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Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Status New Card Apply Application Form

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Status New Card Apply Application Form


Ration Card Online- Tamil Nadu

Information about Ration Card in Tamil Nadu, request form, update the map in Tamil Nadu, correction, deletion, change of name, address, and application form for the Ration Card in Tamil Nadu on this page. If you want to use a new/duplicate card in Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Tirunelveli, Tirupur, Tiruvallur, Tiruvallur, and Kanyakumari, you will find a lot of information on this page.

Ration Card Department in Tamil Nadu –

Department Name- Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department
Address Department of Civil and Consumer Protection, Ezhilagam, Chennai -600005
Tel. No. 044-28583222 – 209

Official website URL– www.consumer.tn.gov.in
Eligibility for an application card in Tamil Nadu-

  1.     The applicant and his family must be Indian nationals.
  2.     The applicant and his family must live separately and cook
  3.     The applicant and his family usually live in Tamil Nadu
  4.     The applicant or his family members may not have a family card in a state in India
  5.     The applicant or one of his family members may not be a member of another family card in Tamil Nadu
  6.     The applicant and family members must be close relatives

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Status New Card Apply Application Form

Download Application for Ration Card in Tamil Nadu State-

Applications for the Ration Card are accepted when they are created in the correct format. Application forms or forms for the Ration card can be downloaded online or can use these links-

  1. Download the Application form in English – http://www.tn.gov.in/appforms/ration.pdf
  2. Download the Application Form In Tamil- http://www.tn.gov.in/tamiltngov/appforms/ration_t.pdf
  3. Download the application form under Tatkal Family Cards- http://cms.tn.gov.in/sites/default/files/forms/Resiproof_e_appln_0.pdf
  4. Download maps for Forest Staff- http://www.consumer.tn.gov.in/pdf/forest_card_appln.pdf

In Chennai applications with documents must be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner for Civilian Supply of the applicant’s territory. The districts other than Chennai should be contacted by the Taluk Supply Officers of the Civil Authorities and Consumer Protection Department or the Deputy Rationing Officers (in the Coimbatore City) of the area to ​​which the claimants belong.
Required Documents –

After completing the application form in the required format, it should be properly signed or thumbprint. List of documents that

A. Evidence of the applicant’s current residence in Tamil Nadu should be attached to it. Any document for the following reasons is required as Address proof-

  1.     Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  2.     Property tax Payments for own house (current year)
  3.     Power calculation (last month)
  4.     Phone number (last month)
  5.     Front of bank passport
  6.     Allocation orders for persons residing in houses allocated by Slum Clearance Board
  7.     passport
  8.     In the case of a rented house, the currently valid lease

B. Transfer certificate together with the card issued by the card issuing authority when a card in the previous address or name deletion certificate issued by the parent or guardian family card or non-inclusion of the name certificate issued by the issuing authority has been the previous address

C. Information on the LPG connection, if applicable, indicating the name of the consumer on whose behalf he is registered, the consumer number, the LPG agency, and the name of the oil company.

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Status New Card Apply Application Form 


Ration Card Procedure in Tamil Nadu-

1. The completed application form and the documents must be submitted to the competent authorities. A self-addressed and stamped postal cover or postcard should be inserted so that the office can pass the results to the applicants, and the mobile number or e-mail addresses should also be filled out to send the status of the application.

2. After the applications have been submitted, the applicant shall be sent a letter of acknowledgment from the authorities and the date and time of the application, the serial number and the date of the final disposal, and the valid seal shall be indicated in this certificate. The application form is then sent for confirmation.

3. The official or inspector concerned shall verify the information completed by the applicant. The inspection shall be carried out within 30 days of the submission of applications. If it is not within the specified time, the applicant may speak with the Assistant Commissioner or Taluk Supply Officer on the subject.

4. If the verification report has been correctly identified, the application is approved and the card is sent for printing. The Tamil Nadu government has set the deadline for the submission of applications for new rations more than 60 days from the date of application. After printing the Ration Card, the applicant will be sent a postcard asking him to collect the card from the office within 15 days.

5. The applicant must bring an acknowledgment slip when submitting the Ration Card, or if the information at the time of the check is incorrect, a postcard with reasons of refusal will be sent to the applicant’s address.

6. If the family leader (applicant) can not collect the ration card for any valid reason, the applicant/family leader may send a letter to the family card to another family member in his name.

7. Such a letter must contain the signature of the other family member, as confirmed by the applicant. The person authorized to do so may redeem the card after handing over the confirmation letter given at the time of the submission of the application.

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Status New Card Apply Application Form 

If the details in the application form are fake/incorrect information such as the applicant’s false information as the inclusion of family members already mentioned in another family card in Tamil Nadu or elsewhere, do not disclose information about LPG connection, etc. then under   7 of the Essential Commodities Act, he will be held liable for the prosecution and the related penalty.

Application Fee for Ration Card in Tamil Nadu-

The applicant will pay Rs 5 / – as a fee for the new ration card and this should be paid to the affected AC or TSO office.
Types of Ration Cards in Tamil Nadu-

Applicants for Ration cards receive a card of their choice.

All Commodity Ration Cards-It is issued in green color for the cardholder opting for rice as well as all other essential raw materials.

Sugar cards-It is white and will be issued to the cardholders to be issued for sugar instead of rice. Cardholders can buy all other important goods, except rice

No commodity card- This card is white and issued to cardholders who do not want any merchandise under the public distribution system.
To renew the family map in Tamil Nadu-

  1.     Go to the link  http://www.tn.gov.in/forms/deptname/5
  2.     Enter the number of the Ration card.
  3.     Select the family type.
  4.     Click on the “Submit” option.

After the process, follow the guidelines on the website. The renewal process is then started by the department and the Ration Card is renewed and handed over to you within the prescribed period.