Biography of Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar

Biography of Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar


Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar

Born on the 28th of May 1903 in Solapur, Maharashtra

Job/Profession/Position: Industrialist, Former Chairman of Kirloskar Group

Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar is an important Indian industrialist. He was a key contributor to the growth of the Kirloskar group. His uncle and father established a small business on the cycle but SL Kirloskar took the group company forward through dedication, determination, and vision. Today Kirloskar Group is Kirloskar Group is also established in the field of hotels as well as consultancy services for machines, engines electric motors, tractors, and other machines.

SL Kirloskar under his able direction made the name Kirloskar Brothers Limited famous throughout the nation. Kirloskar was an industrialist with complete confidence in the power and potential of his country before its independence. Kirloskar believed in economic preparation was just as important as military readiness.

Life is the first step.

Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar was born on May 28, 1903 at Sholapur, Maharashtra. He was the oldest child of Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar and Radhabai. He was born to the Kirloskar Karhade Brahmin family that was spread out throughout the southern region of the Bombay Presidency. He was accompanied by his three younger siblings Rajaram, Prabhakar, and Ravindra as well as his sister Prabhavathi. His father and Uncle Ramachandra Rao founded the Kirloskar Group on the 10th of March, 1910.


The company launched its bicycle-related business from Belgaum, Karnataka. Shantanurao received his education in Aundh and completed schooling at New English School in Poona. Following this, in 1922 he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in America to learn about mechanical engineering. After his studies in mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering, he returned to India in 1926. He was among the very first young Indians to complete his studies at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Biography of Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar



Biography of Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar


The Kirloskar brothers returned to India in 1926, after he graduated 1926 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Kirloskar brothers already working on establishing the business. After Shantanurao’s return to the United States, the firm began expanding its operations more quickly. The company then produced pumps, diesel engines, electrical motors, and other engineering machinery. With his vision and determination, Shantanurao transformed this family-owned business into becoming one of the largest corporations in the nation.


Following the Second World War, the Kirloskar Group grew rapidly under Shantanurao’s direction and the business was first expanded domestically, then internationally. He created the Kirloskar Electric Company in Bangalore in 1946. He also founded Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited in Pune. He was credited with the development of the diesel engine for the country following independence. Then, gradually, dependency on imported goods began to decline.

SL Kirloskar built an industrial empire that’s the rate of expansion was astounding. Between 1950 and 1991, the group’s assets have grown by an astounding 32,401 percent. Presently, Kirloskar Group is the largest engineering conglomerate in India. Shantanurao created several companies in the Kirloskar Group. Kirloskar Group. They include Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company, Kirloskar Ibara Pumps Limited, Kirloskar Construction & Engineers Limited, SPP Pumps Limited, and Gondwana Engineers Limited.

Apart from being the head of the Kirloskar Group, Shantanurao was the first president of the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce. In addition, he was the director of the Reserve Bank of India and the Industrial Development Bank of India.


Biography of Shantanurao Lakshmana Rao Kirloskar

Personal life

SL Kirloskar married Yamuna, the daughter of Ranganath Pathak. Their sons were: Chandrakant Kirloskar and Srikanth Kirloskar. Kirloskar passed away due to an attack of heart on 24 April 1994 at a hospital in Pune. He was 90 when he died.

Awards and Honours

He was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 1965, for his outstanding contribution to India’s economy.

In 2003, then-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced commemorative postage stamps on the celebration of Kirloskar Jayanti.

Life events

1903 Birthplace: Solapur, Maharashtra

1922: Traveled in 1922 to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to investigate

1926: Earned an engineering degree in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and then returned to India.

1946: Establishment of Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited in Bangalore and Kirloskar Electric Company Limited in Pune.

1965: Award of Padma Bhushan by the Government of India

1988 An commemorative postage stamp was released to mark 100 years in the Kirloskar Group

1994 The death occurred on April 24, 1994, in Pune

2003: Commemorative stamps for postage were released to celebrate his centennial birthday.

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