Thirumala Ghat Road Closing Times And Rules

Thirumala Ghat Road Closing Times And Rules

TTD maintains the stunning Thirumala Ghat closing time as well as rules and prohibited items. It also regulates prohibited objects and rules. TTD also charges its vehicles based on the kind of traffic.

The entirety of this ghat route is 18 km and is covered by CCTV. To ensure the safety of pilgrims, the Tirumala Ghat Road is running at specific times.


Thirumala Ghat Road Closing Times

There is a checkpoint near the beginning of Thirumala Ghat Road. It will remain shut all day.

Four-wheel drive from 12:00 AM until 3:00 AM.

Two Wheeler between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM.


TTD Ghat Road

Each vehicle is required to record its entry time at the Ghat Road entry point. It should take at least an hour. In the event of a delay, vehicles won’t be permitted to enter Tirumala.

It is believed that the Thirumala High Road can also be called also known as the Ghat Road. Once you reach Tirupati the pilgrims need to follow this route to Tirumala. This forest area was home to endangered wildlife. This is why The TTD only allows certain types of vehicles at specific time periods.

What are the prohibited items that you should carry
Travelers are not allowed to bring non-veg items of food or masala for Tirumala
Alcohol and alcohol-based drinks are strictly forbidden.
Alcoholic drinkers are not permitted to Thirumala Ghat highway.
The transport of any flammable items and materials for fire in Tirumala is not permitted.
Smoking tobacco products like beedi cigarettes, gutka, and pan masalas are not allowed to climb uphills.
Pilgrims who carry weapons aren’t permitted to visit the Tirumala temple.


Thirumala Ghat Road Closing Times And Rules


Thirumala Ghat Road Closing Times And Rules


Vehicles and Fares

Vehicles Type Seating Capacity Two-way Fair

Vehicles Type Seating Capacity Two-way Fair
Car (Owned) four Rs 15
Car (Rental, Taxi) four Rs 25
Jeep (Rent) nine Rs 50
2 Wheelers Two Rs 2
APTDC 32 Rs. 100
Van (12 + 1) 13 Rs.60
TTD Vehicles Four No
Government. Vehicles Four not charged

Government. Vehicles Four Not in any way

Rules to Follow

When driving along the Thirumala Ghat road The TTD set some guidelines for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Here are a few of them:

Pilgrims should not pull their cars off the roadside except for parking spots.
It is important to avoid overtaking the bends and curves.
The capacity of the seating is the only rule vehicles must follow when traveling.
Two-wheelers are required to wear helmets.
The distance between one location to the next should be at least 40 minutes.
Every vehicle has to be registered at the entry time on the ghat road.


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