Wonders Of Robbers Cave -

Wonders Of Robbers Cave

Wonders Of Robbers Cave


Robbers Cave is a state park located in the picturesque hills of the Sans Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Formerly, it was known in the past as Latimer State Park, it became Robbers Cave in 1936. It is a favorite of equestrians, strollers, people who hike, and outdoor enthusiasts. It includes over 8000 acres along with the adjacent wilderness management zone. The park is home to three lakes which are great for fishing trout during the season time, and also a relaxing boating experience. Other activities include hunting mountain biking trails for hikers and horseback riding, sandstone rock cliffs that are suitable for climbs and rappels, as well as the fall foliage season leaves guests with lots to anticipate.


Beautiful Robbers’ Cave with Photos:

History of Robbers Park:

The area surrounding the park was an area for hunting long back. The first people to live there were connected to those who constructed the Spiro Mounds. Outlaws were housed here following the Civil War, most notably Jesse James and Belle Starr.

Test with Nature

If you are a nature lover, Roberts Cave is a perfect spot to come close and personal with nature. The beautiful scenery makes it a great place to unwind the mind, body, and soul and take in all the natural beauty offers. It is possible to learn more about the trees, birds, and butterflies by spending time in the park.

Robber Caves Lake:

Three lakes surround the Park Three lakes are part of the Park – Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace, and Coon Creek Lake, which were created by dams that were built upon a stream. Lake Carlton pictured in the photo below has the possibility of renting canoes and boats.

Wonders Of Robbers Cave


Wonders Of Robbers Cave


Robbers Cave Fall Festival:

The first ever Roberts Cave Fall Festival was created in 1987. It runs for three days. the festival is a showcase of handmade works of art and craft from more than 200 art and crafts sellers along with food stalls, drinks, as well as carnival games and rides. The festival also hosts The Fall Foliage Cruise on a Saturday when hundreds of custom and restored vintage cars are on display. It’s a great event for both children and adults alike.

Camping at Roberts Cave:

Roberts Cave State Park offers campsites that range from modern RV campsites to tent camping sites that are primitive and horse-friendly campsites. Woods trails offer breathtaking views over a tiny valley.

Lodging Facilities:

Roberts Cave State Park features 26 lodges, including one cabin called Belle Starr View Lodge after the notorious escapee Belle Starr. The lodge has 20 rooms and a large gathering room, all with a beautiful panorama from Coon Creek Lake. All lodge rooms are equipped with double beds that can sleep four guests. Pets with leashes are allowed at the park as well as in certain cabins.

Hiking Trails:

Robbers Cave State Park in Wilbur-ton offers a comprehensive trails system for hikers whether for a basic trail hike mountain biking, and horseback riding. It’s the perfect place for those who ride horses, with trails for hiking that offer an amazing view of The San Bois Mountains.

Wonders Of Robbers Cave


Robbers Cave:

Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton Oklahoma is the perfect location for a family vacation. It offers everything you could imagine, including picnic tables, cabins and a swimming pool that has a bathroom, playgrounds for kids mini golf course and paddle boat rentals stables for horseback riding as well as a small supermarket with a restaurant that is on-site, and a nature park just to name just a few. The Park facilities are numerous, making it a popular local attraction as well as a renowned tourist attraction.

Robbers Cave State Park:

A visit to Robbers Cave isn’t enough without climbing the rocks and catching a view of the cave from which the park’s name comes from and from where notorious outlaws such as Jesse James and Belle Starr got their resentment from the law. The paths leading to the cave aren’t extremely strenuous. Once you reach the top the view of the mountains is refreshing and worth the time and effort.



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