Best Tourist Places in Mysore 

Best Tourist Places in Mysore 


Mysore, also known as Mysuru, is a vibrant city located in the state of Karnataka, India. Famous for its rich history, magnificent palaces, lush gardens, and vibrant festivals, Mysore attracts tourists from all over the world. In this guide, we will explore the best tourist places in Mysore, offering a glimpse into its cultural heritage, architectural marvels, and natural beauty.


Best Tourist Places in Mysore 


Mysore Palace:

Mysore Palace, also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, is an architectural marvel and a symbol of Mysore’s rich cultural heritage. This grand palace blends Indo-Saracenic architecture with intricate designs, stunning paintings, and ornate interiors. The palace is adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and intricately carved wooden doors. It is especially captivating during the evenings when it is illuminated, creating a magical aura. Visitors can explore the palace’s opulent halls, royal courtyards, and museum exhibits that showcase the royal treasures and artifacts. Mysore Palace stands as a testament to the city’s regal past and remains a must-visit destination for its architectural splendor and historical significance.

Chamundi Hills:

Chamundi Hills, located just a few kilometers from Mysore, is a revered destination with both religious and scenic significance. The hills are home to the iconic Chamundeshwari Temple, dedicated to the goddess Durga. Visitors can climb the steps or take a scenic drive to reach the temple and seek blessings while enjoying panoramic views of the Mysore city. The hills also offer various viewpoints, providing breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. With its spiritual ambiance, historical importance, and natural beauty, Chamundi Hills is a popular destination for devotees, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Brindavan Gardens:

Brindavan Gardens is a renowned tourist attraction in Mysore, known for its enchanting beauty and captivating displays. Spread over 60 acres, the gardens feature symmetrical terraces, vibrant flower beds, and meticulously maintained lawns. The highlight of the gardens is the musical fountain show that takes place in the evenings, accompanied by synchronized lights and music, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Visitors can stroll along the pathways, enjoy boat rides in the garden’s lake, and relax in the serene ambiance. Brindavan Gardens offers a perfect blend of nature’s splendor and artistic creativity, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those seeking a delightful sensory experience.

St. Philomena’s Cathedral:

St. Philomena’s Cathedral is an iconic religious landmark in Mysore. This magnificent cathedral showcases stunning Neo-Gothic architecture, reminiscent of European cathedrals. It stands tall as one of the tallest churches in Asia, with its spires reaching impressive heights. The interiors are equally captivating, with beautifully adorned stained glass windows and intricate designs. The cathedral provides a peaceful atmosphere for worship and reflection, attracting both locals and tourists. St. Philomena’s Cathedral is not only a place of religious significance but also a testament to architectural brilliance, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking spiritual solace and architectural marvels.

Mysore Zoo:

Mysore Zoo, also known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is a popular tourist attraction in Mysore. It is one of the oldest and most well-maintained zoos in India. Spread across a vast area, the zoo is home to a diverse range of animal species, including elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, and various bird species. Visitors can explore the well-designed enclosures, watch animal feeding sessions, and learn about wildlife conservation efforts. The zoo provides a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the beauty of the animal kingdom, making it an ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts alike.


Best Tourist Places in Mysore 

Best Tourist Places in Mysore


Jaganmohan Palace and Art Gallery:

Jaganmohan Palace and Art Gallery in Mysore is a captivating destination for art lovers and history enthusiasts. Built-in the 19th century, the palace served as the royal residence before the completion of the Mysore Palace. Today, it houses an impressive art gallery that showcases a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. The gallery features work by renowned artists like Raja Ravi Varma, including his iconic painting “Lady with the Lamp.” Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich artistic heritage of Mysore and appreciate the intricate craftsmanship displayed in the royal artifacts. The palace and art gallery provides a cultural journey into the regal past of Mysore.

Karanji Lake:

Karanji Lake is a serene and picturesque lake located at the foothills of Chamundi Hills in Mysore. Spread across a vast area, the lake offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. It is not only a beautiful natural attraction but also a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. The lake is home to numerous bird species, including migratory birds, making it a paradise for bird lovers. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the lake, explore the well-maintained gardens, and visit the walk-through aviary that houses a variety of colorful birds. Karanji Lake is a delightful spot to unwind, connect with nature, and appreciate the beauty of the avian world.

Lalitha Mahal Palace:

The Lalitha Mahal Palace is a majestic heritage hotel located in Mysore, Karnataka. Perched atop a hill, it offers panoramic views of the cityscape and the surrounding countryside. Built-in the early 20th century, the palace showcases exquisite architecture with its domes, arches, and ornate interiors. It was originally intended as a guesthouse for royal dignitaries, and today it stands as a symbol of opulence and grandeur. The palace’s regal ambiance, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable hospitality make it a favored destination for travelers seeking a taste of royal living. It is a true architectural gem that epitomizes the splendor of a bygone era.

Railway Museum:

The Railway Museum in Mysore is a fascinating destination for railway enthusiasts and history buffs. Located near the Mysore railway station, the museum houses a captivating collection of vintage locomotives, carriages, and other railway artifacts. Visitors can explore the evolution of the Indian Railways through the exhibits, which showcase the technological advancements and historical significance of the railway system. The museum also offers a unique opportunity to step into the past and experience the nostalgia of train travel. From steam engines to antique coaches, the Railway Museum provides a captivating glimpse into the rich heritage of rail transportation in India.

Folklore Museum:

The Folklore Museum in Mysore is a treasure trove of cultural heritage. It houses a diverse collection of traditional artifacts, art, and exhibits that offer a glimpse into the rich folklore, rituals, and customs of the region. From intricately crafted masks and costumes to traditional musical instruments and folk art, the museum is a window into the vibrant traditions and stories of Karnataka. Visitors can immerse themselves in the folklore and cultural practices of the local communities, gaining a deeper understanding of the region’s unique cultural tapestry.

KRS Dam:

The KRS Dam, also known as Krishnarajasagara Dam, is an impressive engineering marvel located near Mysore. Built across the River Kaveri, it serves as a crucial water reservoir and irrigation system for the region. The dam not only provides water for agriculture but also generates hydroelectric power. Its picturesque surroundings and well-maintained gardens make it a popular tourist spot, offering breathtaking views of the reservoir. The KRS Dam stands as a symbol of sustainable water management and plays a vital role in supporting the agricultural economy while providing a serene and scenic environment for visitors to enjoy.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary:

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, situated near Mysore, is a haven for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Spread over a series of small islands on the River Kaveri, the sanctuary attracts a diverse range of avian species, both resident and migratory. Visitors can witness a breathtaking spectacle as they spot painted storks, herons, egrets, kingfishers, and many more birds in their natural habitat. Boat rides along the river offer an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures. The sanctuary’s serene ambiance, lush greenery, and symphony of bird calls make it a delightful retreat for anyone seeking a peaceful connection with nature.

Best Tourist Places in Mysore

Melody World Wax Museum:

The Melody World Wax Museum in Mysore is a unique attraction that celebrates the world of music. It features a fascinating collection of wax statues depicting famous musicians from various genres and eras. Visitors can admire the lifelike sculptures of legendary artists, learn about their contributions to music, and explore exhibits that showcase musical instruments, memorabilia, and historical artifacts. The museum provides a captivating journey through the evolution of music, allowing visitors to appreciate the global impact and cultural significance of this universal art form. It is a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts and those seeking a harmonious blend of art and entertainment.

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum:

The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum is a mesmerizing destination that showcases the artistry of sand sculptures. Created by renowned artist M.N. Gowri, the museum features intricate and awe-inspiring sculptures crafted entirely from sand. The sculptures depict a wide range of subjects, including mythological stories, historical events, and iconic personalities. The museum is a testament to the incredible skill and creativity of the artist, as well as a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the temporary yet captivating beauty of sand art. It offers a memorable and immersive experience, highlighting the artistic possibilities that can be achieved with this humble medium.


Nanjangud is a quaint town located near Mysore, Karnataka. It is renowned for its ancient Nanjundeshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This sacred pilgrimage site attracts devotees from far and wide who seek blessings and spiritual solace. The temple’s architectural splendor and intricate carvings are awe-inspiring, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. Nanjangud is also known for its vibrant festivals, with the annual Nanjangud Jathra being a major highlight, drawing large crowds. The town’s serene ambiance, coupled with its religious significance, makes it a place of tranquility and devotion, offering visitors a profound spiritual experience.

These are just a few of the many incredible tourist places in Mysore. The city’s rich cultural heritage, architectural wonders, and natural beauty make it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking a blend of history, art, and spirituality.

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