50 Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Boys With Meanings -

50 Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

50 unique Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Sanskrit is the basis of all Indian languages, therefore when you are naming your baby’s name parents are now going back to their roots and searching for the best Sanskrit names that their youngsters can choose from. This is a unique name and has a deeper meaning with it. Sanskrit baby names are very popular amongst Indians. Look around as we provide you with greater than 150 Sanskrit names for both girls and boys, as well as twins. There are meanings to pick from.

Sanskrit is the basis of all other languages that is spoken by humans. Its Sanskrit names are quite impressive and also there are Vedic names that you can choose for your child (both girls and boys). This article will assist you to identify the most suitable names, including the most popular and gorgeous Baby names written that are in Sanskrit that have meanings.

Unique Sanskrit names for Boys and Girls That Have meanings:

50 of the Best Sanskrit names for babies with Meanings:

1. Ahan:

The Sanskrit word has a wonderful meaning that goes with it. It is a reference to Morning or Dawn. It also refers to someone who is loved by others and is the most affluent of all the rich.

2. Aarav:

The meaning behind Aarav is peace or good-looking personality. The name is one given to Lord Ram and also refers to an king, charming, affectionate and someone who has wealth. Aarav is among the most well-known Sanskrit names for boys.

3. Ayan:

It could also mean the name given to Lord Shiva which refers to the sun’s movement as the sun rises. It also means a blessing from God and is among the most popular contemporary Sanskrit boy names.

4. Avi:

It means sun and air. It also refers to someone who was naturally destined to lead. It can also mean favorable mountain, protector, or wall Sanskrit.

5. Aadi:

Aadi signifies the beginning. It also refers to Sun an alternative word for Lord Shiva. It is among the most well-known Lord Shiva name that is written in Sanskrit.

6. Abhi:

A bold personality, courageous and confident, the The King of the Universe.

7. Aman:

A serene personality is a symbol of security; peace; integrity, loyalty and trustworthy; security.

8. Ansh:

A tiny piece of something; part that is radiant or a part of an organism.

9. Anay:

A different name is Lord Ganesha and Ganesha is valuable. He is a the leader of God and warrior, serene

10. Arnav:

The Sanskrit name is a reference to the peace that is the sound of ocean. It also refers to the sea, or a vast ocean.

11. Advik:

It is the person that is unique. It is a different term used to describe Lord Shiva and also means affection; love.

12. Adit:

It refers to the beginning, that is the person who was born first Also, it refers to that it is the Sun also known as Lord Shiva.

13. Anish:

It’s the name given to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna or the Supreme. It also means punctual.

14. Aarush:

It refers to the first light of the sun’s rising. It also refers to brilliance, sunshine and truthfulness.

15. Aahan:

Early morning and the first rays of light dawn iron and sword

16. Bhavik:

It refers to someone who is extremely emotional. It also refers to that someone is virtuous, happy and devout.

17. Bhavya:

Exciting; wonderful; appropriate to God’s name; God; God of Ocean

18. Chaitanya:

It is a reference to consciousness. It is the name given to saints, wisdom or movement

Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

19. Daksh:

Perfect being, capable; clever and fire. The Name of Lord Shiva and godson of Lord Brahma A precious being the child of the perfect person; competent; fit.

20. Dev:

God Poetry Respect; without limits friendly; impossible to destroy an astronomical star; the lotus blooms in the light of moonlight.

21. Darsh:

This well-known Sanskrit name translates to Lord Krishna

22. Deb:

Unique Sanskrit name translates to divinity. It also refers to God.

23. Dhyan:

The literal meaning of Dhyan is to concentrate. It’s also a kind of yoga and contemplation; it’s absorbed by contemplation.

24. Divit:

Another name for Lord Shiva also signifies immortality. This also means happy creator.

25. Harsh:

The person who spreads joy to other people. Joy; happiness

26. Het:

Het is a very well-known Sanskrit name, which translates to love.

27. Hayan:

Hayan is one of the names that is synonymous to Lord Shiva. It also means live shining and life.

28. Ishaan:

It refers to someone who gives wealth The sun. The direction of northeastern in Sanskrit signifies Ishan that is a strong positively oriented direction. It’s a different designation for Lord Shiva God’s grace and protector.

29. Kian:

Kian is one of the Sanskrit name that means Kings and Lord Krishna The grace of God and the old. It is among the most well-known name for babies from Sanskrit with the meaning of Krishna.

30. Kee:

Another name is Lord Krishna. It also refers to peace and love.

31. Kush:

It is a well-known name dating back to the times of Lord Rama since one of the sons of Lord Rama was given the name Kush. Kush is a reference to strength.

32. Kavin:

Kavin refers to very beautiful and attractive.

33. Krish:

This is an abbreviated version of the word Krishna. It is a reference to talent; attraction.

34. Kabir:

Kabir Was the name given to the saintly saint of India. It means powerful; great leader.

35. Kayan:

Kayan means a star. It also refers to a King; the ancient king

Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

36. Kanish:

Kanish is the title given to the monarch. It refers to the person who is extremely caring.

37. Laksh:

It is among the most well-known Hindu Sanskrit baby names that refers to aiming or a target.

38. Lohit:

The person who has the mind of a metal is soft-hearted and composed from copper. It is a different name for the Brahmaputra river.

39. Lavish:

Lavish refers to Lord Shiva, the Lord of Love. It also refers to adorable, luxurious, and Lord Shiva.

40. Moh:

The abbreviated version that is derived from Mohan also known as Mohit. It refers to love and affection.

41. Manas:

It is a person who is honorable or wise. It also refers to the desire or the mind.

42. Manav:

The word can be described as the Hindu Sanskrit name for an individual human being or man.

43. Moksh:

One who has benefited from the experience of birth and rebirth. the salvation

44. Mihir:

It is a different name for the sun , or sun rays.

45. Naksh:

It is the one who is a great person. It also refers to prosperity , wealth, the ability to succeed, and hard work as well as the moon.

46. Namit:

This Sanskrit name means the most modest one, who never loses hope.

47. Naitik:

Nature-friendly; ethical Regular

48. Ojas:

Ojas is the name given to someone who is radiant with shining, light, body power, and radiant. Another name is Lord Ganesha which also refers to the teacher of God.

Vaidik Sanskrit Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

49. Param:

The finest; the best, the ultimate perfection

50. Sam:

Sam refers to Lord has been heard, told by God God is God A person who is good or a person who is strong.