Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu

Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu


Ucchi Pillayar Temple | History, Timings, Poojas & Address
Ucchi Pillayar Temple also known as the Arulmigu Tayumana Swamy Temple and Rockfort Temple, is a well-known Temple which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. The Ucchi Pillayar temple’s timings are from 06:00 am to 8:45 midnight.


Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu

It is the Rockfort Temple Complex is home to three shrines, two of which are dedicated in honor of Lord Ganesha and as well as the Manikka Vinayagar Temple at the base of the Rockford, and also The Uchi Pillayar Temple Rockfort at the highest point of Tayumanavar Temple between them.

It is the Thaimanavar Temple, the most important of the three is home to an Amman (goddess) as well as the primary god.

According to the legend that this rock is the spot the place where king Ganesh was able to escape Vibhishana following the establishment of the god Ranganathaswamy within Srirangam.

According to epigraphic documents the hill fort temple was built during the sixth century, under the guidance of Mahendra Pallava-Gunaparan. Uchi Pillaiyar Temple is located on the highest point of Rock Fort Hill.

The temple is at a height of 273 feet The temple is 273 feet high, and you must climb 400 steps to reach the temple. It is necessary to pass through to the Sri Tayumanavar Temple about halfway up. While the climb can be challenging but the gentle breeze refuels our strength and allows us to climb without pressure.

The view from the entire Tiruchirappalli as well as Srirangam Uchi Vinayakar Temple is stunning from this location. Uchi Vinayakar Temple is spectacular.



The time that Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after having rescued Sita from the shackles of Ravana, Sugriva, Hanuman, and Vibhishana was with the Lord to take part in his coronation.

Vibhishana arrived in the south in the form of his idol Sri Ranganatha to receive the gift of Sri Rama. The beauty that the River Cauvery offered, and the beautiful scenery inspired him to sit back for a few minutes. Then Ganesha appeared as a child.

The boy was asked to return an idol of Ranganath. While waiting for Vibhishana, the boy put down the idol. Vibhishana became shocked to discover how the child was gone.

He tried his best to lift the statue, but it was not able to move. So Lord Ranganatha traveling towards Sri Lanka shortened his trip and decided to choose Sri Ranga as his abode.

Vibhishana was able to see the boy standing on the mountain and smashed him with his head. His scar is still apparent in the image of Vinayaka. So God Ganesha as well as Ranganatha will reign supreme without fear in the Ucchi Pillayar temple. Ucchi Pillayar temple.

Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu


Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu

Rockfort Temple
There was a fierce battle between the two of them, the Adishesha along with Vayu vayu to determine the topmost of their merits, an event in which Mount Kailash had to shake vigorously. As it blew Adiseshu there was a portion of the mountain that fell as the air split the mountain.

A demon called Tirishira (a three-headed monster) is performing penance in the name of Lord Shiva. While many years had passed Lord Shiva was unable to attend his darshan, allowing him to test his purity.

He threw two heads into the flames and was readily throwing the fourth. The Lord came to him and brought his head back.

As he asked as he wished, Lord Shiva was willing to stay in the temple for the benefit of Tirisira Nathar (based on the tale that told of Tirisira Nathar, the Tirisira creature). The place was named Tirishiramalai in the past and it is called Tiruchirappalli.


Ucchi Pillayar Rockfort Temple

Aren’t you fascinated by these tales from the past? These are the beliefs of the people who founded the temple. In addition to Rockfort Temple, there are many other attractions in Trichy. Rockfort Temple, Trichy has numerous other places of interest, like Srirangam, Kollidam Bridge, Kallanai, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, and Butterfly Park.

It is worth noting that Ramya’s Hotels are not far from these hotels and are just 10 km away. It is simple to get there. It is possible to hear many historic stories told by the locals which makes it more thrilling.

Ucchi Pillayar Temple Timings
Its Ucchi Pillayar Temple timings are from 6 am to 8 PM.

Thayumana Swamy Temple: 06:00 AM To 12:00 Noon and 04:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Manikka Vinayagar Temple: 05:00 AM To 12:00 Noon and 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM

It should take between 25 and 30 minutes on weekdays and 30 to 40 minutes on weekends, and up to 3 hours during festivals.


Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu


Ucchi Pillayar Temple Pooja Timings

Six Poojas were offered each day.

Pooja Details Ucchi Pillayar Temple Timings

Pooja Details Ucchi Pillayar Temple Timings
        Usakkalam         6:30 AM to 7:00 AM
        Kalasandhi         8:30 AM to 9:00 AM
        Ucchikaalam(afternoon Pooja)         08:00 AM to 09:30 AM
        Saayarachai Pooja(Evening)         05:00 PM to 06:00 PM
        Fifth Kalam         06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
        Ardhajama Pooja(Night)         7:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Temple Pooja Details

Uchi Malai
Rudra Japam
Irumudi Kattu
Mahalakshmi Homam
Abishekam For Manikka Vinayakar
Manikka Vinayakar Sandana Kappu
Abishekam For Uchi Pillayar Sandana Kappu
Ganapathy Homam
Abishekam for Uchi Pillaiyar, Mattuvar Kullammai, Thayumana Swamy
Pudhu Kanaku Poduthal
Naga Puranam for Thayumana Samy
Uchi Pillayar Sandana Kappu
Manika Vinayakar Sandana Kappu
Abishekam and Kanikai
Flower Malai for God
Special Entrance for Manikka Vinayakar Sanathi
Manika Vinayakar Thanga Kavasam
Vada Malai for Nandi Temple and Anjaneya

Festivals Celebrated

Aadi (Aadi Pooram) 11 Days
Avani (Vinayagar Sagurthi) 14 Days
Purattasi (Navarathari) 10 Days
Kandha Sasti 7 Days
Panguni (Theppa Thiruvila) 10 Days
Chithirai (Thiru Ther) 14 Days
Vasantha Urchavavilla 10 Days
Thiru Karthigai Deepam
Tamil as well as English on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
Skanda Sashti


Arulmigu Ucchi Pillayar Temple Malaikottai Trichy Tamil Nadu

Dress Code:

Any suitable dress code is permitted to be worn in Uchi Pillaiyar Temple. Traditional dress codes are required during pujas.


Best Hotels near Temple

Hotel Susee Park, 0.3 km
Hotel Royal Satyam, 0.4 km
Krishna Lodge, 0.5 km
Hotel Deepam, 0.45 km
Prasanna Devi Lodge, 0.52 km
Hotel Chitra, 0.87 km
PL A Residency Trichy, 0.91 km
Vivid A Boutique Hotel, 0.95 km
Hotel Shree Swarna’s Palace, 1.05 km
Grande Inn Trichy, 0.97 km

How to get there Ucchi Pillayar Rockfort Temple
RoadTemple lies 5 km away from Central Bus station, and it is 1.0 km from Chathiram Bus station.

Temple is located 500 meters far from Trichy Main Gate. The bus frequency is extremely quite high between Trichy Bus station to the temple.

Train The closest railway station is in Trichy just 5 kilometers away.

Air The closest airport is Trichy, 8.4 Km away.

Arulmigu Thayumana Swamy Temple


Trichy – 620 002

Phone No: 0431 – 2704621.

Temple Accountant: Aravanayselvan.

Accountant Mobile No: 99421 63041



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