Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh -

Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh

Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh


Borra Caves, located in the hills of Ananthagiri within The Araku valley are among the largest caves on the Indian subcontinent. The caves are famously known for their stalagmite and stalactite formations that have stood up to the test of time for more than a million years.

Caves found in 1807 by William King George in 1807 are believed to have come out of the River Gosthani due to its constant flow of water through the limestone flats. Legend says that Borra caves came to be discovered by tribes of the indigenous after a cow that was grazing on top of the caves fell into a gap through the roof.

A stone resembling the shape of a Lingam was discovered inside the cave. It was believed to represent Lord Shiva who was believed to have protected the cow. In honor of this belief, there is a tiny temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has been constructed in the cave, which attracts many devotees. The Borra Caves also referred to as Borra Guhalu is a wonderful tourist destination for religious and historical purposes.


Entrance into Borra Caves:

The Borra caves, which are located at an approximate distance of 92 kilometers north of Visakhapatnam are located at 3000 feet above sea level. The cave’s entrance which measures around 100 meters high and 75 meters in length is identified by steps that lead down. They are made of rock. The first thing you see at the entry point are monkeys that swarm around the huge trees.

Official Information Board Outside the Borra Caves:
A board of information at the entry point into the caves gives visitors an overview of the cave’s history as well as information on the caves as well as their surrounding.

Religious Bearing:

Although the Borra Caves are among the top tourist attractions within the State of Andhra Pradesh for couples Locals flock to the caves every day to worship Shivalinga along with the large stone idols of the sacred cow, or Kamadhenu that is located over the Lingam in the cave. There is a belief that the cow’s stomach is believed to be the basis of the Gosthani River from where the caves originate.

Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh


Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh


Stalactites and Stalagmites:

In the caves are the most famous stalagmite and stalactite formations which have irregular shapes because of the flow of the Gosthani River between these solidified structures. The water that is leaking through the roof of the caves degrades the minerals found in the limestone, forming stalagmites on the top of the cave. It then continues to seep down the earth to create stalagmites. The 150 million-year stalagmite and stalactite formations are truly a stunning sight to behold.


Stalactite formations as well as stalagmites have transformed into naturally formed shapes in caves. When you take a closer look there are the bearded sage Shiva and Parvati as well as the mother and child as well as the human brain, trees with their roots hanging overhanging, temples and churches, and even animals such as the elephant in this illustration. A few of these structures carry an underlying religious significance to them, while others offer a lot of fun for the mind.

Lamp Light:

The Borra Caves are extremely dark and dark in the interior due to a lack of sunlight. This is why The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Industry has constructed a range of mercury, sodium vapor, and halogen electrical lamps to light the pathway inside the caves. They offer an amazing view of the different forms.

Place of Worship:

The end of a narrow tunnel, deep inside the caves, is a tiny spot of worship comprised of stalagmite Lingam. Here, devotees especially tribals, come the worship their Hindu god Shiva, particularly during the festival day of Shivratri.


Wonders Of Borra Caves Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh


Tourist Attraction:

A bird’s-eye image of Borra caves attracts thousands of visitors for an unforgettable view of an ancient archaeological site.

Outside Borra Caves:
The captivating view that is the Araku valley that lies outside of The Borra Caves is an attraction for tourists visiting the caves. The stunning beauty of the mountainous area that is awash with wildlife and flora offers a stunning setting.

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