Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal -

Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal

Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal


Two-wheeler insurance is a kind of motor coverage that provides safety to 2-wheeler automobiles such as bikes, scooters, and mopeds. It covers damages to the insured car in addition to 1/3-party liabilities which includes accidents or belongings damage triggered to other parties involved in the twist of fate. The insurance policy might also consist of extra insurance options along with personal accident cover for the policyholder and passengers, roadside help, and safety towards natural screw ups which includes floods and earthquakes.

Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies


There are two types of -wheeler insurance guidelines: third-birthday celebration coverage and complete insurance.

Third-Party Insurance – As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is obligatory for all -wheeler owners to have at the least 1/3-birthday party coverage. Third-party coverage covers the policyholder in opposition to any legal liabilities arising due to injuries or damages prompted to a 3rd birthday celebration concerned inside the twist of fate. However, this coverage does now not cowl damages to the insured automobile or the policyholder.

Comprehensive Insurance – A complete coverage coverage presents coverage for both 1/3-birthday party liabilities in addition to damages or losses to the insured car. This coverage may additionally consist of extra insurance options including personal coincidence cover, roadside assistance, and safety against natural screw ups.


Factors Affecting Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium

The top rate for two-wheeler coverage is calculated based on various factors which includes:

Make and Model of the Vehicle – The top class for two-wheeler insurance varies primarily based at the make and model of the vehicle. A excessive-end motorcycle or scooter may additionally have a better premium as compared to a fashionable version.

Age of the Vehicle – The age of the vehicle is every other important component that influences the premium. An older vehicle may additionally have a higher premium as it could be greater vulnerable to damages and repairs.

Cubic Capacity of the Vehicle – The cubic capacity or engine capability of the vehicle is likewise taken into consideration whilst calculating the top rate. Higher cubic capability motors may additionally have a higher top rate.

Policy Coverage – The volume of coverage supplied through the coverage is also a component that affects the top rate. A comprehensive coverage coverage with additional coverage alternatives may additionally have a higher top rate compared to a fundamental 1/3-birthday celebration insurance policy.

Policyholder’s Age and Gender – The age and gender of the policyholder may also be a thing that impacts the top rate. Younger policyholders and male policyholders may additionally have a higher top class as they’re taken into consideration to be extra susceptible to accidents.


Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal


Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal



Claim Process for Two-Wheeler Insurance

In case of an coincidence or harm to the insured automobile, the policyholder must observe the beneath steps to document a declare:

Inform the Insurer – The policyholder must tell the coverage organization immediately after the twist of fate or harm to the insured car. The insurer may additionally require sure info which includes the location and time of the coincidence, the quantity of damage to the vehicle, and any injuries sustained by means of the policyholder or 0.33 parties concerned in the accident.

Register the Claim – The policyholder should check in the declare with the insurance business enterprise by using filling out the declare shape and filing all necessary documents inclusive of the FIR (in case of an accident), driving license, registration certificates, and policy report.

Surveyor Inspection – Once the declare has been registered, the insurer may also hire a surveyor to evaluate the extent of harm to the automobile and estimate the cost of maintenance. The surveyor may need to physically investigate the automobile in case of predominant damages, even as in other cases, the insurer may also request the policyholder to publish pictures and different applicable documents to guide the declare.

Claim Approval or Rejection – The insurance employer will process the claim and either approve or reject it primarily based at the terms and conditions of the coverage. If the declare is accredited, the insurer will both pay the policyholder for the damages or repairs to the insured vehicle, or immediately pay the third party worried in the twist of fate for his or her injuries or belongings harm. If the declare is rejected, the insurer will offer a reason for the rejection.

Cashless Claim or Reimbursement Claim – Depending on the coverage and the insurer, the policyholder might also have the choice of choosing between a cashless declare or a reimbursement claim. In a cashless declare, the insurer directly settles the claim with the storage or workshop in which the car is being repaired. In a compensation declare, the policyholder can pay for the upkeep themselves after which submits the bills and receipts to the insurer for compensation.

Settlement of Claim – Once the claim is accredited, the insurer will either settle the declare through making the charge to the policyholder or the third birthday celebration concerned in the coincidence, or by directly paying the storage or workshop wherein the car is being repaired.


Renewal of Two-Wheeler Insurance

It is important to resume your two-wheeler coverage coverage before the expiry date to avoid any lapse in coverage. The renewal system is easy and can be accomplished either online or offline. Here are the stairs worried in renewing your -wheeler coverage policy:

Policy Expiry Date – Check the expiry date of your two-wheeler coverage coverage. It is beneficial to start the renewal technique at the least some weeks before the expiry date to avoid any remaining-minute hassles.

Insurance Provider – Choose the equal insurance provider or transfer to a different issuer primarily based to your necessities and price range.

Renewal Premium – Calculate the renewal premium based at the type of policy and coverage alternatives chosen.

Renewal Process – Renew your coverage on line by touring the insurer’s website or via their mobile app. Alternatively, you could visit the insurer’s workplace or contact their customer service middle to resume the coverage offline.

Documents Required – The files required for renewal may additionally range relying on the insurer. Typically, you may want to publish your current policy record, registration certificates of the car, and your riding license.

Payment – Pay the renewal top rate either on line thru internet banking or credit score/debit card, or offline through coins or cheque.

Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal


Benefits of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Having a two-wheeler insurance policy provides the following benefits:

Legal Compliance – It is mandatory via regulation to have at least 1/3-birthday celebration coverage on your two-wheeler. Having a legitimate insurance coverage ensures that you observe the prison requirements and keep away from any legal hassles.

Financial Protection – A comprehensive coverage coverage presents financial protection in opposition to damages or losses to the insured vehicle as well as 1/3-celebration liabilities. This allows the policyholder to avoid any financial burden in case of an twist of fate or harm to the automobile.

Personal Accident Cover – Many -wheeler coverage policies offer personal accident cover for the policyholder and passengers. This provides economic reimbursement in case of accidents or loss of life because of an accident.

Additional Coverage Options – Many insurance companies provide extra insurance options which includes roadside help, safety in opposition to natural failures, and cowl for accessories and spare parts.

No Claim Bonus – A no-declare bonus is a reduction supplied by using the insurer on the renewal premium if no claims are made throughout the policy duration. This encourages safe riding and facilitates the policyholder to keep on the premium amount.


Two-wheeler insurance gives financial safety to 2-wheeler owners against damages or losses to their automobiles as well as 0.33-birthday celebration liabilities. It is critical to pick out the proper kind of policy and coverage alternatives based totally for your necessities and budget. The claim process and renewal system are easy and can be carried out either on line or offline. Having a legitimate -wheeler coverage coverage ensures prison compliance and economic safety, and provides peace of mind


Q1. What mistakes have to you keep away from when selecting an insurance plan for a two-wheeler?

Here are some errors you should avoid when buying two-wheeler coverage

By heading off the conditions and phrases

Consider the lowest cost and keep away from insurance insurance

The wrong choice of add-ons

The offline mode may be selected for the utility

The coverage isn’t always renewed on time.

No need to invite for an advantage that is not claimed

Choosing smaller deductive

Q2. What is the satisfactory way to buy a Nil Depreciation Cover that may be beneficial to me?

If you do not opt for the nil depreciation coverage then you will be charged a percent as depreciation once you have your claims. This is an additional cover and professionals notion to reflect onconsideration on shopping for this cowl to growth the initial value of the two-wheeler you personal at any time in the future.

Q3. How is the price for a -wheeler is determined?

There are a selection of factors that are vital in determining the two-wheeler policy fee you need to pay.

IDV of the 2-wheeler

Registration sector

The capability of the car’s cubic,

Vehicle’s age and

Add-on covers, if there are any

Q4. What is a voluntary deduction?

This is the sum this is agreed upon by using the policyholder, while the commercial enterprise pays the stability.

Q5. What are the benefits of Roadside assistance?

Certain insurance organizations provide this feature in their in-built rules and some provide it as an optionally available add-on that the policyholder can also purchase. The following coverage is offered on this”:

Assistance with towing in the event of a breakdown

Flat tire

Minor repairs

Rental vehicle preparations

Q6. How can one cut down at the value of coverage?

The policyholder ought to shop masses of dollars by way of renewing the two-wheeler coverage at the proper time.

Only purchase those covers that you require

Beware of creating claims that aren’t sizeable all through the yr to earn no-claim bonuses

Examining the premiums of various plans supplied by means of various coverage groups

Deciding to take a voluntary deduction

A lengthy-time period insurance policy is a superb way to lessen the threat of top class will increase

Coverage Of Two Wheeler Insurance Claim And Renewal

Latest News

New Motor Vehicles Law: Online Sale of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Doubles

With the new motor vehicle regulation taking effect September 1st, the income on-line of coverage regulations for two wheels is more than doubled according to information provided with the aid of an insurance internet site aggregator. It changed into also found that the majority of guidelines offered over the next three days beginning on Sept. 1 had been particularly for folks that had rules that were expired.

According to an estimate of nineteen million registered automobiles, 70% of two-wheeler proprietors do not renew their coverage after multiple years. In the brand new law, fines for using and not using a insurance had been accelerated from 1,000 to Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2000 for first-time offenders, and as much as Rs. Four,500 for 2d-time offenders. If -wheeler riders are located riding with out helmets or helmets, they’re required to pay numerous Rs. 1,000, and their license could be suspended for 3 months.

Two-wheeler proprietors may additionally opt for distinct insurers for TP Covers and OD Covers

Owners of two-wheelers can choose from three exclusive kinds of coverage regulations for 2 wheels starting on September 1, 2019. You also can purchase those guidelines thru separate insurance corporations. At the time, handiest options had been provided and required to be purchased from the equal coverage organisation.

In the past, Personal Damage (OD) insurance become required to be taken in conjunction with that of the Third Party (TP) thing from the identical coverage company. Insurance companies now offer 3 kinds of insurance guidelines particularly a Standalone OD Policy, a Standalone TP Policy, and a Comprehensive Policy, comprising both the TP and OD safety. Policyholders are also capable of pick special coverage vendors to cover one of a kind policies.

The new coverage is an outcome of a round published by way of IRDA on 21 June 2019 which states that separate policies may be received for both new and old cars. The Motor Vehicles Act, of 1988 the regulation calls for that you obtain a Third Party insurance for every vehicle. The trendy ruling follows a Supreme Court order in 2018 that required that Third Party insurance for brand spanking new vehicles and -wheelers must be included for three years and 5 years respectively.

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