Biography of Amar Bose

Biography of Amar Bose


Amar Bose

Born: November 2, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: July 12, 2013, Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

Scope The person who is an entrepreneur, the creator of the world-renowned Bose Corporation

Amar Gopal Bose is an Indian-American academic and electrician, businessman, and the founder of the world-renowned Bose Corporation. Amar Bose, an electrical and sound engineer, was a professor at the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 45 years. He gave a large portion of his business Bose Corporation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He revolutionized the musical landscape through his inventions. The speakers produced by his company provided new possibilities in the market for stereo speakers and provided people with an audio experience that was not available with stereo speakers prior. The company also won several significant patents for its research in acoustics.


The first step in life

Amar Gopal Bose was born on November 2, 1929, in Philadelphia, USA. He was the son of Noni Gopal Bose a Bengali Indian freedom fighter who was able to escape British rule. British then fled for America. Her mother Charlotte had been an American of French as well as German descent. She is an educator by profession. As per Amar Bose, his mother was more Bengali than him. She is vegetarian and has an interest in ‘Vedanta’ as well as ‘Hindu Philosophy.

Amar was attracted to entrepreneurship from the time of his childhood. He was a student at Abington Senior High School in Pennsylvania and also attended his first college, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After that, he received a B.S. with a major in Electrical Engineering during the mid-1950s. He was then sent to the Netherlands. was stationed for a year in the Netherlands’ NV. Phillips was employed in an electronic laboratory and also worked in India through a Fulbright award, and there the couple met. Phillips earned their Ph.D. at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the direction under guidance of Norbert Weiner and Yukwing-Lee. was also completed.


Biography of Amar Bose



Biography of Amar Bose



Following graduation, Amar Gopal Bose became an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his first year as an instructor, Amar bought a high-end stereo speaker system. When he tried it out, the first time, he was extremely disappointed. even with its top-of-the-line capabilities, it could not give a stereo “live performance’ sound. This experience prompted him to pursue research into the area of “Stereo Technology” He studied the capabilities of high-tech of stereo speakers, and was aware of their limitations. His studies in the field of ‘acoustics’ led him to identify a stereo loudspeaker that would produce auditorium-like sound in the home. So, his attention was turned to ‘psychoacoustics’ which was later a trademark of the products his company offers.

The year was 1964. He required the capital needed to start his business and sought the assistance of his former professor Dr. Yuk-Wing Lee. In the years following, Bose was granted several important patents, and they are still relevant in Bose Corporation. Bose Corporation. The patents all fall in the field of ‘loudspeaker design’, a non-linear, two-state-modulated class-D process’.

Presently, Bose Corporation employs approximately 10,000 people across the globe and makes premium products for home automobiles, as well as professional audio. Apart from that it also conducts fundamental research in acoustics as well as related areas. Amar Bose never ‘publicized’ his company, and it was able to conduct risky research for an extended period of. In an interview with Popular Science magazine back in 2004 he stated, “If I do an MBA. If I’d worked for an organization that was run by the same people as I was I’d probably been dismissed hundreds of times. I’m not here to earn money, but to enjoy doing interesting things that haven’t occurred before.”

in the 80s Bose Corporation produced a product to replace the shock absorbers in the automotive industry. This breakthrough innovation further enhanced its performance. car’s suspension system.

Amar Bose used to say that the most efficient ideas came into his thoughts in a moment without any thought.

In 2007 Forbes magazine ranked him 271st on its list of the most wealthy people in the world. He was ranked 271st in 2009. was dropped from the Forbes “billionaires” list, however, he returned to the top of the list in 2011, with an estimated value of $1 billion.


Biography of Amar Bose

Personal life

Amar Gopal Bose is married to Prema Bose. They have two children, Vanu as well as Maya. In the later years, Amar and Prema divorced. Vanu Bose is the Founder and CEO of ‘Vanu Company. Huh.


Amar Gopal Bose passed away on July 12, 2013. He was buried in Wayland (Massachusetts).

Legacy of Amar Gopal Bose

Amar Bose was a member of MIT from 2001 to the present and was managing his own business Bose Corporation. He was a teacher as an instructor. He was awarded the Baker Award in 1963 and 1964. received the presented with the Baker Award for Teaching. Alongside that numerous academic prizes. He was awarded the MIT Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching (1989) and the Junior Bose Award was established in his honor to honor his outstanding teaching skills at the School of Engineering.

In 2011 Amar Bose sold most of the shares that were non-voting of his business to MIT. These shares are non-voting and the company donated them to MIT. Bose is not able to participate in the management of the corporation.


Biography of Amar Bose


Honors and Awards

In 1972, the I.E.E.E. The award was given for contribution to the design of loudspeakers as well as the development of two-state amplifiers as well as a nonlinear system.

In 1985, the Audio Engineering Society awarded him an honorary membership.

In 2010, I.E.E.E. Received the ‘Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award’.

The MIT graduate was placed 9th on the MIT.150 list (150 innovators and ideas coming from MIT) in the year 2011.

He was given the ‘Beryllium Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2014.

Awarded ‘Founder’s Award’ at The Asian Awards 2015.


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