TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket -

TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket

TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket


TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket


Are you looking for the maximum reliable guide that informs you of step-by way of-step instructions for TTD Online Reservation to Darshan 50 rupees tickets? At present, there isn’t an online booking choice for fifty rupees tickets using the Login IDs we’ve created. We can but purchase tickets at TTD darshan counters in Tirupati and the e-darshan counters placed for your city for reserving on line.

Darshan tickets for fifty rupees also are referred to as Sudarshana. TTD makes use of a number of ways to offer darshan to devotees with out a problem The primary purpose to provide this form of darshan is to reduce down the time spent ready.

In the past, this darshan become open to devotees to wear wristbands tied in their fingers that encompass darshan timing in it. However, it become changed with its biometric system that involves taking a photo in addition to a thumbprint.

As we’ve got discussed in advance, TTD Online Booking for 50 Rupees Tickets isn’t always accessible on the internet. You should buy those tickets at the Tirupati Darshan counters and e darshan counters.

At Darshan Counters Tirupathi


TTD has allocated 5000 tickets each day on this darshan. This can be issued tickets at Darshan counters. These encompass Alipiri Tollgate, Bhudevi Complex, and Tirupati RTC Bus Stand.

It is the First 2500 tickets to be issued without price.

The tickets could be to be had each day between 5:15 AM and six:15 AM.

Once you have obtained your tickets, you have to be at Vaikuntam Q Complex at the date and time said to your ticket.

It can take among 2 and three hours for darshan.

The manner for reserving at TTD E-darshan Counters



TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket


To e-book the TTD 50 Rs price ticket booking at the internet it is vital to visit the nearest TTD e-darshan counter in your city. You ought to e book this price ticket via offering the specified files, including the Aadhar Card in addition to the Identity Card.

However, TTD will issue a particular limit of 60 days in advance to e book. Therefore, TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 rupees tickets needs to be booked within fifty six days.

After you have got bought your 50 Rs ticket on-line, make be aware of your darshan time and get to Tirumala before the time of reporting.

TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket


Tirupati Darshan Timings tickets worth 50 rupees :

The every day timings for 50 rupees darshan start among five:30 PM to 6 pm. If you do no longer arrive by the scheduled time limit, your price tag would be canceled.

Five people are accepted per price tag.

The first-class time to revel in Tirupati Darshan:

The days of Monday and Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday are the precise times to go for darshan. Saturdays and Sundays are busy days as they’re weekends throughout the week. On Friday, you could anticipate little crowds because it’s the day earlier than the weekend.


Darshan tickets can’t be dispensed throughout height times. And those who made reservations in advance are not accredited to take part in darshan consistent with the number of human beings. Also, make certain that you book on days that aren’t height.

There is currently there aren’t any 50 rupee tickets are to be had from TTD. We can however purchase Special Darshan/ 300 rupees darshan on the net.


Darshan tickets from Tirupati? We can reap tickets to darshan thru Tirumala’s TTD darshan counters in Tirumala. You also can gain darshan whilst we reach Tirumala with the aid of following the steps.

What time does it take to finish Tirupati Darshan? The time taken to finish Tirupathi Darshan can vary. However, it is greater crowded on weekends, public vacations, and fairs of the temple.

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