Wonders Of Karla Caves Located In Lonavla Maharashtra

Wonders Of Karla Caves Located In Lonavla Maharashtra


The Karla Caves are situated at Lonavla in the hill town located near Pune in Maharashtra. The caves were constructed by Buddhist monks around the centuries and are an impressive depiction of the Buddhist architectural style. The intricate carvings have been preserved after so many years. They are among the many historical landmarks that we are proud of. It’s about 160 feet from the top and is about 15 meters in height. These caves are a great example of the great Buddhist doctrines and beliefs. The stupas and the inscriptions found here are awe-inspiring.


1. Lion Pillars:

The Lion Pillars are found at the entrance to the caves known as the Karla Buddha. The solid rock-cut sculpture of the three lions appears stunning. The temple offers visitors an extremely tranquil atmosphere and is a place you must be sure to go to. It’s truly remarkable to observe that, despite the loss of numerous years these precious pictures and structures are revered and cherished.


2. The Buddhist Meditation Hall:

The Karla caves are the perfect spot to sit and meditate. It’s Buddhist Meditation Hall is lively. The architecture, pillars, and patterns used will be awe-inspiring. The entryway of the place is designed to resemble a horseshoe. It is known as the Buddhist Chaitya with an inside stupa.


3. Sculptures:

The Chaitya of the Karla Caves has been adorned with stunning and amazing sculptures and pictures. The structure is simply amazing. It has 37 pilasters in the hall, which are essentially depicting women, men as well as elephants and Lions. They form two rows and are an object that is sure to draw your attention.

Wonders Of Karla Caves Located In Lonavla Maharashtra


Wonders Of Karla Caves Located In Lonavla Maharashtra

4. Exotic Roof of Karla Caves:

Every structure and construction that is part of Karla Caves is exotic in design, as does the roofing. It is made of teak wood. The large planks are constructed and fixed in a manner that they haven’t sunk until now. This is an authentic display of the skill and craftsmanship that was present earlier. The inscribed pillars’ inscriptions were generally written in The Pali or Sanskrit language.

5. King Asoka’s Contribution:

King Asoka who was converted to Buddhism in his later years constructed a variety of Buddhist temples. Some of which were located within the Cave of Karla. He ensured that many of the chaityas were constructed so that Buddhism could be spread all around the globe.

6. Unique Carvings of Buddha:

Numerous caves were constructed in which Buddhist monks ran their schools. The caves are an example of the artistry that was prevalent at the time. The intricate carvings effectively portray the face of Buddha as captivating to the eye. The slicings and tucks around it are even more stunning.

7. Elephant Head of Karla Caves:

The elephant Head in Karla Caves looks mind-blowing. It is carved in one stone The head of the elephant appears to be real. There are a lot of designs and structures that were destroyed by humans, but the good thing is that magnificent creations like those have been preserved and look stunning like never before.

Wonders Of Karla Caves Located In Lonavla Maharashtra


8. Ekveera Mata Mandir:

The Ekveera Mata Mandir is the latest construction in The Karla Caves and was not built until the 2nd century BC. Ekveera is a well-known Hindu goddess who is primarily worshipped by fishermen from the region. She is also well-known in areas such as Mumbai.

9. Dynamic Entrance:
The entrance to Karla Caves is stunning. The windows have been constructed so that sunlight can be allowed to pass through.


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