Telangana Ration Card Correction Changes Form Online -

Telangana Ration Card Correction Changes Form Online

Telangana Ration Card Correction Changes Form Online


Telangana’s Civil Supplies Department has the ability to update and edit Ration cards. Anyone in Telangana who has incorrect information on their Ration Card can have it corrected.

Online services were launched by the Telangana State Government for People to check their Ration card details, Renewal, and Correction facilities. These services are available on Telangana state civil supplies official website.

Ration Card Correction details online Telangana

If the Ration cardholder discovers any error in the Ration cards, the details must be corrected. These are some of the reasons people should correct or modify existing Ration cards.

If the Details of the Ration Card contain the wrong name of a member.
Changes in the name of a member that have occurred recently for some reason.
If the address is entered incorrectly into the Ration card data.
Changes in the permanent address.
If the details, such as the Date of Birth, of a member are changed or printed incorrectly on the Ration card.
Any of the above cases will require that the Ration card be altered or modified in order to benefit the candidate.

should not enter incorrect details into the Ration card database in order to receive the exclusive benefits and services offered by the government

The candidate must follow the steps to change or add the member’s name, address or date of birth (DOB) on the Ration card.

Name changes in ration card

The steps below will help you correct any Name errors of household members.

You can correct any details on the Ration Card online or offline using the Offline process.

There is a difference between the two procedures. In an online method, the Corrections forms are filled out and submitted online. However, in an offline procedure, the Corrections forms must be completed and submitted to the Ration card office.

All corrections involved in changing Name, Address, or DOB of a member are subject to the same rules.

These steps will explain how to correct name in the Ration Card online or offline.


Visit their respective Mee Seva or Ration card offices.
Next, collect the Corrections or MOdifications form at the office.
To avoid any further changes to the Ration card details, please fill out the form.
For verification purposes, attach supporting documents or proof documents to the form.
Send it to the office.
After verifying the corrections form, the details of Ration cardholders are then modified according to the corrections or modifications like Add the Name on the Ration Card or Detele a Name on the Ration Card.

Address changes
If the candidate must correct his/her address in the Ration card then he/she should carefully go through the steps below to ensure that no further modifications are made.

Method also includes both online and offline procedures, as described above.


The candidate must fill out the Changed Address details in the above-mentioned Corrections form.
You must provide proof documents with corrections forms to support the address details.
The candidate must submit a scanned copy of original resident proof documents along with the application.

The online corrections form must be completed with the correct details.
When you submit the application, attach the address proof documents.
For further validation by authorities, attach the documents to the online corrections request.
Submit the form to the website.
Other than address details, the details must be matched to the Raion card. The application could be rejected if the details do not match.

Date of birth (DOB)
Modifying the details of a member’s birth date in the Ration Card is very similar to both of these procedures. The only difference is the information required for each application.


You can visit the MeeSeva office to collect the Data Corrections Form from the officials.
Complete the application form according the the Date of Birth modification.
You must support the details in the section titled “Date of birth” of the member.
You will need to attach the corrective form and any government-issued proof documents.
Next, the corrections form must be submitted to the office.

Complete the online corrections form with all correct and modified information.
Upload some of your proof documents to the website for verification.
Submit the completed form to the Mee Seva online portal.
Any document listed below can be used to verify the details and the Corrections form.

When filling out the application, candidates should verify which application they are attaching to the Data Corrections form.

All data corrections are done online or offline. After the verification process is complete, the applicant receives the updated Ration Card.

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