Jamun is a sour fruit that is loved by many people. Apart from being great in taste, jamun is home to many medicinal properties. It is a summer fruit with many health benefits.

Jamun tree usually grows to a height of 60 to 100 feet and bears fruit annually. The flowers are 5 mm in diameter and very fragrant.

In Ayurveda, various parts of the fruit are used to treat bleeding disorders and other ailments.

All parts of the tree and mainly the seeds are used for its food consumption as well as to cure various diseases.

The main use of jamun is in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, inflammation, diarrhea as well as ulcers.

Many health drinks, squashes, jams, jellies, ice creams, smoothies etc. are prepared from ripe jamuns.

Unripe jamuns are used to make vinegar or wine. Jamun berries are cooked in water and sugar to preserve. If the fruit pulp is dried and powdered, it becomes medicinal.

Jamuns are rich in nutrients like vitamin B and vitamin C and minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Jamuns are also packed with proteins, antioxidants, glucose, fructose and some amount of fiber. Jamuns contain various vitamins and minerals that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

Patients suffering from arthritis are advised to include jamun regularly to reduce inflammation and pain.

Adequate amount of potassium in jamun helps in controlling blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Jamun is perfect for skin beauty because of its multivitamins and nutritional value. The presence of iron in jamun purifies the blood and controls acne problems.

Another important component of jamun is vitamin C which helps in lightening the skin.

Using jamun seed powder also removes skin blemishes caused by acne and blackheads.

People with oily skin should eat Jamun daily as it will keep their skin fresh and clear.

Jamun fruit is rich in various vitamins and minerals and has digestive power. Jams contain a good amount of anthocyanins.

Various digestive problems like indigestion, dysentery, etc. are cured by taking kashayas prepared with jamun tree bark powder.

For dysentery, take two soft leaves and make a fine paste. Add some rock salt to it and roll it into small pills. Take twice a day with water.

The seeds and pulp of jamun fruit provide many benefits in diabetic patients. It also helps in curing diabetes symptoms like excessive thirst and frequent urination.

Jamuns are excellent in preventing certain types of cancer. An extract from the seeds of jamun fruit has a radioprotective effect.It helps reduce the risk of inheriting cancer.

Jamun can cause some allergies to some people. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately about consuming Jamun.