Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip -

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download at Intra Haryana Login Portal intrahry.Gov.In


Employees who are working under Haryana State Government can download and check their Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 or Haryana Employee Pay Slip form from Login Portal/ IFMS Login Portal using login details at http://www.Intrahry.Gov.In.

Know Your Salary from the e-Salary system has the power to process and submit the earnings of the personnel of the branch. The online payslip can be downloaded from esalaryhry.Nic.With a few clicks the usage of username and password.

We can test the income of any month that we want i.e., month-to-month or every year. This is a critical and authorized document given by using agency or branch to their employee towards their earnings.

Payslip was composed of all earnings and deductions of personnel and this enables us to have a clear and ideal view of our planning for our present and future wishes. Example amount to be stored, the amount to be used in the direction of prices, the priority of our desires, and many others.,

We can restore an intention in line with our income shape and begin our adventure in that direction of it. We can lead a happy and luxurious life.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

e Salary HRY

“e-Salary Haryana or e Salary HRY” is a virtual platform for authorized employees in the Indian state of Haryana. Its goals are to streamline the revenue disbursement procedure and provide personnel with easy get entry to their profits data.

The platform is designed to be stable and user-pleasant, allowing personnel to view their salary information, tax deductions, and different crucial information online. By lowering the need for paper-based transactions and manual intervention, e-Salary Haryana pursues growth performance, transparency, and duty inside the salary disbursement system.

Haryana is a north Indian country, that’s popular as India’s costly entertainment, the theatre vacation spot of India’s subculture, heritage, theatre and acting arts, Ancient monuments, Serene landscapes pleasant human beings, and so forth.,

The government of Haryana has taken a degree to keep transparency and make it easier for every employee to run in exclusive departments below the government i.e., not anything but an online pay slip Payslip is a file of earnings with complete info of an employee.

What is the Haryana Employee revenue slip?

Haryana Employee revenue slip is a file that contains details of an employee’s earnings for a specific period. It is a crucial report that serves as evidence of an employee’s profits, and it is used for numerous purposes, consisting of making use of loans, tax returns, and so on.

Why are Haryana Employee profits slip crucial?

Haryana Employee Salary Slip is vital for each worker and the organization. For the employee, it serves as evidence of profits and may be used for numerous purposes. For the company, it serves as proof of charge made to the worker and can be used for document-keeping and tax purposes.

salary Haryana

eSalary Haryana system affords all the reports needed for the account branch. Individual employees can see their income slip, annual profits declaration, and payments also. The State Government of Haryana advanced the Intra Haryana portal in the name of the HRMS-Employee Portal (Karamchari Sahayak).

This portal is chargeable for the to offer various blessings e income Haryana, e-provider e-book, online leaves, different modules, annual belongings return, annual confidential file GPF account carrier, and many others.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

e Salary Haryana Login

Haryana authorities keep the data of all personnel. On the Intra Hry device portal Fetch the statistics from the branch it using offerings and offer the statistics to the man or woman accordingly. e Salary Haryana Login portal earnings gadget can process and submit the income of personnel of the department.

It provides all of the reports to the account branch. And character workers can see their salary slips, annual salary announcements, and different charge statuses.

intra Haryana e Salary Slip

With the help of the Intra Hry portal, national personnel can access information concerning their intra Haryana e Salary Slip or Haryana Pay Slip, Annual income assertion, GPF announcement, service ebook, property go back, pension calculator, and other crucial offerings.

On this portal, an employee can apply for leave online. For this employees can log in by entering their Payee Code or cellular number, and password and input the code.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip is a web-generated PDF document containing an in-depth listing of the various additives of your salary at the side of unique details of employment. It is generated by IFMS Web Portal in the call of Intra Haryana internet site.

e Salary Pay Slip

following services are available at intra Haryana portal

E-Salary devices have the facility to procedure and submit the earnings of the personnel of the department. It presents all the reports wished for the accounting department. Individual workers can see their Salary Slips, Annual Salary Statements, and Other Payments.

  • Annual assets return
  • GPF account offerings, GPF stability
  • E Salary Haryana, Annual Salary assertion
  • Service e book
  • Registration manner
  • Online leaves
  • Pension calculator
  • Tour module

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

Haryana e-Salary Login

Haryana e-Salary Login is an e-Salary system that can method and put up the earnings of the personnel of the branch. Individual employees can see and download their earnings slips, annual salary declarations, and payments from this internet portal.

Benefits of the Intra Haryana Portal

  • This Intra Haryana portal can effortlessly be accessed through the Haryana State employees.
  • Employee citizens can without difficulty get data related to their revenue at the portal.
  • The intrahry.Gov.In portal maintains the report of the worker’s personal information, qualification, earnings, service verification, timely appointment, transfer, and many others.
  • Haryana GPF account is used to keep facts of presidential personnel working in country departments.
  • Through this online facility, government employees can practice for their or depart anytime.
  • Intra Haryana Portal is completely secure and your non-public information can’t be examined with the aid of everybody.
  • This portal helps the residents in saving their essential time.
  • If you need to make changes in any info registered on your service book, you may additionally do it online after the permission of the respective branch.
Pay Slip Name Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024
Subject IFMS Haryana is providing facility to all Govt Employees for download Online Employee Pay Slips on online
Category Payslip /Salary Slip
State Haryana State
Provider IFMS Haryana
Department Finance Department of Haryana
Website Departmental Login (intrahry.gov.in)
Last date to getting Slips An Employee get the payslips from the official website by any time
e Salary Pay Slip https://esalaryhry.nic.in/

e-Salary Haryana

Haryana govt instructor salary slip: Haryana instructors also can download their month-to-month and yearly revenue slips from this IFMS Haryana payslip (e-Salary Haryana) net portal by way of login credentials.

E-Salary machines (e-Salary Haryana) have the power to technique and put up the salary of the employees of the branch. It gives all of the reports wished for the account branch. The individual worker can see his Haryana Salary Slip, Haryana Annual Salary Statement, and Other Payments.

We   ttelangana.com group have provided right here statistics about the way to download Haryana Employee Salary Slips from the IFMS Salary Slip internet software platform this is a suitable manual for you a way to get the Payslips. We have additionally given the Haryana IFMS Employee Login Portal a respectable internet hyperlink for direct gaining access to the pay slip statements.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

How To Download Haryana Salary Slip 2024

Intra Haryana Salary Slip Download Procedure is as follows. Government personnel who need to download their revenue slip need to should follow the steps mentioned underneath. Intra Haryana portal also offers a tremendous facility to the users with the aid of supplying them with the e-income slip. Apart from this, you could additionally test the reputation of your salary release every month. If you want to download the annual salary document, you may also do it from the Download Annual Salary Report from the Intra Haryana Portal.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

  1. Visit the https://intrahry.Gov.In/ website
  2. First of all, go to the legitimate internet site of intra Haryana Portal, https://intrahry.Gov.In/ for your device browser. The respectable internet site of Karamchary Sahayak can be displayed in your browser within the call of HRMS Employee Portal, Government of Haryana
  3. Click on the Login Button
  4. Once you attain the reputable internet site, the worker can enter the Payee Code or Mobil Number, Password, and Captcha code within the required fields in the Login Section and click on the login link. To log in to this, User-ID will be your payee code/ precise code/ cellular variety and the password is the same which you have entered even as doing registration.
  5. Click on the Salary Slip Link
  6. After login the internet web page, your Employee Details net page will seem. In this, click on the eSalary Services link and extended it as two hyperlinks Salary Slip and Annual Salary Statement. Now click on on Salary Slip link.
  7. Select month and yr
  8. After clicking on the earnings slip link, the Profits Slip Generate internet application will seem. Now Select month and year from the drop-down listing and click on on show button.
  9. Download the Salary Slip
  10. Now click on the show option to help you in checking the details of the revenue slip in your tool screen. Download the revenue slip and take a print or shop it for in addition need

Employee New Registration at Intra Haryana Portal

Please remember that, In case an employee doesn’t have his Paycode/Unique code, ask DDO to present. If the Employee’s cell number isn’t always updated, ask DDO to update it in Esalary or HRMS. If you furthermore may need to check in on the portal, you need to visit the authentic website of the portal intrahry.Gov.In. You’ll read the subsequent steps carefully

  • First of all, candidates visit the reliable internet site of Intra Haryana Portal i.E. Intrahry.Gov.In.
  • After clicking on the above hyperlink, you’ll be capable to get the Intra Haryana Portal login page of the specific website.
  • Now, go to the login nook and click on the option of New Registration.
  • Now the registration form may be displayed on the Intra Haryana New Registration web page.
  • In the form, you have to fill in the information which includes Employee code, Payee code / Unique code, Salary financial institution account quantity, etc. And click on the SUBMIT button.
  • After this, you’ll see two alternatives to get OTP like Show Mobile Number from E-Salary and Show Mobile Number from HRMS. You should pick the option as consistent with the need.
  • After which, you need to input the cellular range and a brand new web page will open on the computer display.
  • Now OTP might be obtained on your mobile, which you need to fill in and verify. After that, you click on the put up option.
  • intra haryana new registration utility form
  • Now on the new web page, enter the User ID and Password and click on SUBMIT the entries.
  • Thus your registration process will be finished.

Intra Haryana Portal Login Process

Read the subsequent steps to log in to the Intra Haryana Portal:

  • First, visit the official website of the HRMS Employee Portal/ Intra Haryana Portal
  • Now you may be capable of discovering the homepage of the unique internet site.
  • On this domestic page, you want to enter the login information like PAYEE code or cell range.
  • Now click on the given option of login.
  • This is your login process that could be finished.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

Apply for Leave Application at Intra Haryana Portal

  • First of all, visit the reputable website of the Intra Haryana portal thru the Intra Haryana Login.
  • After which the Intra Haryana Login 2024 page will open in front of you.
  • On the homepage, enter the login info like PAYEE code or cell-wide variety and click on login.
  • After clicking on that, on the brand new page, click on the option of Online Leaves and Tours Module.
  • After this, you click on Apply for Leave within the My Leave option.
  • After clicking on the next page, you will fill in the details correctly via filling within the go-away forms just like the type of departure, the floor on which leave is applicable, the date from, the holiday prefixed, and other things.
  • After that, you click on the Save button. And deciding on the store button, your request will reach your senior officer.
  • After applying for the Leave, you can also test the popularity of your leave and whether the application is standard or rejected.

What are the capabilities of Intra Haryana Login?

  • The esalaryhry.Nic.In portal is for folks who are serving as authorities personnel.
  • It is to promote digital work with the assistance of the Intra Haryana online portal, government employees of Haryana may be able to practice for Intra Haryana Leave Application and also can generate their profits slip via the portal easily.
  • The Intra Haryana portal will greatly be useful for authorities personnel by using offering them services inclusive of Intra Haryana GPF declaration, E-Salary Slip Generation, Property Return, Registration & Status Check, and many others.


Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Employee Salary Slip

Intra Haryana Salary Slip 2024
Intra Haryana Salary Statement 2024
Intra Haryana Annual Salary Statement 2024
Haryana e-Salary Login Payment Details 2024

Haryana Salary Slip FAQs

What does the Haryana Employee Pay slip contain?

  1. Haryana Employee Pay slip contains diverse information, which includes the employee’s fundamental earnings, allowances, deductions, and internet income. It additionally consists of info on the business enterprise, including the name of the company and the employee’s designation.

What if there are discrepancies inside the Haryana worker earnings slip?

  1. If there are discrepancies on your Haryana worker salary slip, you need to touch your company or the involved authorities straight away. It is critical to get the errors corrected as quickly as feasible to avoid any similar headaches.

What information is required to log in at Intra Haryana Portal?

  1. Government personnel who want to download their salary slip ought to have their Payee Code, Mobil Number, and Password for login at the Intra Haryana Portal.

How can I download the revenue slip of the Haryana police?

  1. To download the earnings slip of Haryana Police, Haryana Police should visit the reputable internet site: https://intrahry.Gov.In/, and log in to the worker portal. Look for the income slip alternative and download it from there.

How do I download earnings slips in Haryana?

  1. How can I download the profits slip in Haryana? To download salary slips in Haryana, Haryana Employees can check together with your company or HR department for the system. It may be thru a worker portal: https://esalaryhry.Nic.In/ or an e-mail.

How do I get a salary statement from Haryana employees?

  1. To get an earnings assertion of a Haryana Employee, login to the Haryana Employee portal: https://intrahry.Gov.In/ with your credentials. Once logged in, look for the earnings declaration option and download it from there.

What are the earnings of Haryana employees?

  1. The income of a Haryana worker varies based on the position and stage of seniority.


In the end, the Haryana worker pay slip is an essential record that contains info on a worker’s earnings for a specific length. It is available for download thru the Haryana government’s online portal for employees, and it contains various additives, together with basic revenue, allowances, and deductions.

It is essential for personnel to cautiously overview their salary slip to make sure that there are no discrepancies, and to contact the worried government right now in case of any errors.


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