Temples in Telangana District Wise Temples History-Telangana Devalayalu

Temples in Telangana District Wise Temples History

Sightseeing locations in Telangana

Pandavula hill: forty km to Warangal. Is a long way away. This Kommala Tirtha is the location where the Pandavas did penance. A hill in this village is called Pandavula hill. Conner is on this.

Lucknow Lake: 70 km to Warangal on the way from Mulugu to Eturu Nagaram. There is this pond within the distance.

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Ramappa pond: This pond is placed close to Palampet Ramappa Temple. Built at some stage in the reign of Kakatiya Ganapati God (in 1213) with the aid of Ratcherla Rudra. The Kakatiya nobles used to follow the lifestyle of having a pond near the temple. That is why Ramappa pond was dug. The herbal beauty of this lake region.

Ghanpuram Temples: 8 km to Palampet. In the space there are 22 temples belonging to the Kakatiya duration. The important temple is Shaivalaya. This temple was constructed sometime after the development of Ramappa temple. At the cease of the village there’s a temple known as Reddy Gudi.

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Ghanpuram Tatakam: It is in Mulugu Taluka. There is an inscription of Anapotu here. Here cool water flows in summer season and no water in monsoon.

Komaraveli: 13 km to Janagama. In the distance there’s a Veerashaiva religious middle. There is a 4 ft idol product of clay. The 4 fingers hold trident, nagastra and a vessel. The essential deity right here is Komarelli Mallanna.

Culinary Pond: This lake is a leisure lake. From this there are five crop canals. 70 km away from Warangal, this pond is positioned a few of the hills blanketed with green timber. It is said that Lord Kakatiya Ganapati dug this pond. Around the Pakala pond is the Pakala Wildlife Sanctuary covering an area of nine rectangular kilometers. It additionally houses large tigers, leopards and deer, together with migratory birds in winter. Munneru Vagu paperwork the base of this lake.

Pemberti: Kakatiyas used Dalasari foil appreciably to beautify their chariots and temples. This decoration is an art. This artwork declined after the decline of the Kakatiya Empire. But this artwork became revived throughout the period of Nizam Nawabs. 60 km to Warangal. Pemberti in the distance is a need to go to for art lovers.

Eturi Nagaram: The sanctuary is located at the banks of the Godavari, approximately 80 km from Warangal. It has scorpions, tigers, leopards and bears. Surrounded by way of small mounds and green mazes, this sanctuary makes you want to peer increasingly. The Forest Department also maintains cottages in Tadwai near Eturi Nagaram. October-May is the excellent time to visit this area.

Tatikonda: 7 KM from Ghanpur Railway Station. Is a long way away. There are two forts right here. It is thought to had been built via Sardar Sarvai Papanna.


Palakurti: This village is 29 km from Ghanpuram railway station. Is some distance away. Paleru…………. The brook originates from right here. Hence the call Palakurti. There is a Narasimha Swamy temple right here. It were given the name Somanathalayam. Palakurti Somanatha, a Veerashaivite poet…

* Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Temple – Vemulawada:* 35 km to Karimnagar. Not a long way away. Here there is a nook called Dharma Kundam. Vemulawada Chalukya Raja Rajadhitya became the builder of this temple. It is a local legend that it changed into built via Arjuna’s grandson Narendra. There are 22 Shiva Lingas on this temple. Ram Temple, Mahishasuramardani Temple and Kashi Viswanathalayam are worth seeing.

Kaleswaram: Located on the confluence of Kaleswaram, a tributary of the Godavari. It is referred to in Skanda Purana. The impact of Buddhist-Jain sorts of sculpture can be visible on the sculptures right here. There is proof that Vengiraja Vishnuvardhana conquered this location. By the time of his invasion, there had been 26 koneras in the metropolis. Locals agree with that Prolaraja of Kakatiya weighed the scales with gold and gave it to Swami. It is extremely good that there are 2 Shivalingas inside the Mukteshwara temple here. Another characteristic is that there are 2 holes inside the lingam of Mukteswara Swami. A temple to Brahma is constructed here. Here is an inscription of Kakatiya Ganapati God dated 1246.

Dharmapuri:sixty five km to Karimnagar. Is some distance away. Dharmapuri is one of the 108 shrines in the united states of america. It is called Dakshina Kashi.

Ramagiri Durga: 40 km to Karimnagar. In the distance, the very best mountain close to Begumpet village is referred to as Ramagiri.

  • The largest enemy impregnable castle in Telangana is located right here. Pandava Lanka is placed close to Sitaramalayam right here.

Naganoor Fort:It is a creation of Kakatiyas. Eight km to Karimnagar. Is a long way away. There are 3 temples within the fortress.

♣ Varahaswamy Temple

  • Kamanpur is within the center of Mandal. It is one of the  Varahaswamy temples inside the united Telugu state. The hair of the statue carved on the rock is extremely good. Sthala Purana has a history of 600 years.
  • 60 km to Karimnagar. Is a ways away.

Kondagattu Anjaneyaswamy Temple: Singam Sanjeev became established through a Yadava caste in Kodimyala Pargana four hundred years in the past. The idol here has two faces (Narasimhaswamy’s face and Anjaneyaswamy’s face).

Kotakonda Kora Mesala Swami: Bhimadevarapalli mandal is placed in Kotakonda. It is the famous Veerabhadra Kshetra in North Telangana.

Matsyagirindra: A temple of Matsya Girindra became built in the course of the Kakatiya length inside the thirteenth century. It is 30 km from Karimnagar. Is far away.

Manthani: Manthani means birthplace of Vedic schooling. There are temples of Lakshminarayana, O mkareswara, Mahalakshmi Ammavars along side Jain and Buddhist temples…

Basra: There is a temple of Gnana Saraswati in Basara. Basara is likewise referred to as Vyasapuri. It is situated on the banks of Godavari.

Name of Basara– The call Vyasara came from the reality that Vyasa done penance and enshrined Goddess Saraswati. Vyasara steadily became Basara. The Basara temple is the second largest Saraswati temple within the united states of america (the primary being in Jammu and Kashmir.).

Nagoba Temple: Located in Keslapur village close to Mutnur. Nagoba way serpent goddess. Thousands of tribals carry out a grand festival right here at the event of Nagula Chavithi.

Agastyeswara Temple: The location where Agastya did penance on the banks of Godavari. This temple in Chennur is called Uttara Vahini. This is the oldest temple. In 1289, the Kakatiya king Prataparudra rebuilt this temple. Alauddin Khilji’s navy Malik Kapur attacked and destroyed this temple. An inscription right here in the Telugu Kannada script says that Sri Krishna Devaraya restored this temple. Here the river Godavari flows northwards. Locals say that Akhand Jyoti in this temple has been burning for 400 years.

Jainath Temple: 21 km to Adilabad. Is a long way away. This region become dominated by using the Pallava kings. Sri Lakshmi Narayanaswamy Temple here resembles a Jain temple.

♦♦ Sirichelma Someswara Temple: 14 km to Ichhoda. Is within the distance. The seventh century Someshwara temple has a wealthy series of Saiva, Vaishnava, Jain and Buddhist sculptures. Here it is recorded that Sri Krishna Devaraya completed the ritual along with his wife.

Nirmal: It is surrounded via Durga. Earlier it became beneath the rule of Velama kings. There is a temple of Mahadev here.

  • Mahura in Kanwit taluk is a excellent ancient vicinity
  • . There is an ancient shrine of Renuka Devi right here. She is known as Ekaviradevi.

Other areas to go to:

1. Gandharva Hill, Pochamma Temple in Ramakrishnapuram,

2. Someswara Temple in Kuntala,

3. Venkateswara Temple in Sirisilla,

four. Buggarameshwara Temple at Bellampally, Mahadevalayam at Nirmal.

Seven waterfalls:

15 km in Bodh Constituency. There are 7 waterfalls in the vicinity. They are:1. Kuntala 2. Pochchera 3. Lakhampur four. Ghazili five. Pochchela Paladhara 6. Ghanpur Falls 7. Kanakai Falls……..


(Telangana Tirupati): It is located in Errupalem (M). Venkateswara Swamy Temple is positioned on Sudiboda. According to Sthala Purana, sage Jabali taught the Vedas to his disciples in Vaikuntha Cave, one of the two caves here. Another cave is called Kailasa Cave. According to historians, this temple may additionally were built for the duration of the Kakatiya duration.

Shri Bology

Venkateswara Swamy: Located in Annapureddypalli. It is one among the biggest temples in Khammam district. Built by means of a Kakatiya Senapati named Annapu Reddy, the temple changed into rebuilt via Venkatappayya in 1870. During the reign of Sultan Mir Mahbub Ali Khan, Kalluri Venkatappayya migrated from Mysore region and built the temple.

Niladri Temple:

It turned into constructed at some stage in the Kakatiya length. It emerged from the dense forests between 1996-ninety seven. Shivratri competition is well finished right here. The flag right here represents the victory of Gutta Kakatiyas.

Ram Temple

(Vanam Krishnalayam): Mudigonda (Mm) Vanam Krishnaraya built this temple so it were given its name.

Kusumanchi Shiva Temple:

This is a evidence of the creative ability of the Kakatiyas. The Kala Khandas built around this temple are beautiful.