally, the Temple is an offer by God to the people of the region. They believe that it has been a blessing to Kozhikode. According to some historians, the inhabitants built the Temple before establishing the city.

Tali Shiva Temple In Kerala


Tali Shiva Temple In Kerala

Importance of The Tali Shiva Temple:
Tali Shiva Temple Tali Shiva Temple has an extensive and long-running time in its. It is a treasure trove that houses a variety of gods as well as an amazing design. It’s shaped like an equestrian vehicle and can be seen depicted in murals. The walls are huge and are surrounded by this Temple in the form of the stomach of an elephant.

Within the temple complex, there are some gorgeous statues of stone. They represent Lord Shiva. They also have sculptures of animals and birds. They all tell tales from the Puranas.

The sanctum also is home to the Jyotirlingam. In Maharashtra 5 the twelve Jyotirlingas can be found within and in the vicinity of Pune.

Tali Temple Kozhikode Timings:
These are the timings for the Tali Kozhikode Kshetram. Also, refer to the timings below.

Morning: 4:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Tali Shiva Temple In Kerala


How do I reach Tali Kozhikode Temple?
By Air:

Calicut International airport is the closest Airport that is located near the Temple. It is located at a distance of 23 kilometers far from the Temple.

By Rail:

Kozhikode Railway station, which is located in Kozhikode, is the closest railroad station to the Temple.

By Road:

The Temple has a route to several cities. This means that you could travel from any city to the Temple via roads.

Contact Details:
Address: Tali Maha Kshetram, Chalappuram( PO ), Kozhikode, Pin – 673002.

Tali Temple Kozhikode Phone number: 04952703610.

For the official site of Tali Kozhikode Temple, go click here.


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