AndhraPradesh RTA-RTO Registration Number Status AP-RTA-RTO Tax Status-AP RTA Vehicle Driving Licence Search -

AndhraPradesh RTA-RTO Registration Number Status AP-RTA-RTO Tax Status-AP RTA Vehicle Driving Licence Search

AndhraPradesh RTA-RTO Registration Number Status

AP RTA-RTO Tax Status-AP RTA Vehicle Driving Licence Search

AndhraPradesh RTA (RTO) Vehicle Registration Number Status

Name of the Organization:- Andhra Pradesh Transport Department(

Type of installation Check Registration figures Status Online

Status of Registration figures
new mileage has been created on the Transport Website to view the enrollment figures at the different RTO services across the state. This installation will grease the citizen to plan to bid for a wanted decoration number. No more suspension on vehicle enrollment figures.

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Assignment of Registration Number
On damage of operations for enrollment , the Registering Authority shall arrange them alphabetically every day and assign the figures serially after the last enrollment mark assigned subject to the vittles of the following sub-rules.

The Registering Authority may on an operation in Form RRMA made to it by proprietor of the vehicles reserve the special figures within thousand from the last number assigned in periodical order on the date of operation.

i) On payment of figure ofRs.,000( Rupees fifty thousand only) for any one of the figures l, 9, 999, 9999.

ii) On payment of figure ofRs.,000( Rupees thirty thousand only) for anyone of the figures 99, 333, 555, 666,, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888.

iii) On payment of figure ofRs.,000( Rupees twenty thousand only) for anyone of the figures 123, 222, 369, 444,, 1116, 3366, 3456, 4455.

iv) On payment of figure ofRs.,000( Rupees ten thousand only) for anyone of the figures 3, 5, 6. 7, 111, 234, 306, 405, 789, 818, 909,,1234, 1314, 1818, 1899, 2277, 2772, 2345, 2727, 2799, 3636, 3663, 3699, 4545, 4554, 4567, 4599, 5678, 6336, 6633, 6789, 7227, 7722, 8118, 8811, 9009, 9099.

v) On payment of figure ofRs.,000/-( Rupees five thousand only) for anyone of the figures other than those mentioned against the clauses( i)( ii)( iii) and( iv) above in respect of all vehicles except two wheelers for which a figure ofRs.,000/- shall be charged. When there’s operation for allotment for four wheelers and two wheelers for the same numberprecedence shall be given to four wheeler aspirants.

“ handed that any current number can be reserved on payment of Rs. 1000/- ”( Rupees Thousand Only)

The operation for reservation of figures shall be dropped in a drop box( sealed box) along with the needed figure up to1P.M. No operation would be allowed to be dropped in the drop box after 1 PM on any working day. No. operation shall be entered tête-à-tête under any circumstances.

All the payments shall be made in the shape of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of Secretary or Regional Transport Authority of that District from, any reputed bank.

still, the reservation shall be made by way of entering tenders in unrestricted envelopes along with the RRMTA, If there’s further than one operation in a day for particular enrollment number. All operations shall enclosed the offered quantum by way of a Demand Draft in favour of Secretary, Regional Transport Authority of the District to the tender form at 3.P.M. on the same day before the registering authority. The number shall be distributed to the loftiest offer those who have filed operations. If any aspirant isn’t present at 3.P.M. For bidding, his operation along with figure shall be ropped. The shot quantum offered shall not be lower than the freights appertained to in sub rule( 3)( i),( ii) and( iii), as the case may be.

The number reserved under sub rules( 3)( i),( ii) &( iii) shall be distributed on product of the vehicle and registered as per the procedure specified in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and rules made there under. The reservation shall be cancelled if the vehicle isn’t produced within fifteen( 15) days from the date of reserving the number. The number reserved shall bere-notified incontinently and the procedure as per sub rules( 3)( i),( ii),( iii) and( 5) shall be followed after cancellation of the reservation. However, the said number of figures shall be appertained to the Transport Commissioner at intervals decided by him forre-notification or farther action, If no aspirant applies for the number of figures.

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