Bank of Maharashtra Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

Bank of Maharashtra Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Bank of Maharashtra offers credit cards that are issued in conjunction in conjunction with the State Bank of India. Cardholders who are associated with the Bank of Maharashtra hold the ease of accessing online and offline payment options for the settlement of credit card debts. Additionally, customers can pay dues on credit cards through accounts operated by other banks. Additionally, cardholders are provided with reminders from the bank about due dates for credit card payments and deadline dates.

Online Credit Card Pay Mode Bank of Maharashtra

To make use of online options to pay for credit card charges, the Bank of Maharashtra offers various options that can be used anytime and from any location. A few of the most popular methods are listed below:

PayPal Online with PAYMENT

Customers who have credit cards issued by the Bank of Maharashtra can actively make use of PAYMENT to settle their credit card bill on an annual basis.

To pay their charges using PAYMENT, customers must first sign up themselves on PAYMENT and supply the required details (phone number or email ID or credit card number, etc. ).
After that, click on the option “Net Banking” and then select the bank account on which the payment needs to be made.
After selecting the option, the user will be directed to the payment portal provided through the institution. The customer is required to sign in using their net banking ID and password.
The next step would be to verify the amount that needs to be to be paid. The funds will be taken from the chosen bank account and then transferred to the credit account of the card. The cardholder would receive a Transaction Reference Number together with an acknowledgment email.

Bank of Maharashtra Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

Visa Credit Card Payment

Through Visa Credit cards that are issued through the Bank of Maharashtra, customers who have Visa credit cards can pay their bills through the internet banking service offered by the bank they are affiliated with at any time by their requirements. To be able to complete Bank of Maharashtra credit card bill payments using this method, the cardholder must follow the following instructions:

Log in to the net banking portal of the bank in which the transaction has to be handled.
Select the option ‘Third-Party Funds Transfer’, then click on Visa credit card pay’.
Input the details about the transmitter and the receiver to start the process of transfer.
The last step is to hit the “Confirm” button. Once the transaction is confirmed, the amount will be deducted from the account chosen and within three working days, it will appear on the credit card account.

Transfer using NEFT

Bank of Maharashtra credit cardholders can avail of this NEFT facility to handle safe payments for credit card charges. To use this service you must follow the following steps:

Connect to your bank account on the net and then select ‘Third Party Funds Transfer’
You must enter the beneficiary’s name as your credit card number, and then give the IFSC code which is ‘SBIN00CARDS’.
Enter your 16-digit credit card number in the field available for account numbers.
In addition in the section that is designated for the bank’s name, enter SBI Credit Card – NEF
Select ‘Payment Systems Group’ State Bank GITC, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai’ as the address of the bank.
Then, click the submit button to complete the registration. Your payment requests will be recorded in your credit account within 24 hours.

Bank of Maharashtra Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Online Credit Card Pay Method in conjunction with Bank of Maharashtra

Money Payment

Customers can pay Bank of Maharashtra credit card bill payments by cash deposit in any one of the closest State Bank of India branches. This is because SBI is in partnership with the Bank of Maharashtra for issuing credit cards. Just visit the branch and complete the pay-in slip on the desk at the information. Contact the teller and hand over the slip together with the money. In exchange, the teller will provide you with a receipt of payment.


Drop Box is available at SBI

Credit card payments through cheques are a possibility for Bank of Maharashtra customers. You can deposit the cheque in any SBI Drop Box. Be sure to mention the 16-digit debit card’s number within the area designated for Payee’s name. Also, make sure to mention your name and contact information on the reverse of the check.

Easy Bill Centers

Cardholders with credit cards from the Bank of Maharashtra & SBI can pay the credit card bill in cash at the closest easy bill outlet. It is possible to visit the Outlet to provide your credit card number along with your contact details. Indicate the amount to be paid, and then pay the amount. The receipt is issued to keep as proof of transaction.


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