TS AP Encumbrance Certificates eEC Download-Telangana Andhra Pradesh Encumbrance Certificates(eEC) Telangana Registration EC Download -

TS AP Encumbrance Certificates eEC Download-Telangana Andhra Pradesh Encumbrance Certificates(eEC) Telangana Registration EC Download

TS AP Encumbrance Certificates eEC Download-Telangana Andhra Pradesh Encumbrance Certificates(eEC) Telangana Registration EC Download


Andhra Pradesh Encumbrance Certificates Download

Encumbrance Certificates is an essential authoritative record that guarantees that a property is free from any fiscal and legitimate liabilities. Encumbrance endorsement (EC) is proof that a property can be sold with an unmistakable title and the possession can be exchanged with no prosecution. This endorsement as a rule contains all the money related and lawful exchanges for a predetermined period that has been made concerning a property. In Andhra Pradesh, encumbrance testaments are issued by Registration and Stamp Department. In this article, we take a gander at the method for getting Andhra Pradesh encumbrance declaration.


Important of Encumbrance Certificate 
Significance of encumbrance testament is clarified in detail beneath.
Encumbrance testament must be outfitted to get property credit from money related organizations and Banks so as to guarantee the land isn’t now sold.
This record of proof of proprietorship title will be required for exchanging property.
If there should be an occurrence of property charge isn’t paid for over 3 years, encumbrance testament should be created with Village/Panchayat Officer for refreshing the land charge records.
This declaration is obligatory to pull back PF for property buy and house development.
Subtleties in Encumbrance Certificate 
The underneath given subtleties identifying with the property will be given in the encumbrance endorsement.
Encumbrance Certificate will contain name of the property proprietor
EC additionally contains subtleties of a Property
This archive will give the total property depiction as recorded in the Sale Deeds
Exchanges identified with a property will be referenced in EC. The exchanges subtleties will be recorded in a sequential request.
On the off chance that a land purchased by advance, at that point EC will contain insights concerning contract.
For skilled deeds subtleties on blessing settlement will be given in EC.
Discharge Deed subtleties will likewise be accessible if there should arise an occurrence of one of the accomplice discharged his offer from commonly obtained property.
Applicable Fee for EC
Charge for leading inquiry and issue of Encumbrance Certificates in Andhra Pradesh is arranged here.
S.No Service           Fee
1.     Up to 30 years    Rs.200
2 More than 30 years   Rs.500

Processing Time

The AP encumbrance testament can be acquired inside multi day.
Encumbrance Search/Statement 
You can seek encumbrance online through Andhra Pradesh Registration Department online gateway. Note: Online eEC is accessible for exchange post 01-01-1983 as it were. Thus in the event that anybody requires EC preceding 01-01-1983, they should approach SRO office concern. Scan for eEC can be made by Document Number or Memo Number.
For making on the web EC seek visit AP IGRS page and snap on encumbrance (EC) choice.
Snap on submit in the following page in the wake of perusing rules.
Inquiry eEC utilizing Document number
Select archive number from drop down menu, Select year of enrollment and enter enlisted SRO. Enter captcha appeared and click on submit.
Subtleties of specific property will be shown.
Search eEC utilizing Memo number 
Select Meme number from drop down menu, Select year of enrollment and enter enlisted SRO. Enter captcha appeared and click on submit.

Search  eEC utilizing None choice

In the event that you are choosing none choice, the page will diverted to new page. Give following subtleties to get EC.
  • District
  • Name
  • Subtleties of building
  • Subtleties of site/agribusiness land
  • Limit subtleties
  • SRO
Subsequent to giving subtleties enter captcha code and snap on submit. eEC articulation will be shown. To get encumbrance declaration for your property pursue the rules given beneath.

Applying Encumbrance Certificate through MeeSeva Franchise 

Strategy for applying encumbrance testament through MeeSeva establishment is clarified in detail here.
Stage 1: You have to visit the closest MeeSeva Franchise.
Present an Application 
Stage 2: The candidate needs to present an application in recommended configuration for encumbrance endorsement at MeeSeva Center. Give subtleties of archive, enrollment year and SRO name. Note: Clearly notice the method of conveyance of EC.
Fee Payment 
Stage 3: Pay pertinent charge to MeeSeva administrator for preparing encumbrance application.
EC Processing 
Stage 4: The ask for encumbrance declaration will be prepared online through AP Registration Department. EC application status will be refreshed through SMS
Stage 5: The concerned expert i.e., SRO, will process the encumbrance declaration on the web and after effective check, Sub Registrar officer will favor the encumbrance endorsement ask.
When the Encumbrance authentication ask for is acknowledged, a SMS will be sent to enrolled portable number as the application has been affirmed
Get Encumbrance Certificate 
When the demand is endorsed by SRO then Encumbrance Certificate will be dispatched through messenger from franchisee to your location if Delivery Type is Speed Post Local/Non-Local.
On the off chance that Delivery type is Manual, at that point you can gather the Encumbrance Certificate from MeeSeva franchisee where you have connected for the Certificate.
Applying for Encumbrance through IGRS – Online 
Methodology for downloading EC online through AP IGRS web-based interfaces is clarified in well ordered.
Stage 1: Go to Andhra Pradesh Registration and Stamp Department official website page.
Stage 2: Select Online EC choice from the landing page. The page will divert to next page.
Stage 3: If you are not an individual from IGRS, you need to enlist in the gateway for downloading EC. By tapping on ‘Snap here’ alternative, you can enlist.
Stage 4: In the new page you need to enter the accompanying subtleties. In the wake of entering the subtleties click on submit catch further to click here alternative.
  • Name
  • Password
  • Mobile number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Client ID
  • Email
  • Address
Stage 5: User qualification will be sent through SMS to enrolled versatile number. Enter client name and secret key. You will inspire an OTP to enrolled versatile, enter OTP and Captcha. Snap on submit
Stage 6: Once you login to the page, from open online administrations select encumbrance testament.
Stage 7: In the new page enter the accompanying subtleties to get encumbrance and snap on submit.
  • Document Number
  • Enrollment Year
  • SRO name/code
Stage 8: Details of Property will be shown, in that click on next catch. Marked/Unsigned EC choices will be shown in next page.
Stage 9: Select unsigned endorsement alternative from this page, the connection will divert to next page.
Stage 10: You can see a choice ‘select all’ on the left half of the page, click on that.
All subtleties identified with property will be subtleties Click on Print to download your Encumbrance Certificate.

Note: If you are picking marked testament alternative, skip stages 9 to 10. Subsequent to choosing marked endorsement alternative an OTP will be sent to enrolled versatile number. Give that and download your marked encumbrance declaration.

Telangana State Encumbrance Certificates Download:

Encumbrance endorsement is a standout amongst the most imperative reports required at the season of property buy. Encumbrance endorsement confirms that there are no contribution on the property and the responsibility for property is clear and attractive. Encumbrance authentication contains subtleties of all exchanges done on the particular property. In Telangana, the Department of Registration issues encumbrance authentication. In this article, we take a gander at the methodology for acquiring Telangana encumbrance declaration in detail. To think about property enrollment in Telangana click here.

Requirement for Encumbrance Certificate

A portion of the circumstances when an encumbrance endorsement is required is recorded underneath
  • The encumbrance endorsement is essential for applying for a home advance from the banks.
  • The encumbrance endorsement is required to get an advance from the particular bank against a property.
  • The encumbrance declaration is required when one needs to purchase or move a property.
  • Encumbrance declaration goes about as proof that the property is free from lawful liabilities.
  • The Encumbrance testament is had to think about the past exchanges of property at the season of procurement of the property.
Subtleties Present in the Certificate 
The accompanying subtleties identifying with the property will be given in the encumbrance endorsement:
  • All exchanges are speaking to the property that has been recorded by the Registrar.
  • Every single vital detail in the business deeds will be incorporated into the EC. The Certificate for the most part worries to a particular period and exchanges relevant to that period alone referenced.
  • For talented deeds, subtleties on blessing settlement will be informed.
  • Certain archives, for example, testamentary reports and momentary rent deeds need not be enrolled according to the law.
Pertinent Fee for Encumbrance Certificate 
The accompanying pertinent charges for the candidate are recorded underneath:
The administration charges to be given by the candidate are RS 25.and candidate should likewise pay legitimate expenses. There are distinctive recommended installments according to age seem to be:
  • In the event that the candidate age is beneath 30 years, at that point he/she needs to transmit charges are RS 200.
  • In the event that the candidate age is 30 or over 30 years, at that point he/she needs to transmit RS 500 to be paid.

Application Procedure for Encumbrance Certificate 

To apply for encumbrance declaration in Telangana, pursue the means given underneath:
Stage 1: The candidate needs to visit the official site of the Meeseva entry.
Stage 2: Click on “Government shapes” which is shown on the landing page of the entrance.
Stage 3: In the following page click on “Meeseva administrations” from the rundown of administration.
Stage 4: Now look down the quantity of offices rattled off from that the client can pick the Encumbrance authentication (enrollment).
Stage 5: Now the application structure for encumbrance testament can be downloaded from the gateway.
Stage 6: Fill the application structure with the vital subtleties like
Name of property proprietor
Deal/Purchase deed of the property, and so forth.
Every one of the subtleties are filled in application structure ought to be right and join the required archives.
Stage 7: Now present your appropriately filled application structure to the closest Meeseva focal point of your region and pay the predetermined charges.
Stage 8: Upon accommodation, the candidate will be given affirmation slip for further reference.
Stage 9: Then the concerned officer will check your archives, and after confirmation, the application will be sent to the Sub Registrar Office.
Stage 10: After check, the concerned officer will advance the status to the Meeseva focus and furthermore the SMS will be sent to the candidate in regards to their status.

Track Application status 

The candidate can check the status of the application online by following the means beneath:
Stage 1: You have to return to the Meeseva gateway.
Stage 2: Click on “Encumbrance look” choice.
Stage 3: Select the criteria and enter the time of enrollment.
Stage 4: Now the candidate can ready to see the present status of the application.
Processing Time 
The encumbrance declaration will be issued inside six working days from the date of use


How to get Encumbrance Certificate (EC) Telangana Ap State

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