Benefits of Betel Nut (Supari) And Its Side Effects

Benefits of Betel Nut (Supari) And Its Side Effects

Betel nut prevents and treats the formation of cavities. Cavities are the structural damage on the enamel (tooth’s outer covering), caused by bacteria in the mouth, and is a painful condition. Gum swelling and ache are also treated by eating betel nut. Moreover, betel nut is extensively used to reduce menstrual cramps and is used in the treatment of yellow discharge from the vagina.

Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation can improve their condition by regularly consuming betel nut. Betel nut is used to improve energy levels and is used in situations when high concentration and mental alertness are needed. By chewing on betel nut, you can cure indigestion.

Betel nut offers a lot of health benefits in constipation and diarrhea problems. People who have suffered a stroke often find it difficult to speak because their muscles are weak. By consuming betel nuts, muscle strength and speech can be improved. People suffering from anemia also benefit, if they consume betel nut.

Benefits of Betel Nut (Supari) And Its Side Effects

What is Betel Nut (Supari)?

Areca tree is cultivated in the regions of Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Africa, and East Indies. This palm feather tree grows to a height of 1.5 meters, and produces a fruit called betel nut.

Beetal nut is used in the fresh form, as well as in the dried form, and the nut can be boiled or roasted. The taste of the betel nut is warm and acidic, and mixes well with all spices. Quid is the package that is used for eating the betel nut. Men, women, and children regularly consume the quid to enjoy its health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Betel Nut (Supari)

Betel nut is rich in nutrients; especially alkaloids like arecoline, arecaine, Arecaidine, choline, guvacine, guvacoline, gallic fatty acid and tannins.

Nutritional facts Per 1 oz


Calories 1 

Total Carbohydrate 1

Health Benefits of Betel Nut (Supari)

Check out best health benefits of Betel Nut (Supari). You can consume betal nut to get all these advantages which are given below. Even you can use betal nut leaf, betal nut juice for differet health issues to prevent it.

Betel nut for oral health

Betal nut prevents cavity or holes which formed on the tooth’s outer cover called the enamel due to poor oral health that results from consuming excessive sugary foods. The chances of getting cavities are strong when people consume more sugar in the night. Hence, eating betel nut instead of sugars will prevent cavities and help in reducing the toothache.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf And Its Side Effects

Betel nut as mouth freshener

Dry mouth is a condition that results from e diabetes. Also cracked lips and bad breath results from dry mouth. By chewing betel nut, the mouth produces more saliva, and helps to prevent dry mouth and associated conditions, effectively.

Betel nut used as stained teeth removal

Many people suffer from a condition called the yellowing of the mouth. It is caused when they drink excessive coffee, tea and other beverages. The poor dental health easily hampers self-confidence in an individual. To prevent the staining or yellowing of teeth, betel nut should be charred, pulverized, rubbed directly on the teeth, and after a few minutes the mouth should be rinsed. Practicing this habit regularly will maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Betal but prevents gum infection

Many people suffer from gum infections. They can boil the betel nut in a cup of water, and use this water to rinse the mouth. Doing so, would reduce the gum disease, swelling and pain. The other method of reducing the gum infections would be to burn one nut and take the ash. Betal nut should be mixed with clove powder and katha, and then this mixture should be mixed with water and used for rinsing.

Betal nut reduces swelling in gums

Fry the powdered betal nut in ghee and add the powdered Katha, ajwain and sendha namak in equal quantity with it. Add water to this mixture to make a paste. Apply this paste on the gums, and keep it for a few minutes. You will see a drastic reduction in swollen gums and pain.

Betal but effectively battles indigestion problems

Often indigestion causes blandness in mouth. Chewing betel nuts ensures healthy digestive system, eradicates indigestion, and helps restore appetite. Improved digestion eradicates constipation, and thus improves the overall health. Good digestion makes a person feel energetic and happy.

Maintains women’s health

Women may suffer from a yellowish vaginal discharge, called Leucorrhea. Usually, the estrogen imbalance in the body leads to this condition. Betel nut improves the hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, by consuming betel nuts before menstrual cycle starts is found to reduce vaginal cramps, and abdominal and vaginal pain.

Betel nut for concentration level

Research indicates betel nut can improve concentration levels and improve stimulation, if consumed in mild doses. By consuming betel nut, drivers traveling in the night can remain alert and prevent accidents. People in jobs that require high mental alertness should consume betel nut to improve their focus.

Betal nut prevents diarrhea

Diarrhea is a condition when the stomach and intestines fail to digest liquid and food, and the body expels large amounts of water fluids. When this condition is left untreated, it leads to the death of a person. By consuming betel nut, the feelings of bloating and frequent visits to the bathroom are reduced, and the person gets on the path of recovery.

Maintains for sexual health

Betel nut is useful in treating premature ejaculation, a condition that causes infertility in men. The reason is that men may climax faster than expected, and this indicates that sperms fail to swim to the egg and form fetus.

Improves muscle strength

People who have suffered a heart stroke may have poor muscle strength that can lead to slurred speech. By consuming betel nut regularly, muscle strength can be regained and speech can be improved

Betal nut heals anemia and blood sugar

Iron deficiency in the body leads to a condition called anemia. Also, poor synthesis of food in the blood stream leads to low blood sugar levels. With regular consumption of betel nut, both these conditions can be significantly improved.

Uses of Betel Nut (Supari)

Betel nut has been in use since time immemorial. In n the 1st century, the 13 heavenly qualities of betel nut have been mentioned in the Sanskrit inscriptions. The bitter and salty taste of betel nut has made it a clear choice for eradicating bad breath and improving the oral health by making teeth sparkling white in appearance. It is used extensively to increase passion, and is also used as an astringent. Betel nut is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of bile disease, and in the treatment of diseases that are caused by phlegm, anemia and obesity.

Betel Nut (Supari) Side-Effects & Allergies

Pregnant women should avoid betel nut as the chances of harming fetus are high. Since chances of getting cancer is high thus betel nut should be consumed in mild doses only. In some people, betel nut has been found to cause low blood pressure and shortness of breath, and if a person develops these symptoms, it is better to quit eating the nut. It is highly recommended that asthma patients should avoid consuming betel nut, as it has been found to increase asthma condition. Slaked lime content in the betel nut has been found to cause abrasives in the mouth, and this has been found to cause cancer-causing elements in the body. The initial formation is white lesions in the body which would change to a tumor, and cause excruciating pain. The lower jaw would need to be removed, which leads to more bodily discomfort.

Origin And Cultivation of Betel Nut (Supari)

Betel nut or supari is one of the key commercial crops cultivated in India primarily grown in Kerala, Assam, Karnataka, Tripura Maharashtra and West Bengal. Apart from India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Myanmar are the leading producers of Betel nut.

The specific origin of the Betel nut is still not known but research suggests that this nut has its origin in Malaysia or the Philippines. Both these places have the maximum plantation of Betel nut belonging to the ‘Areca' genus. From these areas, the crop is exported to the different parts of Asia where Betel nut can be cultivated as a cash crop.

Betel nut is usually cultivated in areas having plenty of rainfall. Hence, this crop cannot be grown in areas that get low rainfall. Betel nuts grow abundantly in those climatic regions where the temperature is between 14 – 36 degree C.

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