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Biography of Mahesh Babu

Biography Of Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu biography

Mahesh Babu’s biography Everybody wants to succeed and earn money. However, there are those who when they start to experience a bit of success, and are sucked with their accomplishments and begin to show off their accomplishments. However, there are some around the globe who, regardless of the amount of success they have, however, they don’t display their achievements or fame, and they are viewed as an example of modesty in front of the world.

Mahesh Babu is one such actor. The actor has been rocking across the South and into Hollywood cinema. Mahesh Babu is one of the most beautiful actors from the South. The appeal of Mahesh Babu’s charisma, and simple and formal dress is something else. Mahesh Babu is also fondly called the Prince of Tollywood.

Mahesh Babu’s biography and Biography Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is an Indian Telugu film actor who was born on the 9th of August 1975. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Mahesh Babu’s parents are the parents of five children. The youngest of them is Mahesh Babu is the fourth child. His father’s name is Krishna Ghattamaneni and he is an acclaimed actor in Telugu films. He has appeared in more than 350 Telugu films. Krishna Ghattamaneni was also awarded the Padma Bhushan Award in 2009. The name of his mother is Indira Devi. His older brother has the name Ghattamaneni Ramesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu, as well as Prabhas from South films, are close acquaintances. When they meet they can meet in a way similar to Jai-Veeru.

Mahesh Babu spent the majority of his growing up living in Chennai with his maternal grandparents Durga Amma. His father Krishna was extremely engaged in his film productions. This is the reason Ramesh Babu supervised his studies. He was a regular participant alongside his brothers at VGP Golden Beach in Chennai. In addition to taking attention to this, his father utilized to have the filming of his films on VGP Universal on Sundays and Saturdays. To allow them to have time with your children.

Full name Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu

Born on the 9th of August, 1975.
Location for Birth Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
age/age 46
Profession Actor and Producer
Its height (Approx) 1.88 1 m, or 1.88 m or
Nationality Indian
Father Krishna Ghattamaneni
Mata Indira Devi
Sister Padmavati (elder),
Manjula (Elder) and
Priyadarshini (younger)
Brother Ramesh Babu (elder) and
Naresh (half-Brother)
wife Namrata Shirodkar
religion Hinduism

Mahesh Babu – Education

Mahesh Babu was very good at his studies. Mahesh Babu did his education starting from St. received at the Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Chennai. He was then awarded an undergraduate degree in Commerce at Loyola College, Chennai. Then, he was paired with an acquaintance named Thalapathy Vijay from Mahesh Babu’s Loyola College. Both had become close friends even before they started their careers. After completing their education at Chennai in the time of college, Mahesh Babu did not learn how to read or write in Telugu. Since Mahesh Babu had taken Hindi as his second language, along with English at school.


Biography of Mahesh Babu

Biography of Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu As A Child Artist
At the age of Mahesh Babu was 4 years old, and he was on the stage during the filming of a Telugu film. The filming for the movie ‘Needa’ had begun in the year 1979. In the film, ‘Needa’ Mahesh Babu acted as an artist for children in a few scenes. . Following that when the filming began for the film ‘Poratam 1983 the producer Kodi Ram Krishna was asked by director Kodi Ram Krishna Mahesh Babu’s dad Krishna to grant Mahesh Babu the role of Hero’s brother. At first, Mahesh Babu was very anxious, but then he realized that he was Mahesh Babu became a child actor. He was in a variety of films

The major films included “Mugguru kodukulu”, ‘Gudachari-117, and ‘Gudachari 117’ Sankharavam as well as Bazaar Rowdy following that Mahesh Babu’s dad Krishna requested him to not perform and learn, but who could have imagined it was going to be Mahesh Babu would go on to become a huge star.

Mahesh Babu’s Career in Telugu Cinema

The Early Life of Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu was a trained actor for four months following his degree. Mahesh Babu only knew how to speak Telugu in everyday conversation He was not aware of how to write or read Telugu because of this, which is why Mahesh Babu initially had a lot of issues when dubbing films. Was. In the beginning, Mahesh Babu used to tell his stories after listening to his peers. Mahesh Babu’s debut film came out in the year 1999, and the title of the movie was ‘Raja Kumudu’. Preity Zinta starred alongside Mahesh Babu in that film. The film was a huge success for her. The film was later retitled and released under the title ‘Prince Number One.

After the film ‘Raja Kuludu the majority of people began making fun of Mahesh Babu by his nickname of Prince Mahesh Babu. This was after two other films featuring Mahesh Babu released in the 2000s, “Vamsi” and “Yuva Raju The two films were not very successful on the screen. Then, some of the most well-known films like ‘Murari’ and Okadu were released. Mahesh Babu received an award called the Filmfare Award for Mahesh Babu’s film “Okadu”. “Okadu” was the exact film released under its name Tevar in the year 2015. The film, however, failed to make it into the top ten films of 2015.

Then, Mahesh Babu’s 2 films Nani and Arjun Both of these movies were made in 2004 but both were unsuccessful, following that Mahesh Babu was off for a while, and then he was involved in Athadu which came out in the year 2005, and at the time proved to be a hugely successful film.

The next Mahesh Babu’s largest films came out in the year 2006. The film proved to be the most important in his entire career. The title of the film was “Pokiri”. The film made Mahesh Babu stand at number one. Produced by Salman Khan in the name of “wanted,” this film saved the career of Salman Khan at that time. There are many films by Mahesh Babu, which were produced in various languages, however, Mahesh Babu hasn’t yet participated in any remake film. Mahesh Babu always likes to create a film based on a new story.

Biography of Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu – Wife, Children & Family

It was 2002 and the filming of the film ‘Left sea was underway at the same time, Mahesh Babu met Namrata Shirodkar. This meeting slowly transformed into love. Mahesh Babu’s relationship lasted four years. It took a while to convince their parents Mahesh Babu and Namrata were married when their father agreed. Mahesh Babu was married on the 10th of February, 2005. Namrata Shirodkar quit working as a character in Namrata after the wedding. Gave Birth to the first baby born on the 31st of August 2006 the baby was named Gautam Krishna. The couple then had birth to a daughter, given the name Sitara on July 20, 2012.

Social Work and Mahesh Babua’s Charity
Mahesh Babu is an actor who performed heart surgery for over 1000 children to ensure their lives are saved. 40% of the proceeds will go to charity
Mahesh Babu has adopted two villages, specifically East Palem and Siddapuram. Mahesh Babu can solve every issue like electricity and education water at no cost.


Mahesh Babu – Income and Net Worth
Mahesh Babu’s net worth is around $30 million. Mahesh Babu today takes 25 to 30 million rupees per film. Rajinikanth is the only actor in the Telugu film industry that makes higher than Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu movies

Nida 1979
Poratam 1983
Shankharvam, 1987
Bazaar Rowdy 1988
Balachandrudu 1990
Anna Thammudu 1990
Raja Kumarudu 1999
Yuvraj 2000
Murari 2001
Okkadu 2003
Granny 2004
Athadu 2005
Pokiri 2006
Athidi 2007
Khaleja 2010
businessman 2012
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu 2013
No.1 2014
Rakshashan 2016
Spyder 2017
Bharat Ane Nenu 2018
Sarileru Neekevvaru 2020

Biography of Mahesh Babu

Awards and Nominations
International Indian Film Academy Awards Utsavam
Nandi Awards
Filmfare Awards South
South Indian International Movie Awards
CineMAA Awards
Santosham Film Awards
Vamsee Film Awards


Q1. What is Mahesh Babu?
The answer is Mahesh Babu, an Indian Telugu actor in the film industry.

Q2. Which is the complete title for Mahesh Babu?
Ans: Mahesh Ghattamaneni

Q3. Which is Mahesh Babu’s name?
Ans: Namrata Shirodkar

Q4. What’s the age of Mahesh Babu?
Ans age: 47 years old

Q5. What year did Mahesh Babu born?
Answer: Mahesh Babu was born on August 9, 1975.

Q6. Who is Mahesh Babu’s father?
Ans Mahesh Babu’s father was an actor in a Telugu film actor. His surname was Ghantamaneni Krishna

Q7. What is the name of Maheshbabu’s mother?
Answer: Indira Devi


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