How to apply LRS in Telangana LRS Status LRS Application Status - Know your LRS Application Status Online in Telangana State -

How to apply LRS in Telangana LRS Status LRS Application Status – Know your LRS Application Status Online in Telangana State

How to apply LRS in Telangana

LRS Application Status РKnow your LRS  Application Status Online in Telangana State

The Telangana government has given a last chance to regularize illegal lay-outs, and home plots and home spaces in the state. LRS-2020 [Lay Out Regularization Scheme-2020] is the new guideline for this. In this context, let’s take a look at what an actual LRS is and how to apply for it. Illegal lay-outs built without following the rules and regulations of the Telangana government are called lay-outs [unapproved]. The Telangana government is saying that these places must be regularized. A new organism has also been released for this purpose.


Regularization is open until October 31. Apply online and at your service, pay the registration fee and get it done in five or ten minutes. Places in Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, Urban Development Authority, Municipal Corporation, Municipalities and Gram Panchayats can be regularized by paying the fee online. LRS application fee for private places is Rs. The application fee for layouts developed by the developers has been fixed at tens of thousands of rupees. For plots less than one hundred yards a regularization fee of two hundred rupees per yard is payable. For places with one hundred to three hundred yards, a regularization fee of four hundred rupees per yard may be paid.

How to apply for LRS?

Completing the LRS application is now much easier compared to the past. If you have internet and smartphone facility, you can complete the work online in ten minutes. Let’s look at the details.

1. Google to take a smartphone or laptop that has internet access before. Open Chrome and type ( in the search box to go directly to the website.

2. Then on the screen it says Lay Out Regularization Scheme. The details asked there should be included one
after the other. You must enter your phone number. OTP comes to the mobile number we have given. That OTP must be entered in the box.

3. After that you have to select the individual layout to register the individual spaces, while the developers have to select the entire layout option. All the details of the places are found there.

4. The details of whether your plot is under HMDA, Municipality, Municipal Corporation or Gram Panchayat should be included respectively. Asks the name of the district where the plot is located.

5. Then enter the locality of the place in the selected district. All of these appear to us to be in-built. We have to pick them straight and then move on.

6. Enter your plot number and survey number after stating which district locality the plot and lay out area falls under. Enter the survey numbers, area area and number of square yards in the document.

7. Enter our document number, details of the year in which we registered it and in which area sub-registration office we did it.

8. Scan and keep the first page and layout copy of your document beforehand. They must be 1 MB in size. We need to upload the plan in our document near the lay out. Then enter the Aadhaar number.

9. Enter our personal details .. name, father’s name, gender, door number, street number, locality, zip code .. etc. This mail id should be given if any. The second number must be entered in addition to the phone number given earlier.

10. Individual plot however one has to pay one thousand rupees. The developer has to pay tens of thousands of rupees for the layout though. The LRS registration fee must be paid according to how many yards your space is. Payment can be made through all cards or even from mobile wallets. A receipt will come after you pay the money. You can also download the LRS app from the Google Play Store and easily download the LRS application.

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