50 Best Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit With Meanings

50 Best Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit With Meanings:

This is the feminine Sanskrit names list that includes some of the most popular Sanskrit names for girls.

1. Aadya:

The one who always comes first; the first to start. Another name is Goddess Parvati (also known as Adishakti.

2. Avni:

The name of this beautiful girl in Sanskrit refers to the earth.

3. Ananya:

This well-known Sanskrit feminine names significance is that it represents the blessings of God. It is a blessing from Allah and is a symbol of popularity

4. Anika:

God is gracious. God has shown mercy by showing grace and mercy. Another name is Goddess Parvati.

5. Aarvi:

It refers to the first sun’s rays. Gorgeous; the Lord of Remembering Peace is also the symbol of Aarvi.

6. Aahana:

The first rays of the rising sun. The inner light of the sun. Another name is Goddess Durga.

7. Aarna:

This is the name given to Goddess Lakshmi also means ocean , or wave

8. Bhavya:

The literal meaning of the word is magnificent, stunning or enormous. It is associated to Goddess Durga which also implies magnificent.

9. Bhavi:

Beautiful; emotional; and beautiful for the future-oriented; courageous

10. Bhuvi:

It is among the most sought-after Sanskrit names for girls that means heaven. It also refers to earth or land.

11. Charu:

It is a beautiful word and attractive. It also means pleasing

12. Chaitra:

It is the month that is the first that falls on the Hindu calendar. It also is the name given to goddess Parvati

13. Charvi:

The literal translation translates to beautiful women. It was also the spouse of Lord Kubera the lord of fortune.

14. Dia:

It is the candle, lamp light, divine or even the sun.

15. Diti:

The name is short for sparkle or shine, splendour or light. It was also the wife of the sage Kashyap and daughters of Daksha.

16. Diksha:

It is an offering from God. It also implies giving information, guidance, and holy teachings.

17. Elina:

It is the name given to a woman who has intelligence. It also refers to moon, intelligent excellent student, torch, etc.

18. Eshani:

This is among the Sanskrit goddess names that refer to Parvati who is the spouse to Lord Shiva. It also means one who is near to God.

19. Garima:

The many meanings of Garima include warmth, pride, prowess honor, dignity beautiful, attractive grace, holiness importance , etc.

20. Gul:

This is the term used to describe flowers, particularly flowers, such as a rose or the bouquet of flowers.

21. Gitika:

It is a song of a smaller size

22. Harshita:

It refers to the person who is the one who brings joy. It also refers to always smiling, joyful or happy.

23. Harini:

It refers to the person who is as beautiful as deer. People who are named this are typically proficient in maths. This is also the term for Goddess Lakshmi who is the spouse to Lord Vishnu.

24. Hetvi:

The name is beautiful and is a gorgeous symbol with it. It means affection or well-wisher.

50 Best Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit With Meanings

25. Ira:

Another name is Goddess Saraswati. It also refers to crystal clear water, or similar to the goddess of peace.

26. Ishika:

It is a reference to a sacred paintbrush. It refers to God’s daughter, the damsel in distress. God and the queen of the mountains and of water.

27. Inaaya:

It also refers to an offer from God or the gift of Allah. Inaaya means angel.

28. Jiya:

Jiya refers to sweetheart. It is the person who is fortunate or has an ounce of heart.

29. Janvi:

It is a different name for River Ganga and also the goddess Parvati’s name.

30. Jivika:

This refers to the source of life or the life itself.

31. Jasleen:

It refers to God’s name. God. A person who is not the God’s name, or who is lost in the music.

32. Janani:

It is an acronym for Mother. It also refers to tenderness and is among the names for goddess Lakshmi.

33. Kavya:

Kavya refers to a poet or a poem in motion. It also is the name of Goddess Saraswati.

34. Kyra:

A person who is as bright as the sun is a princess. little dark, elegant

35. Krisha:

The many significances of Krisha is blessed, divine, kind and fame.

36. Komal:

Soft and silky soft; extremely adorable and delicate.

37. Kanishka:

It’s Queen Kanishq King Kanishq, who was ruler of the Kushanempire in the southern part of Asia and was a supporter of Buddhism.

38. Kashvi:

The one who shines and blooming gorgeous. It also refers to The Goddess of Luck.

39. Kim:

In the meadows of royal fortress armlet and chief war; gold royal hill and noble or brave.

40. Lasya:

A person who’s elegant and joyful; is also used to describe the dance dance performed by Goddess Parvati.

41. Lavanya:

The different meanings of Lavanyais is grace, beauty sweet; beauty attractiveness; goddess Lakshmi and angels.

42. Latika:

The numerous meanings of Latikais tendril, are related to climbing, roses, or a delicate tree, tiny creeper, beautiful, sweet and elegant.

43. Lisha:

A blessed woman full of the mystery of life, sweet, honest and happy. Darkness at night.

44. Lakshita:

A person who has an objective in life A person who is distinguished and successful

50 Best Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit With Meanings

45. Lipi:

The manuscripts and scripts of God

46. Mahi:

Name of the water; Heaven and Earth conjoined and the entire world

47. Myra:

Beautiful, swift and light. sweet resin derived from honey, a honey tree and butterflies, adored, absolutely valuable

48. Manvi:

One who is extremely human Goddess Saraswati has peace of mind.

49. Mehek:

Fragrance, pleasant scent Khushboo

50. Misha:

Bee as the Lord, that is the Lord’s devotee.