TSWREIS Gurukulam Social Welfare Residential School 9th Class Admissions Online

TSWREIS Gurukulam Social Welfare Residential School 9th Class Admissions Online Apply

TSWREIS Telangana Gurukulam Social Welfare Residential School 6th Class Admissions Online Apply

TSWREIS ts Gurukulam Social Welfare Residential School 6th Class Admissions Online Apply Telangana ts Social Welfare Residential-Educational Institutions -TSWREIS has successfully conducted the telangana ts Social Welfare-Residential Schools 6th class online Apply Telangana Gurukulam online Apply

TSWREIS Gurukulam Social Welfare Residence School 9th Class Admissions Online

TSWREIS Gurukulam 8th entrance exam for class for SOEs – TS Social Welfare


The TS Social Welfare Society of Residential Educational Institutions (TSWREIS ), submitted the common entry test record to be included in the eighth grade at their TS Social Welfare Residential Schools in April. TSWREIS invites boys and girls to apply online for admissions to TS TWREIS schools in Gurukulam.

About: TSWREIS, also known as Gurukulam is a social enterprise that aims to improve the education of the Social children. It also aims at retaining and enrolling them. Gurukulam is a way to transform the mind and equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership roles in society. The Law on the Right to Free and Compulsory Education for Children 2009 allows for compulsory free education for all children aged 6-14 years. TSWREIS (Gurukulam), in accordance to the Constitution, vows to create Social children for integral development to be the nation’s true capital.

Gurukulam is dedicated to teaching excellence and quality in education. This includes interdisciplinary research, intellectual growth, and the acquisition of knowledge and skill. Gurukulam also supports the success of students by providing a student-centered, diverse university environment that is fully engaged and student-centered.

Extraordinary features that make excellence stand out:

1. Regular state program with intensive training.

2. The course micro plan

3. There are weekly, monthly, cumulative, terminal, and grand tests.

4. Reference works and study materials

5. A dedicated and experienced teacher

6. Library & laboratory with good infrastructure

7. Regular health checks

8. Individual attention, guidance, and advice throughout the day.

9. Education is free and high quality.


1. All ST students (Boys and Girls) participating in the 7th. TW Residential Schools, Ashram Schools and Govt. Schools and other govt. Schools that have been approved can write the eighth grade to be admitted to the US.

2. The entrance exam is open to students studying in Telugu or English Medium.

3. The annual family income cannot exceed 1 Lakh Rupee.


The required credentials must be provided by the selected candidates, such as caste, income, SSID No.., Aadhar Card. Study, TC. Fitness Certificates. 03 passport photos are also required at the time of admission.

TSWREIS Age limit

All ST students were born between

Mode of entry:

Entry at Khammam’s 8th SOE entry point Khammam will be subject to a screening test. This is the pattern for the questionnaire. The test is conducted for 100 brands based on the objectives of the previous year. The questions are weighed and the weight of notes on different topics.

Click here to register. The entrance test will consist of multiple choice questions and objective type questions.

Brand recognition

– English – 25 pictures

– math-25,

Science-25 and

– Social -25.

The test scores are 100, and the duration is 2.30 hours (ie from 10.30 to 1.30 p.m.).

You will need to submit an online application.

The required certificates must be presented to the selected candidates, including:

1st caste certificate,

2. Certificate of income

3. SSID Food Card No.

4. The letter from Aadhar.

5. Marked memo,

6. Certificate of completion

7. Remittance Certificate (T. C);

8. Physical fitness certificates

9. 06 photos of the passport size etc. At the time of shooting.

TSWREIS To complete the application form:

Online submissions are required for all eligible ST students. After the application process has been completed, you can download the Entries Hall. The application process is only online and the applicant must visit the Gurukulam website: http://swreishms.cgg.gov.in/coe/ You must apply with Rs.30 / for admission to the SOE, Khammam (coeducation) – for any application that only needs to be purchased online.


1. Only seats ST SOE Khammam have 100% availability until 90.

2. 70% of the seats have been reserved for children, and 30% are reserved to girls in SOE Khammam.

TSWREIS Hall Tickets

After submitting the online application, you can download the hall tickets via the website.

Important data:

1. You can download application forms from:

2. Deadline for receipt of applications

3. Date of entrance examination:

4. Date of announcement

5. Evaluation of documents and preparation merit lists: This will be announced

Gurukulam’s 6th issue: It will soon be available

7. For advice, send letters to the candidates: It will be soon

8. Date of consultation with the SOEs/COEs concerned: It will soon

TSWREIS website: http://swreishms.cgg.gov.in/coe/

TSWREIS Online Application Form: http://cet.cgg.gov.in/coe/