How To Apply Driving License in Telangana

How To Apply Driving License in Telangana

Procedure to apply driving license in telangana @
Telangana TSRTA Online Learner License (LLR). Slot Book Online: To obtain a driving licence, you can visit the transport department at any time. The government also has a program that is convenient for the public. The Transport department has made special arrangements for the issuance of driving licenses on Monday and Tuesday of each week, as well as every fourth Saturday in the month, from 9:am to 1:30 pm.

To get your first driving license, there are two phases. LLR is the first stage. The applicant must present himself before the licensing authority to fill out the form-2.
The Driving license LLR will last for six months. After obtaining the LLR, one can apply for the original driving licence. After the LLR has been issued for one month, applicants can apply to get the original driving license. Below is the procedure to obtain an original driving license.

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How to get a Telangana driving licence online:

The government of Telangana provides simple, transparent, accountable, responsive, and transparent (SMART), services to its citizens. You can find all information about transport and other functions at the transport department. Below is the procedure to obtain your original driving license.
Only applicants who have held a LLR for at least one month can apply to permanent driving license.
At the slot time, the applicant must present himself at the transport office.
Once you have received all required information, fill out the form-4 application.
You will need to pay a nominal fee of RS.125/ for one application after you submit your application.
The next authorities will take your driver’s test.
After passing the driving test, the permanent driving licence will be issued.
Once the process is complete, your driving license will be sent to the address you have provided in the application.
For your driving test, the applicant must bring their own vehicle.
These are the steps you need to take online in order to obtain a telangana driving license
For more details about telangana state transport driving licence online application and driving slot booking visit official website of telangana state transport website:

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