Top 20 Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit 

Top 20 Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit

1. Abhay as well as Nirbhay

Abhay refers to the person who is courageous The same significance is Nirbhay. Both names are similar to one another and are appropriate as names for twin brothers.

2. Anupam as well as Nirupam:

Anupam refers to the person that cannot be compared to the other, and Nirupam is a synonym for without any form or comparison. Both names are more or less the same thing and can be used to refer to twins.

3. Ajay Vijay Vijay:

Ajay signifies one who can’t be defeated or victorious The word “ajay” means “unconquerable,” and Vijay signifies victory. These names are great combinations for twins.

4. Aarav and Aarnav

Aarav is the name given to someone who is calm Aarav means peace, and Aarnav refers to the great ocean or the silence of the ocean. They make a nice rhyme, making an appropriate name that is meaningful of the twins.

5. Aahlad and Prahlad:

Aahlad is a word that means joy, which can be described as something that creates joy, and Prahlad is a synonym for joy. Both names have nearly the same meaning, and rhyme well to create excellent names for twins with wonderful meanings.

6. Chinmay Tanmay and Chinmay Tanmay:

Chinmay is a word that means “full of knowledge and Tanmay is a person who is inspiring. They are lovely rhymes with wonderful significance to be used for your two children. happiness.

Top 20 Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit

7. Amitabh and Ajitabh

The names of these are related to real-life celebrities brothers (Though they are not identical twins), Amitabh Bachchan and Ajitabh Bachchan. They could be a fantastic name for your twins , too.

8. Amarnath as well as Gopinath:

Amarnath is linked to Lord Shiva Amarnath is associated with Lord Shiva, while Gopinath is connected to Lord Krishna. Both names are beautiful and perfect for twins.

9. Gireesh and Sireesh

Gireesh refers to God’s mountain and Sireesh is Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha. They rhyme well and are perfect names for twins.

10. Natvar in addition to Natraj:

The names Natvar along with Natraj are names that are synonymous in Lord Shiva which rhyme to sound like twin names.

11. Aayushi And Aarushi:

Aayushi is the name for someone who has a long and healthy life Aayushi means a person who lives long, and Aarushi is the name for the first rays of sunlight. Beautifully interpreted the names are perfect for little girls.

12. Saritha as well as Savitha:

Saritha is a river name, and Savitha is a reference to sun. Both names are related to nature, and could be appropriate for twin girls.

13. Angana and Anjana:

Angana refers to a beautiful woman. Anjana can be the title given to Lady Hanuman’s mom. These beautiful names are great and can be used by your twins to make people think even more.

14. Anika And Avika:

Anika refers to God is kind, and Avika is a reference to the rays of sun. These are sweet and short names for your girls.

15. Devika And Vedika:

Devika means goddess of all, and Vedika refers to the one who knows the Vedas. Beautiful names with significance for your gorgeous girls.

16. Divya And Vidya:

Divya signifies enlightened. Vidya is a reference to knowledge. These should be used to identify your twins.

Top 20 Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit

17. Ishan as well as Ishani:

The words Ishan and Ishani are the same thing that is, the northeastern direction , which is perfect for twins who are a girl and one boy.

18. Naman as well as Suman:

Naman signifies bow down Naman means bow down, and Suman refers to beautiful flowers. Both names have wonderful meanings, and they rhyme beautifully for children.

19. Hemal as well as Kamal:

Hemal refers to gold Hemal is a synonym for golden. Kamal is a reference to Lotus flower. Names that are appropriate for children.

20. Neha as well as Sneha:

Neha refers to the ones with beautiful eyes. Sneha refers to love. Both names are gorgeous and appropriate for your children