Wonders Of Son Doong Caves -

Wonders Of Son Doong Caves

Wonders Of Son Doong Caves


Son Doong which means “Mountain Cave in the river” according to Vietnamese is the most well-known cave on earth, located within the Quang Binh province in Vietnam. The cave was formed between 2 and 5 million years ago due to the impact of erosion on limestone caused by river water that was buried beneath the mountain.

The cave was first discovered the cave by a local farmer in the year 1991 during an avalanche, who could not locate his way to the cave, it was then discovered through the help of Howard Limbert and then discovered with the help of British headed Howard Limbert and his team of cavers. It is the Son Doong Cave runs 5.5 miles in length, is 650 feet wide, and tall at 500 feet. It is the Son Doong Cave complete with its jungle and rivers is a magnificent piece of nature.


Wonders Of Son Doong Caves


1. World’s Largest Cave :

At 5.5 miles in length, 650ft wide, and 500ft high The Son Doong Cave is five times bigger in size than Phong Nha Cave, previously believed to be the biggest cave in Vietnam and, in 2009, it officially set the record as the world’s biggest cave beating the previous record holder, the Malaysian Deer Cave.

2. Camping Inside Son Doong:

Son Doong Cave Son Doong Cave has recently opened for visitors to take a guided tour. People can camp at the cave’s entrance cave during a six-day tour organized by tour operator Oxalis. The immense size of the cave is seen in this image where campers appear to be dwarfed by the massive dimensions of the cave.

3. Self-Contained Cave:

Son Doong Cave Son Doong Cave made up of a system of more than 150 distinct caves is self-sufficient in the sense that it owns its river, lake waterfalls, jungle, and lake.


Wonders Of Son Doong Caves


Wonders Of Son Doong Caves


4. Largest Cave:

The excursion of Son Doong caat the wonders of this cave involves diving into the depths of the cave to see the massive caverns, one is one called the Hand of Dog which is a massive stalagmite with the shape of the paws of a dog.

5. Challenging Task:

To reach Son Doong Cave Son Doong Cave is no easy task. It’s a challenge as well as an adventure on its own. It’s a long and strenuous trek that can take an entire day and a quarter through the secluded forest. When you finally reach the cave, you will have to climb another 300ft of rope to arrive at the cave’s entrance. This is a daunting task for anyone looking to discover this amazing natural attraction.

6. Pearls of Nature:

Another amazing thing to see inside Son Doong Cave is rare cave pearls that are the size of baseballs. These oddly-sized pearls were made over many centuries of crystals of calcite deposited on sand grains. They are the Son Doong gems that came to light by the group of people who accepted the challenge of abseiling down the 265 feet drop to inside the cave in a tour expedition.

7. Giant Cavern:

Is so huge of this massive cavern that it could easily accommodate entire cities and towers. The stunning and distinctive formations have slowly taken shape from the limestone and water that formed them throughout millions of years. There are areas within the cave where the roof has collapsed, creating an impressive skylight, and also allowing the underground ecosystems of the jungle to flourish.

Wonders Of Son Doong Caves


8. Astounding Features of Son Doong:

Son Doong Cave Son Doong Cave is home to rare species of animals that aren’t found in the world. Old fossils can also be discovered deep within the cave. The cave is large enough that its stalactites looming over it form clouds of their own over, with a river flowing through them to the bottom.

9. Tourist Activities:

Tourists can be seen walking through an algae-saturated landscape. Many have found the magnificent Son Doong Cave an ordeal however the excitement at the conclusion is like it. The Vietnamese government eventually allowed the cave all the world to view after it had been thoroughly and thoroughly explored. A visit to this magnificent attraction isn’t inexpensive. It’ll cost you USD 3000 as well as a treacherous journey through the dense forest.


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