Biography of Lord Swaraj Paul

Biography of Lord Swaraj Paul


Lord Swaraj Paul

Born: 18 February 1931

The scope: British political and industrialist of Indian origin, the founder of the Caparo Group

Swaraj Paul (Baron Paul) was a British industrialist, philanthropist, and labor politician of Indian origin. The year 1996 was the first time he was elected an official member of the House of Lords on the Labor Party ticket and assumed the title Baron Paul. In December 2008, he was elected as Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and in October 2009 he was elected as a member of the Privy Council. He is considered to be close to the former Premier from England, Gordon Brown, and his wife Sarah. He was forced out as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords on 1 November 2010 as a result of the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal.


The first step in life.

Lord Swaraj Paul was born on February 18th, 1931 in Jalandhar, Punjab. His father owned a small foundry, which produced buckets and farm equipment. He completed his education through Forman Christian College, Lahore, and was followed by Doba College, Jalandhar. Following that, he completed his studies B.Sc., M.Sc. Engineering at the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in America.



Biography of Lord Swaraj Paul


After he graduated from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) He worked for the firm of his family ‘APJ Surendra Group in India. The firm was started by his father and was managed by Swaraj Pal’s two brothers, Satya Pal as well as Jeet Pal.

In the year 1966, he traveled 1966 to the United Kingdom for his daughter’s treatment. The daughter had been diagnosed as having leukemia, and was diagnosed with leukemia and died from it. It took close to an entire year to recover from the loss of her daughter. Then he founded “Natural Gas Tubes’. Following that, many steel units were taken one after another.

He was born in 1968 and created his company, the Caparo Group. It was founded in 1968. Caparo Group is currently one of the top steel producers in the United Kingdom. Kaparo Group manufactures Steel Tubes and Merchant Bars and Structurals. In addition, they also produce steel products that are used in different industries. Caparo Group employs around 10 thousand workers in nations like North America, Europe, India, and the Middle East, etc.

Lord Paul removed himself from managing the company in the year 1996. He appointed his child Angad as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Biography of Lord Swaraj Paul

Their name of his is also on the Sunday Times Rich List. In 2015 it was reported that the Sunday Times ranked him as the 38th most wealthy person in Britain. They say that they take public transportation in London just like the rest of us. He has been a resident of Portland Place in central London since the 1960s. The family he lives with owns around a dozen homes on the block. Each one of them cost about $1 million British pounds. The owner also had an estate of 250 acres located in Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire).

public life

Lord Swaraj Paul was a prominent figure in public positions. He was the Pro-Chancellor (1998) and Governor (1992-97) of Thames Valley University. In 1998, he was the Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Wolverhampton and University of Westminster the trust of his family, which gave him approximately 300,000 rupees. He donated a substantial amount to the University of Wolverhampton through the Ambika Paul Foundation and also paid for the costs of rehabilitating the Students’ Union Centre. Following the renovation, it was renamed the Ambika Paul Students Union Centre’.


Lord Paul is a member of the UK Foreign Policy Center Advisory Council and MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Visiting Committee. Lord Paul also ran for the chairmanship of the London Olympic Delivery Committee and was the President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

Swaraj Pal was the first who was of Indian descent to have been elected Vice-Chairman in the House of Lords. He was among the 12 who held this post. After this, he swears in as the Privy Councilor on October 15, 2009.

By way of through the Ambika Paul Foundation, Lord Paul Kaparo’s earnings also go to charities. He was an Honorary Patron of the Zoological Society of London and supported major projects such as an animal park for children in Regent’s Park. Regent’s Park site.

He was the co-chairman of the Indo-British Round Table from 2000-2005. Paul was Lord Paul is also part of the 2000 panel put together 2000 by the British Prime Minister to oversee the redesign of Britain.

He was a major fan of the former British PM Gordon Brown and donated PS500,000 to the Labor Party.

Lord Paul played a significant part in the London Olympics 2012 activities. He traveled in 2005 to Singapore with a group for London’s claim. In Singapore, the group was successful in convincing members of the International Olympic Committee to sue London.

Biography of Lord Swaraj Paul

Awards and Honours

Lord Swaraj Paul has received a variety of distinctions and awards including honorary degrees awarded by universities in America, the United Kingdom, America, India, Russia, and Switzerland.

The year 1983 was the time he was honored 1983 with his Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

Indian Merchants Chamber honored him by presenting him with the title “Bharat Gaurav.”.

Freedom of the City of London in 1998

Received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the 2008 Asian Business Awards

In 1995, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers of America presented him with the Donald C. Burnham Manufacturing Award’.

The year 1987 was the year he was recognized as the “First Asian Person of the Year In 1987, he was named the ‘First Asian of the Year Asian Who’s Who.

Asian Women Magazine gave her the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2008.

In 2011, the ‘Power brands Hall of Fame’ named the man for ‘Global Indian of the Year’.

In 1989, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) awarded him The Corporate Leadership Award.

In November of 2013, he was chosen as the “International Indian of the Decade” by the ‘India Link magazine.

Black Country Asian Business Association presented him with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award

He was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award from the Global Skills Consortium in 2014.

Then, in July 2014 the ‘World Consulting Research Corporation’ presented him with the International Icon of the Decade Award.


Lord Swaraj Paul’s name was brought into the spotlight in the UK’s ‘MP ex penditure fraud’. As part of the scheme, the MPs falsely claimed their allowance. This scandal involving MPs’ expenses forced Prime Secretary Gardner Brown and Conservative leader David Cameron, along with other MPs, to cover the expense.

The Privileges and Ethics Committee of the House of Lords examined the subject and concluded: “Lord Paul did not behave dishonestly or maliciously, but his actions were utterly unfair and he exhibited inattention and carelessness.” Therefore, they must get punished by members of the House.”

1. November 2010: Lord Swaraj Paul was removed as the Vice Speaker in the House of Lords.

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