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Analytics Solutions Founder Satish Patel Sucess Story

Analytics Solutions Founder Satish Patel Sucess Story


Who is Satish Patel?

Born and raised in India In India, Mr. Patel is now based in the US. He is, however, keen on establishing relations with his country and the people of India, generating opportunities to improve the lives of Indians through philanthropic and business initiatives.

Prior to the founding of Analytics Solutions, Satish was the President and CEO of Sunbelt Business Sales & Acquisitions (an M&A firm). In the past, Satish was a part of numerous successful ventures which were later bought by public corporations.

He was recently awarded his “National Top Employer Award 2021” as well as the “Business Leader of the Year Award 2021” at the 29th edition of the World HRD Congress. Under his direction, the organization was awarded a number of distinctions.

A few of them include the “Best KPO/BPO” prize given by Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) for the year 2019. It was awarded by CMO Asia at Gujarat Brand Leadership Awards 2020. Some.


Over the past 20 years, Mr. Patel’s love for business has been to provide business solutions in information technology, finance, and internal operations for mid-sized businesses.

His ability to look at the bigger picture, offer crucial insights, and translate them into the processes required to achieve success allows his clients to make money.

“My personal experiences as an entrepreneur and my personal experience of the unique difficulties faced by startups and small-sized enterprises led me to create Analytics Solutions.

This pursuit of excellence through distinctive and creative products and services has allowed many companies to turn their obstacles into growth opportunities.” stated Mr. Patel.



Analytics Solutions Founder Satish Patel Sucess Story


What is it that Analytics Solutions offer?

Analytics is a single-source integrated solution provider that provides quality services at a consistent level, efficiently, and in a collaborative manner.

Analytix’s expertise in cross-disciplinary areas includes Accounting & Finance, Healthcare Solutions, IT, Data Management, and AV.

We have expertise in five areas, we support businesses that range from restaurants and hotel services, dental HME/DME, indoor sports facilities, and AV, to e-Commerce, franchises retail, professional service, and startups.

We provide industry-specific solutions using Insight360 which combines accounting and financial operational tools, with a custom report portal.

Reports can include industry-specific benchmarks, metrics, and KPIs. Specific tools and software for the industry make tasks easier and faster and integrating these into reports to assist in decisions.

Analytics Solutions also offers Appoint360 an extensive scheduler tool that helps DME/HMEs develop and improve operational efficiency.

Appoint360 is built using a cloud-based platform, offering HIPAA-compliant security for data with an independent database for all customers.

Important features include the self-scheduling of patients’ Telehealth, details on the availability of doctors, a quick scheduling process, etc.

Analytics Solutions Founder Satish Patel Sucess Story


Specialized in solutions for analytics

Mr. Patel’s direction has seen Analytics Solutions expand into six divisions, which include Accounting and Finance, Healthcare/Medical Billing, IT Solutions, Data Management, Audio Visual/CAD Services, and Virtual Administrative Services.

The firm assists businesses across all sizes and types and helps them overcome obstacles in a constantly changing market, equipping companies with the agility and insight to swiftly react to market trends.

Analytics is unique in that it is designed to provide one solution that is all-inclusive, instead of focusing on one particular industry.

What is it that made Satish decide to go with this particular business?

Satish is a business owner and CPA who provides business solutions to startups as well as small and medium enterprises in the areas of finance IT, and internal operations.

It was normal for him to establish the accounting and financial business however, when he noticed the additional requirements of his customers, he thought “Why not broaden our services to meet their needs.” Then, slowly, every aspect of analytics was created.

The mission at the start

With just a handful of people, when Patel was the CEO. Patel founded Analytics Solutions The company has grown to 550+ employees and has locations across Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas in the US and Ahmedabad, India.

Analytics Solutions is a top business to work for, expanding by an average of 30% per year. It also boasts a 90% customer retention rate. As part of its goals, Analytics Solutions strives to be the top provider for clients and to provide employment to a variety of people across the world.

the ultimate goal

Presently, Analytics Solutions has approximately 500 employees. Since its founding, the company has been focused on helping business owners become more successful and maximizing profits.

We strive to become the premier solution supplier of top-quality back-office and business services for small- to mid-sized companies by providing unique, custom solutions and generating the most value for everyone involved.

All this without loss of the value of growth, accountability, ownership, integrity, and respect.


Customer base

The majority of our base is derived through referrals, so analytics do more than just well; they exceed expectations.

Acquired lessons from a few failures and made mistakes

Satish is not focused on failures. Instead, he sees them as an opportunity to grow to adopt or adapt. This led him to experiment with new ideas and ultimately led to the creation of different divisions within the business and many of the future are yet to be added!

Fantastic ideas

Satish’s biggest source of inspiration throughout the time has been his staff. The empowerment of employees and their satisfaction is what drives my enthusiasm.

For entrepreneurs, advice

Don’t get discouraged. Every person starts out in the same way but dealing with whatever life throws at them is the thing that makes you a successful businessperson.


Analytics Solutions Founder Satish Patel Sucess Story

Supporting the society or the community

Analytics Solutions believes that formal CSR activities can boost the morale of employees and boost productivity.

Therefore, it frequently supports employees and takes part in numerous welfare programs such as education and health of the most disadvantaged children, as well as donations to NGOs.

The organization has established smaller groups inside the organization that participate in welfare programs that give hope to the lives of the poor.

During the outbreak, Analytics Solutions used virtual methods such as Impact App to achieve fitness targets and to raise Rs. 3 lakhs to support social causes.

The group distributed food packs Masks, hand sanitizers, and handwashing soaps in slums and rural pockets of the city.

Additionally, The company has also created Analytics Academy which provides career opportunities for talented individuals who are looking to establish their mark in the KPO/ITES industry.

The KPO/ITES sector is a specialist that spans from new graduates to mid-senior experts who are educated in a variety of industry-specific requirements as well as soft skills training which aids in recruiting the best talent.



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