Tirumala Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process

Tirumala Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process


TTD Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process
The TTD Online Seva Tickets reservation is made for those who want to enjoy darshan without hassle. Tirumala Tirupathi is a magnificent impressive structure, with an awe-inspiring design, and a long-standing carving and sculpture. It is a well-known Hindu temple. Therefore, the best option is to make reservations for your Seva tickets ahead of time.

In the past, getting Seva tickets for people who live in the common areas was difficult. It was always necessary to have some suggestions However, the rules have changed, and everybody gets the same chance.

It’s a bit complicated and the procedure can be complicated. The following is a list of The TTD Seva tickets on the internet as well as the electronic lucky dip lottery procedure.

Tirumala Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process

TTD Online Seva
Nijapada Darshanam Seva
Archana Seva
Thomala Seva
Ashtadala Paadha Padhmaradhana Seva
Sahasra Kalasabhishekam Seva
Suprabhata Seva
We can also provide more information on how to carry out every Sevas to Sevas.


Information needed to create a User ID

Passport Size Photo
Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, PAN Card
Contact address
Email ID to obtain transaction information.
The mobile number is not being utilized for the TTD website
SEV Online TTD Tickets Reservation

Step-by-Step Process
Sign up for an account on ttdsevaonline.com. It is possible to reserve TTD Darshan tickets on the internet through Tirumala for registration procedures and step-by-step instructions.

Follow these simple steps to establish TTD’s ttdsevaonline account and start enjoying their E-Sevas.

When the homepage has been displayed then you need to click the sign-up button located on the TTD E-Sevas homepage.
The sign-up page, where you enter your personal details to register.
Type your first name, last name
Choose Gender from the gender selection
Please enter your full address, address, state, and zip code.
Enter the name of your country and then enter your mobile phone number.
Make sure you have your ID proof in hand, insert your ID card’s number
Select Browse to upload your image that is smaller than 10KB.
Enter your email ID and password.
Then you need to enter the two words you want to appear in the ReCAPTCHA box. After that, you must type the two words that will display in the ReCAPT
Choose the terms and conditions for the TTD devasthanam. Check the box to accept the Check box
To save the information you entered click the Submit button and sign-up yourself.
Now, you will receive an email confirmation for using a TTD Online Account. Once you have received the confirmation email ID then you must activate your account. These steps will allow you to activate your TTD account.
Check your email address and read the email you received.
For activation of your account, click Confirm your account.
Now you can successfully enable your account.
To register for your account.

Tirumala Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process


Tirumala Online Seva Ticket Booking Step-by-Step Process

Step 1.
You have now got your password and email ID that you can use to access TTD’s website. TTD website and gain access to the many Sevas they provide. Internet booking is open from 9 AM until 12 AM. You can reserve your visit as well as accommodations online during this time.

TTD Darshan or Seva tickets are available to people who are from various nations. Earned savings tickets were also offered through a lottery system, and accommodations for rooms that had no tariffs for the higher rate were given first be served, first to.

The availability of rooms was posted every day and hourly by using your password and email ID; the tickets you purchase online Tickets online can enroll 12-year-olds who do not require tickets. When you have visited TTD to book tickets online, you will not be permitted to make reservations for 3 months.

Furthermore, travelers can also make TTD on the internet for Seva reservations at least three days ahead. If you are unsure about online tickets or booking a room You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Step 2.
Check for TTD on the internet Seva tickets via Electronic Dip. It is also available on the Sevas menu.

Step 3.
Find out if there are any dates available In the event that there is a green indicator of availability. while red indicates booking, while blue indicates there is no release.

Step 4.
You have to choose the people who will be applying for Seva’s electronic dip. Seva electronically-based dip. You are able to select two or more people. Take a look at the examples below. If you choose a particular individual or group then press Continue to go on to the next stage.

5. Step
Choose Seva’s name and the Date on the next screen and then select Continue.
Enter details such as your state of birth and age, and then upload the photos you have scanned.
Accept the T&C and choose to continue.
You must accept these terms and conditions for the TTD in order to use Seva dip. Seva dip.
Check the box as illustrated below in the screenshot and then press Continue.
It assigns the transaction ID and stores it for later instructions.
Then, choose your banker’s payment gateway. Enter the card number and CVV number the expiration date as well as the other details, and then click Next.
Following successful payment, it will be generated Seva tickets as well as the reservation number. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have chosen upon receipt, which you can view and print.
Two copies should be kept of the prints of Seva tickets and be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.
Step 6
Then you can select the Sevas you would like to use electronically or to play the lottery. You can choose from five Sevas such as Tomala Seva, Archana, Ashtadala Padmaradhanamu Suprabhatam as well as Nijapada Darshanam.

If you state that you’ve chosen a Seva then you will receive an e-mail that allows you to choose one day or select all days by choosing all of the options below. Once you’ve completed this then you can move on to the next Seva and select additional.

You can apply for an online Lucky Dip for any of the Sevas and pick all you want. Certain Sevas operate on specific dates, and others operate every day as morning Seva. You can pick any of them. But the trick to success is to use these in the same order for the lottery or lucky dip.

Tomala Seva
Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhanamu
Nijapada Darshanam.
Once you’ve made your selections of them, proceed.

7 Step
The summary of what you have selected on TTD online Seva to use as a reference will be displayed as an overview. You are able to review and make a submission at this point.

Step 8.
Confirmation given. The confirmation will appear in the following image. You can also look up the history of the transaction. Additionally, you can see how many days were been left to play this digital Lucky Dip.

Step 9
An email confirmation is sent by TTD OnlineSeva. The email you receive will be a confirming the lucky dip has been accepted and a confirmation code by TTD Online. It is shown below. The dip date and the results will be notified to you.

Step 10.
Show how many days have remaining.

Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll need to be patient. If you choose to take the Electronic Lucky Dip in any of the Sevas you were been notified via email. You’ll have to pay the amount you want to confirm.

They will release their Lucky Dip selection date, and the lucky winners will be notified via an SMS and an email to their mobile number registered and email address. You can also search for this page, and you will find.

Identification Form (Submission ID)
Aadhaar Card
Mobile number
You’ll be able to pay within 3 days of the day you’ve selected it. Check to see if you’ve paid.

Have a Happy Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy Seva and many blessings !!!!!

This article is about how to reserve TTD Seva tickets online in advance. We hope this information helps you. We invite you to send us your ideas and suggestions with us.


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