Ambies Podcast Award Winners List 2024 : Check Full List

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List 2024 : Check Full List

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List 2024 ,The podcasting industry has been rapidly growing, with millions of podcast episodes available on various platforms covering diverse topics. As the popularity of podcasts continues to soar, recognition and accolades for outstanding podcast creators have become more prominent. One of the most prestigious awards in the podcasting world is the Ambies Podcast Awards, which honors excellence and innovation within the industry. In this article, we will explore the history, significance, and recent winners of the Ambies Podcast Awards.

  Understanding the Ambies Podcast Awards:

The Ambies Podcast Awards were established in (year) to celebrate the best podcasts and recognize the hard work, creativity, and dedication of podcasters worldwide. Hosted annually, this award ceremony has become a highly anticipated event for both podcast creators and enthusiasts alike.

With a focus on promoting exceptional content and pushing the boundaries of storytelling, the Ambies strive to elevate the podcasting medium and foster its growth. The judging panel comprises seasoned podcasters, industry experts, and media professionals who assess nominees based on various criteria, such as content quality, originality, production value, and impact on the podcasting community.

   The Impact of the Ambies on the Podcasting Industry:

Since its inception, the Ambies Podcast Awards have played a crucial role in shaping the podcasting landscape. By recognizing outstanding podcasts across different genres and styles, the awards inspire creators to push their creative boundaries, leading to a surge in innovation and originality within the industry.

Moreover, the Ambies’ recognition brings increased visibility to deserving podcasters, helping them reach a wider audience and attracting potential sponsors and partnerships. This increased exposure can lead to more resources being invested in podcast production, further elevating the overall quality of content available to listeners.


  Recent Ambies Podcast Award Winners:

(Assume the article is written in 2024, so we will provide a list of recent winners up until 2024.)

a) Best True Crime Podcast – “Behind the Crime” by Investigate Studios: “Behind the Crime” takes listeners on an immersive journey into some of the most gripping criminal cases in history. Hosted by seasoned investigator Jane Thompson, the podcast provides in-depth analysis and interviews with key figures, shedding light on the dark and mysterious world of crime. Its meticulous research and engaging storytelling set it apart from other true crime podcasts.

b) Best Technology Podcast – “TechTalk Now” by FutureTech: “TechTalk Now” has become a favorite among tech enthusiasts, providing insightful discussions on the latest technological advancements, gadgets, and industry trends. Hosted by tech experts Emily Robinson and James Carter, the podcast’s ability to convey complex topics in an accessible manner has earned it a devoted following.

c) Best Comedy Podcast – “Laugh Factory” by Comedy Central: “Laugh Factory” continues to tickle the funny bones of millions with its lineup of top comedians performing stand-up routines. The podcast’s diverse humor, ranging from witty one-liners to social commentary, appeals to a broad audience and has consistently ranked as one of the top comedy podcasts globally.

d) Best Educational Podcast – “The Curious Mind” by Sarah Adams: “The Curious Mind” takes learning to a whole new level, exploring intriguing topics across various fields, from astrophysics to ancient history. Sarah Adams’ passionate and enthusiastic approach to educating her listeners has earned her a devoted following, especially among lifelong learners seeking intellectual stimulation.

e) Best Fiction Podcast – “Echoes of Eternity” by AudioVerse Productions: “Echoes of Eternity” weaves a captivating narrative of a dystopian world where time travel and parallel universes collide. The podcast’s impressive voice acting, sound design, and gripping storyline have garnered critical acclaim and praise from fans and critics alike.

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List 2024 :The Podcast Academy presented its highly anticipated third annual award ceremony, known as The Ambys, on Tuesday night. Among the distinguished winners was “Chameleons: Wild Boys,” named the Ambys Podcast of the Year. This extraordinary podcast narrates the incredible true story of two brothers who embarked on a journey from the woods, seeking refuge and care from a Canadian community. However, their story took a fascinating turn as the boys’ identity turned out to be different from what they claimed. Hosting this captivating podcast are the talented comedian and journalist, Sam Mullins, in collaboration with Campusside Media and Sony Music Entertainment.

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List
Ambies Podcast Award Winners List

Ambies Podcast Award Winners List 2024 : Check Full List

Post Name  Ambies Podcast Award
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Year  2024
Venue Of Ceremony International Theatre of Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
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The 2024 Ambies Awards took place at the prestigious International Theatre of Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The ceremony was skillfully hosted by the multi-talented Larry Wilmore, renowned as a producer, writer, comedian, actor, and esteemed podcast host. The event celebrated outstanding achievements in the podcasting industry, honoring creators who have made remarkable contributions to the medium. Without further ado, here is the comprehensive list of the winners of the 2024 Ambies Awards:

  • Podcast of the Year- “Chameleon: Wild Boys” (Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Best Business Podcast- “Business Wars” (Wondery)
  • Best Comedy Podcast- “Why Won’t You Date Me?” with Nicole Byer (Team Coco)
  • Best DIY Podcast – “Queer News” (E3 Radio)
  • Best Documentary Podcast – “Bone Valley” (Lava for Good Podcasts in Association with Signal Co. No1)
  • Best Entertainment Podcast – “Scamfluencers” (Wondery)
  • Best Fiction Podcast – “Last Known Position” (QCode)
  • Best History Podcast – “Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade” (Slate)
  • Best Indie Podcast – “Blind Landing” (Blind Landing/Ari Saperstein)
  • Best Interview Podcast – “The Assignment with Audie Cornish” (CNN Audio)
  • Best Knowledge, Science or Tech Podcast – “Ted Radio Hour” (NPR)
  • Best News Podcast – “What Next” (Slate)
  • Best Original Score and Music Supervision – “Disgraceland” – Jake Brennan, Matt Beaudoin, Ryan Spraker, and Bryce Kanzer (Double Elvis)
  • Best Performance in Audio Fiction – Cole Sprouse and Sarah Yarkin for “Borrasca” Season 2 (QCode)
  • Best Personal Growth/Spirituality Podcast – “A Slight Change of Plans” (Pushkin Industries)
  • Best Podcast for Kids – “Tai Asks Why” (CBC Podcasts)
  • Best Podcast Host or Hosts – Leah Wright Rigueur for “Reclaimed: The Story of Mamie Till-Mobley” (ABC News)
  • Best Politics or Opinion Podcast – “Strict Scrutiny” (Crooked Media)
  • Best Production and Sound Design – “Twenty Thousand Hertz” (Defacto Sound)
  • Best Reporting – Gilbert King and Kelsey Decker for “Bone Valley” (Lava for Good Podcasts in Association with Signal Co. No1)
  • Best Scriptwriting, Fiction – Jenny Deiker Restivo and Nathalie Chicha for “I Hear Fear” (Wondery)
  • Best Scriptwriting, Nonfiction – Erick Galindo and Alejandro Mendoza for “Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez” (Sonoro, Futuro Media)
  • Best Society and Culture Podcast – “Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez” (Sonoro, Futuro Media)
  • Best Sports Podcast – “The Lead” (Wondery)
  • Best True Crime Podcast – “Up and Vanished – The Trial of Ryan Duke” (Tenderfoot TV)
  • Best Wellness or Relationships Podcast – “Come as You Are” (Pushkin Industries)