Telangana RTA Online Learner License Slot Booking

Telangana  RTA Online Learner License Slot Booking Online


Telangana RTA (Regional Transport Authority) is an organization of the Telangana Transport Department, responsible for maintaining the database of drivers and vehicles for the state of Telangana. It is also responsible for checking vehicle insurance and pollution clearance tests. Know more about driving license test from here.

Telangana Road Transport Department has launched an online service for driving license slot booking. By this you can book slot for Telangana Learner’s License Exam online through Govt site which can be done through TS Transport Department Online Services Govt website. They can book a slot on the date and time they prefer to visit for the driving license test.

To get learner license the applicant has to pay the required fee through RTA Telangana Govt website. The given receipt slip should be attached to the license utility form with the information online. Then visit your nearest RTO office with necessary documents.

Officers are appointed there to provide timely service to every customer who comes to the RTA office. In this case the people coming to the RTA office have to first register their names on the website. Officials say that corruption can be prevented from being introduced with this technology.

Telangana RTA Online Learner License Slot Booking System is a government web application for people to book learner license slots for Telangana driving tests. Created in collaboration with Telangana Government e-Governance Department.

The web application can be accessed from any device and it enables users to check their requirements and book their slot without visiting the nearest TSRTA office.

The new Telangana RTA Online Learner License System is an online system that helps to simplify the process of applying for Learner License from the Regional Transport Authority. This online application process makes applying for your learner’s license easier than ever

Telangana RTA Online Learner License Slot Booking

How Telangana RTA Online Learner License System Works?

Telangana RTA Online Learner License System was launched in October 2018. It is a digital application that allows any person to apply for a learner’s license without visiting an RTA office.

The online system is designed to be user friendly and easy to use. It also has an option for students with disabilities who can apply for their learning license in their preferred mode of communication through email or text messages.

To apply for learner license first they have to register themselves on RTA official website and login using their unique user ID and password received by them after successful registration. After this, the application form can be filled online and relevant documents like identity proof can be submitted online.

What are the benefits of this Telangana RTA Online Learner License System for Drivers?

Telangana RTA Online Learner License System is a great way to have your driving license. It’s easy to use, and you can learn from the comfort of your home. An online learner’s permit allows you to practice driving on the open road and get comfortable with the process before applying for a full driver’s license.

The benefits of this program are many:

– You can learn from home without going to expensive classes or taking time off work.

The Process of Online Slot Booking for Driving Licence Test in Telangana

Step 1: The applicant wants to visit the RTA Telangana online official internet site of Telangana Transport Department for Apply Driving License in Telangana
Step 2: Now click on the Licence which appears on the Menu of Website’s Homepage.
Step 3: Then click on “Learner’s Licence”.
Step 4: Now you will be taken to the Learner’s Licence web page
Step 5: Click on the Link “Driving Licence Test”.
Step 6: Now on this page, fill the required applicant’s facts like Learning Licence No., Date of Birth, District, Test Centre.
Step 7: You will be redirected to a calendar in TS RTA slot booking where you are allowed to effortlessly time table the time and date as per convenience.
Step 8: The man or woman has to pick out the date which appears in green color. A individual cannot choose the dates in crimson color.
Step 9: For Telangana RTA Online Registration, you will cost Rs. 150/-.
Step 10: A structure will display and the applicant has to fill it via giving the required information.
Step 11: You will difficulty an acknowledgment slip confirming the amount you need to clear and alongside with the listing of archives you need to carry for the using test.
Step 12: Take a print out of your on-line booked schedule.
Step 13: Visit the RTO Office with software shape along with the print out of your booked slot at the equal time and date which you have booked on the software form.

Payment Procedure for Driving Test

Step 1: The Scheduled using check payment will rely on the thing of the place is the slot booked.
Step 2: Currently, there is no online payment facility for riding check slot booking.
Step 3: If the applicant has using license slot reserving at close by RTO Office for using test, then the individual need to pay the charge at RTO office.
Step 4: If the applicant has booked a slot online, then the applicant should pay the required price and different person prices at the concerned check middle earlier than the test.
Step 5: The applicant can’t attend the driving check except the price of the required fee.

Key Points to Remember for RTA

Telangana Road Transport does not contain any sellers or touts if you take such services; you availed at your very own risk.
You can e-book a slot at any close by Telangana RTO Office or Internet counters.
There is no fee to pay to all and sundry for booking the slot. It is certainly free.
There is a restriction in a turn. No one can allot more than the turn. This Service is completely automated.

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