Biography of Raunak Singh

Biography of Raunak Singh


Born: 1922

Founder: Raunak Group, Founder of Apollo Tires Ltd., Bharat Gears Ltd., Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd., Raunak International Ltd., Menarini Raunak Pharma Ltd., and Raunak Motor, etc.

Raunak Singh, an Indian industrialist and founder of the Raunak Group, is well-known. After emigrating from Pakistan, Raunak Singh established a successful company through hard work and dedication. Raunak Singh was a steel pipe dealer in Lahore before the partition. He lived in one room in Delhi’s Gol market with 13 others after the partition. To make a living, he worked in Delhi’s spice shop ‘Munilal Bajaj & Company’. He sold his wife’s jewelry at Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and moved to Kolkata.


He moved to Kolkata, where he started a spice business. Later, he founded “Bharat steel pipes”.

Raunak Group’s main companies include Apollo Tires Ltd. Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd. Bharat Gears Ltd. Menarini Raunak Pharma Ltd. Raunak International Ltd. Raunak Automotive and Raunak Singh’s Raunak Automotive. Apollo Tires is a leading Indian tire manufacturer. Apollo Tires was founded on a small scale by the Government of Kerala in 1975.


Biography of Raunak Singh


He persevered with his tireless efforts and eventually established a successful business. Raunak was once unable to afford two days of bread in his life. His group of companies had approximately 9000 employees at his time of death.

Raunak Singh was a strong supporter of economic globalization and liberalization. He believed India could compete with other countries only if it had a large market and was high-tech. This is only possible through liberalization.

Raunak has made numerous efforts to put Indian industries on the international map. Raunak also has held many prominent positions in the industry and trade unions. Among them: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, (FICCI), Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, (ASSOCHAM), President of Engineering Export Promotion Council(EEPC), President of Automotive Tire Manufacturers Association and president of Federation of Indian Export Organizations.

His contributions to the country’s economic and industrial development have earned him many awards. Raunak Singh worked also to increase exports. Because of his passion for export promotion, Raunak Singh is known as “Mr. Exporter”. Internationally, his contributions to industry and economics were recognized and he was elected to the Executive Board of the Paris International Chamber of Commerce for three years.

Raunak Singh named Kanwar Onkar Singh as his successor. Raunak Group’s total turnover was approximately Rs. 2,700 crores at the time of his passing.

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