Complete Details About National Calendar of India

Complete Details About National Calendar of India


The Saka calendar which is used as the official calendar of civil ceremonies in India is also known as the National Calendar of India. It is utilized in India alongside the Gregorian calendar that is published by the Gazette of India, news broadcasts on All India Radio, calendars, and communication documents issued by authorities of the Government of India. This calendar is known as the Saka calendar, also known by its name as the Hindu calendar was initially referred to by the name of Saka Samvat. It also is used for the calculation of days with importance to this Hindu Religion in the country. It is common to find the Saka calendar in conjunction with the Gregorian Calender inside an Indian home.



Formation of Saka Calendar


According to the Indian Civil Calendar, the primary period is known as the Saka Era. The Saka Era Calendar is believed to have been established after King Salivahana accedes to the throne. It is an astronomical reference for the majority of works from Sanskrit literature that was written in the 500 years following. The calculation of “this,” i.e. times in the Saka Calendar is done in line with the actual position of the position of Sun as well as the Moon throughout the Universe. According to the Saka calendar the year 2009 AD is 1932.


Adoption of Saka Calendar as National Calendar


The calendar that is currently used in India i.e. Saka Calendar was adopted as the National Calendar in 1957 by the Calendar Reform Committee which also tried to match with the astronomical calendar and to harmonize the use of this calendar, after corrections to several local errors. The calendar began to use on February 22, 2005, according to the Gregorian calendar, which was Saka Era, Chaitra 1 1879 as per the Saka Samvat. It was then adopted by the government as the National calendar to coordinate the use of the 30 types of Calendars that were in use in India in the era of that time.


Complete Details About National Calendar of India



An Overview of the Saka Calendar


Saka Calendar is said to be the first calendar to have been introduced from the vernal equinox date of A.D. 79. The Saka Calendar started in the era of Era 1879, Chaitra 1 which is A.D. 1957 March 22. It is a Saka Calendar. Saka Calendar is similar to the Gregorian calendar in the sense that the Saka calendar has a regular calendar of 365 days, and the leap year is 366 days. In the case of a leap year, the day of intercalary is added to the final day of the Chaitra month in the year. There are twelve months in the Saka Calendar which are named Vaisakha Jyestha, Asadha, Sravana Bhadrapada, Asvina, Kartika Margasirsa, Pausa, Magh, Phalgura, and Chaitra.


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