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Tamil Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls with Meanings

Traditional Tamil Baby Girl Names (A to Z) with meanings

Naming customs are always interesting across various cultures and traditional. But , before that the process of deciding on the perfect names for the daughter you love could be a burden. What if we could help with this? One of the oldest human languages, Tamil, has very fascinating names, that are sometimes left unspoiled by technology and other traditions. Names are original Tamil that are based on. If you’re trying for a name for your child these are the most popular girl baby names in Tamil.

Tamil Baby Girls Name List:

1. Aadhya:

Aadhya signifies beginning. It also refers to ‘first power’. It’s a powerful girl’s name, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Aadarshini:

Aadarshini means idealistic. The Tamil girl’s name for a baby girl is an positive name which radiates optimism.

3. Ahaana:

Ahaana means to exist. It’s an original name and is one of the new Tamil baby girl name to consider for your child.

4. Aamaal:

Another rare and unique name that you can give your girl. The name is a reference to hope.

5. Abinaya:

Abinaya is a common Tamil female name. The word abinaya means expression.

6. Adya:

It’s a different variation that is a variation of Aadhya. Adya refers to first or unrivaled.

7. Akhila:

Akhila can be described as the female form of the masculine name Akhil. It refers to completeness or totality.

8. Ambaal:

Here’s a name of religious significance to give your child. If you’re seeking to give your daughter the name of a Hindu goddess This is the name for her.

9. Aamani:

The word “good wishes” means “love” and is a traditional Tamil name for girls.

10. Ambujam:

It’s a classy and one of the best Tamil names for girls baby. Ambujam refers to lotus and originates from Sanskrit.

Tamil Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls with Meanings

11. Anasuya:

Here’s a new Tamil girl’s name. The name refers to someone who’s not jealous.

12. Ananya:

Ananya means matchless. It is also which is used to describe Goddess Parvati. It’s a modern Tamil name.

13. Arpana:

The word “offering” refers to offering.

14. Akshara:

Akshara is one of the most well-known feminine name for a baby girl in Tamil. It’s a word that means alphabet or letter. The name is not only within Tamil Nadu but all over across South India.

15. Alaka:

Here are some trendy Tamil girl names to come up with. The name refers to the girl has beautiful hair.

16. Bhairavi:

Bhairavi is a traditional Tamil girl’s name for a baby girl. It’s the name of the raaga in Indian classic music.

17. Bahvya:

Bhavya is a word that means magnificent or grand. The name is an long-standing Tamil name that is used to describe Goddess Parvati.

18. Bhavika:

Bhavika refers to ‘righteous, well-meaning’. The word also means happy. Bhavika is one of the Tamil Hindu girl’s name..

19. Bani:

Bani is a different term to refer to Goddess Saraswathi. Saraswathi is known as the God of knowledge.

20. Bhanumathi:

Bhanumathi is a popular Tamil name. It is a natural Tamil baby girl name is popular and evident all across the state. The name is a reference to bright or shining.

21. Bhanupriya:

The word ‘beloved of the Sun’.

22. Bhanu:

Bhanu refers to the Sun. If you have parents who revere the Sun as Lord, Bhanu will be the proper name.

23. Cavery:

Cavery is the title given to a river believed to be sacred by a large number of farmers.

Tamil Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls with Meanings

24. Chitra:

The word “drawing” means picture. The word also refers to star or Nakshatra.

25. Charitra:

Charitra means history,

26. Deepti:

The word “deepti” means brightness or rays of light. Deepti is a popular name for lots of girls from Tamil Nadu.

27. Devi:

Devi is a reference to Goddess Durga.

28. Daevi:

This name is a reference to goddess or god. It is a strong one for today’s generation of women.

29. Dyuthi:

Dyuthi is a contemporary Tamil name, but it is not only an Tamil name but is a name that comes from Sanskrit. It’s a name that means light.

30. Dharuna:

Dharuna means supporting.

31. Driti:

Another name comes from one of the Sanskrit word, Driti, is a common name that is used by many Tamil parents to refer to their daughters. Driti is a name that means courage.

32. Dwani:

Dwani refers to sound.

33. Deesha:

Deesha means direction. It can also be spelled as Disha.

34. Devika:

It translates to “like one of angels’. Devika was the mom of Lord Krishna. Devika is a gorgeous Tamil name for your daughter.

35. Dhanvi:

Dhanvi is a different name for Goddess Lakshmi.

36. Dhanya:

Dhanya means wealth.

37. Dhivja:

Here’s another Tamil names for the girl in your life. It is a synonym for brilliant or heavenly.

38. Ezhil:

The name Ezhil refers to beautiful. Ezhil is a gorgeous Tamil name.

39. Elakkiya:

Elakkiya is an incredibly stunning pure Tamil baby girl name. If you have parents who are passionate about books, this is the perfect name for their child. It is a reference to the word “literature.

40. Eshwari:

The name is a reference to Goddess Parvati.

41. Elavarasi:

Another Tamil names for your child. The name translates to ‘princess’..

42. Gita:

Gita is a reference the Bhagwat Gita, the book of the Hindus.

43. Geetika:

Geetika is the word for small song. It is a contemporary Tamil name that is used by all Tamil people, not only in Tamil.

44. Gautami:

The name is a different term used to describe the Godavari River. Godavari.

45. Gayathri:

Gayathri is a reference to Goddess Durga. It also refers to chanting of salvation.

Tamil Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls with Meanings

46. Geetanjali:

Geetanjali is a way of offering the songs.

47. Girija:

Girija is the name of Goddess Paravti.

48. Harita:

Harita or Haritha is a reference to green, or nature’s close friend.

49. Hima:

Hima means snow.

50. Hita:

Hita is a contemporary Tamil name which means “one who wishes only for the welfare of the others’. The name also refers to lovable.

51. Himaja:

The name translates to Goddess Parvati.

52. Hema:

Hema also known as Hemamalini is a different name that comes from the Tamil language used for babies. The word “hema” means gold.

53. Iniya:

The word sweet means sweet.

54. Isha:

The name Isha refers to ‘the Goddess who rules’. An extremely empowering and modern baby girl name in Tamil.

55. Jaya:

Jaya means victorious.

56. Jayantika:

Names like Jayantika can be considered to be one of the names used by Goddess Durga.

57. Jahnvi:

Jahnvi refers to Ganga Jahnvi means Ganga, which is referring to the river sacred to Hindus.

58. Jyothi:

Jyothi signifies light, and it is a signifying how she will guide the way in the future, by acting as an guiding light.

59. Kriti:

Kriti is a work of art or a person that is named the prize winner.

60. Kayalvizhi:

Kayalvizhi is a gorgeous Tamil name meaning someone with eyes similar to those of fish.

61. Laya:

Laya means rhythm.

62. Lalitha:

The name is an old school name which is a reference to Goddess Durga.

63. Madhi:

Madhi is an ancient word in Tamil. It refers to moon. It also refers to brilliant.

64. Malarvizhi:

“Malarvizhi” is the name given to it. Malarvizhi is made up of two parts. Malar is a flower and vizhi refers to eyes or visions. Malarvizhi has been a well-known name for a long time.

65. Mithra:

Mithra refers to a friend.

66. Namya:

The word ‘bowed’ means “to bow to’ meaning purity.

67. Oviya:

Oviya means beautiful art. Doesn’t that sound like a thoughtful name for your daughter who is as a masterpiece to you?

Tamil Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls with Meanings

68. Priya:

Priya signifies one that is beloved by everyone.

69. Prajina:

The word “wisdom” is a reference to wisdom. It is a name that has Tamil origin.

70. Prameela:

Prameela is the title given to one of King Arjuna’s wives.

71. Rithya:

Rithya is a word that means luck.

72. Raaghavi:

Raaghavi is a reference to Goddess Lakshmi and is a very well-known Tamil name for newborn girls.

73. Roja:

Roja means rose flower.

74. Sayuri:

Sayuri refers to flowers in Tamil.

75. Shanthi:

Shanthi means peace.

76. Sangavi:

Sangavi is a traditional Tamil name, which refers to Goddess Paravati.

77. Sangeetha:

An extremely popular name in nearly every language, Sangeetha is a synonym for song or music.

78. Sindhu:

Sindhu is a Sanskrit name which has been used throughout Tamil-speaking countries for quite a long time. The name is related to the bank of the river.

79. Supraja:

Supraja is that is derived from two different entities. Su refers to good, while Praja is a reference to people. Therefore, Supraja means a good person.

80. Thamarai:

Thamarai is a traditional Tamil name which means lotus flower.

81. Venba:

Venba is one of the forms of poetry that is classic in Tamil.

82. Vani:

Vani is the name of Goddess Saraswathi.

83. Veena:

Veena is a reference to the instrument of music. It is the instrument that is in the hands of God of knowledge, and therefore is important in Tamil the Tamil culture.

84. Venilla:

Venilla is the term used to describe the bright white moon.

85. Urmika:

Urmika refers to small waves.

86. Yaazhini:

Yaazhini is an Tamil female name, which is an ancient Tamil instrument.


Tamil Names for Baby Girls:

Here are some names for your baby.

87. Ammulu:

Ammulu, a cute way of greeting a baby girl. It’s not really a term, however it is often used to express affection.

88. Chellam:

Chellam is used by both girls and boys. It means darling.

89. Chittu:

Chittu refers to a baby. It is also a reference to a cute bird.

90. Chutki:

Chutki is a name used for girls who are just beginning to be born. The name has become popular due to the animated series Chotta Bheem.

91. Dora:

Dora as a name became very popular with young girls after the cult animation Dora as well as Bujji.

92. Kutti:

Kutti means little.

93. Kannu:

Kannu refers to eyes as well as used to express how much the baby is important to parents and mothers.

94. Muthu:

Muthu means pearl.

95. Pattu:

Pattu refers to silk.

96. Thangam:

Thangam means gold.

Names for Religious Girl in Tamil:

If you’re looking at naming your girl the names of Gods of different religions, we have suggestions.

97. Durga:

The Goddess Durga herself. The name is a strong and powerful one.

98. Lakshmi:

Lakshmi can be described as known as the God who is believed to bring prosperity and wealth.

99. Saraswathi:

Saraswathi is the title given to the God of knowledge.

100. Sita:

Sita is Lord Rama’s wife. Rama.

101. Sanagavi:

Sangavi is a reference to Goddess Parvati.

102. Sanvika:

Sanvika is a different name of Goddess Lakshmi.

103. Shailaja:

Shailaja is a reference to the daughter of the mountains. It is also an ode to the goddess Parvati.

104. Alphonso:

Alphonso is one of the most frequently used Christian baby girl’s name.

105. Mary:

Mary is the name given her mother, Jesus Christ.

106. Glory:

It’s a name you might hear frequently. Glory is an Christian baby girl’s named in Tamil.

107. Agnes:

Agnes is one of the Christian baby girl name.

108. Aabidah:

Aabidah refers to worshippers and it is one of the Muslim baby girl’s name.

109. Aadab:

Aadab is a word that means hope and need. It is a very popular Muslim baby girl’s name.

110. Aisha:

Aisha was the spouse of Prophet Mohammed.

Some of the top names and choices have been included within our Tamil girl’s names list. The meanings of the names are also included to help you choose names a bit simple. Your job of identifying a name and being considered an overwhelming task will be over with our guide. Please be sure to thank us in the future!