30 Unique Baby Name Sanskrit God’s Names

30 Unique Baby Name Sanskrit God’s Names

1. Eashan:

According to the astrological system, Eashan is another name for Lord Vishnu

2. Eha:

This simple and brief name is connected to Lord Vishnu. It’s a name that is also associated with Lord Vishnu which is suitable for a young boy.

3. Ekaksh:

Literally, Ekaksh is one-eyed and it is typically connected to Lord Shiva The Almighty.

4. Gagan:

This is one of the names commonly associated to Lord Shiva. It also refers to heaven or sky.

5. Gautam:

The name Gautam comes from Sanskrit roots. It refers to the person who can dispel the darkness (ignorance) by his brilliance (spiritual wisdom).

6. Gatik:

It is among the most unique Sanskrit names that is associated in the Lord Shiva. It also means speedy or progressive.

7. Ganesh:

This name doesn’t need any explanation. The name is that of the adored God Lord Ganesha. It is one of his 108 names he has.

8. Girish:

He is an Girish refers to mountain and the Lord of mountain range is called Lord Shiva. Girish is connected to Lord Shiva.

9. Gahan:

The name Gahan means Gahan is sky as well as the Lord Sky is Lord Vishnu. Gahan is a distinctive Sanskrit name, which is closely linked to Lord Vishnu.

10. Gopal:

Gopal is a different name of Lord Krishna. The cow’s protector means Gopal.

11. Gaurik:

It refers to the person who was birthed in mountains, or even the daughter of Goddess Gauri or, Lord Ganesha. Gaurik is another name used for Lord Ganesha.

12. Govind:

Govind is a different term to refer to Lord Narayana also known as Lord Krishna. Cow-herd means Lord Krishna.

13. Gopesh:

Gopesh in this context refers to Gopesh, again here, refers to the Lord of Cowherds and also is Lord Krishna. It is used to refer to an alternative term of Lord Krishna.

14. Gowtham:

Gowtham The meaning: Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness.

15. Har:

The short Sanskrit name is connected to Lord Shiva. It also refers to anything that comes that comes from the heart.

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16. Hem:

The word hem is a synonym that refers to silver and gold. It also refers to closeness and is connected to Lord Shiva.

17. Hetvik:

The name is linked to both Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

30 Unique Baby Name Sanskrit God’s Names

18. Harika:

Harika is the term that is associated in the name of Lord Vishnu. It also means someone whom is revered by Indra or the god of love.

19. Laxmi:

Lakshmi Goddess of Prosperity, and is the spouse of Lord Narayana. This is among the most well-known Sanskrit goddess names that are widely used.

20. Siya:

It’s a different name given to Goddess Sita which was Lord Rama. It also refers to the word “light” or blessings.

21. Aheli:

Aheli means grace. It’s also a name for goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth.

30 Unique Baby Name Sanskrit God’s Names

22. Dhana:

Dhana is a word that means wealth. It is the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi is the significance associated with Dhana.

23. Shria:

Shria is a word that means prosperity while the god of wealth refers to goddess Lakshmi. The significance of Shria is beauty, wealth as well as goddess Lakshmi.

24. Additri

Additri is a beautiful name for goddess Lakshmi that could be the perfect name for your child.

25. Aasvi:

Aasvi means river. It also refers to Goddess Saraswati.

30 Unique Baby Name Sanskrit God’s Names

26. Yati:

Yati refers to the person who is ascetic or dedicated. It’s also a word to refer to Goddess Durga.

27. Vani:

Vani is a reference to speech or voice. Vani is also the name of Goddess Saraswati.

28. Nyra:

Nyra means rose. This is also the name given to Goddess Saraswati. It is an excellent name for your princess. The goddess’ name is what you’re looking for.

29. Nitya:

Nitya is a reference to continuous. A thing that is continuous or continues to be done on a daily basis and is constant. It’s in fact the title of the Goddess Parvati.

30. Pragya:

Pragya is a term that means wisdom and calmness; ability; intelligence. It is the name of Goddess Saraswati.