How to Apply Ration Card Online in Orissa

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Orissa


The Ration Card is an India government-approved document that allows you to purchase things such as grains, food and so on. at extremely low prices. The Ration Card that was introduced in government officials of the Indian Government is a advantageous card for those who are financially struggling or are part of the BPL and have difficulty purchasing food products. Additionally, the sharing card is also used as identification and proof of address, and is able to be used for various purposes like making a residency certificate, voting IDs, etc.

Different types of Odisha Ration Card Card

There are two kinds of Ration Cards:

  • White Ration Card:  You are eligible to apply for white cards if you are in the upper reaches of poverty. The white color signifies that the applicant has been an Indian citizen living above the poverty threshold.
  • Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Ration Card: T These types of cards are given to those who are below the poverty line. This card lets them purchase food items at reduced costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to get the Odisha Ration Card Card

  • Nobody should have applied to get an Odisha Ration card on behalf of you.
  • The family member you are with has ever applied for shares.
  • You must be an Indian citizen. 

List of documents required to apply in order to get Odisha Rat Card

  • State Application Formula
  • Id ID (Election Id, driver’s license passport, government ID card)
  • Documentation of residency (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, LPG Receipt, Bank Booklet, Lease Agreement)
  • Head of the family photo
  • The annual earnings of the applicant
  • Council or Council-allocated councils If there is a need

How do I apply to get An Odisha Card Ration Card The card for rations

There are many methods to add a ration card to:


Visit their official site at Department of Food, Public Works as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs. Apply by submitting all the necessary documents and filling in your application. Then, you can make a postal delivery from which an employee for the office will call you and help you through the application process. If the information you’ve entered are valid the rating card can be sent directly to the contact address.
A variety of third-party websites can help you complete the application form and upload the necessary documents. Visit the website after you’ve filled out the form and uploaded all the necessary documents. You are likely to be issued an Odisha Ration card.


There is a way that it is possible to send an SMS message to Department of Food, Public Works as well as the Consumer of the country where you reside. You will receive a text message directing you to follow the procedure for obtaining a card. You can get the specifics of the application process on the official website of the government.
There’s also an toll-free number or a customer service number on the government’s national website. Use it to learn about the steps you must complete to apply for an share card.
You may also go to your local Department of Consumer Affairs, Food Services, and Consumer Affairs where you reside with all the necessary documents. You can then apply for a share card filing an application form along with all of the necessary documents.

How to Find Odisha Ration Card Status for Application to Card

You can verify how your Odisha Ration card by going to their official web site. Department of Food, Public Works as well as the Consumer Affairs Department.
In general, under E-services on the site there is an option to verify what is happening with your shares card
You will either be presented with a list that contains the names of those who recently applied for an application for Odisha Ration Card, or you’ll have to input your information and log in. After logging in you’ll be able to verify what is happening with the status of your Odisha Ration Card request.

How to print and download the Odisha Ration Card Card online

After you have received confirmation that your Odisha Ration Card application has been accepted, you can download your shares card to print out for future use. The information you have received will be used to log into the portal on the official site and verify the status of the sharing card’s application. After approval, you’ll be able to download or print out the Odisha Ration Card. A printed copy of your Odisha Ration Card will contain all the information required and can be used to purchase food items at subsidised prices.

Now, one day, the government is concentrating more on the ration card so that any poor citizen can have this opportunity and they are working hard to educate online services so they can provide updates day by day.

 Ration Card Application Procedure Orissa:

Here is the step by step process of the Ration Card in Orissa. Let’s have a look

  •     The online process in the Orissa is still under construction as soon as they are finished with the process, the applicant can know any information about online, while he has a new ration card that you can download.
  •     Fill in all the details in the form accordingly.
  •     Sign the form and submit it to the nearest Ration Card Office.
  •     You must request the documents with the form before submitting your application
  •     Now after submitting the form of the rashan card office will check the documents.
  •     After checking with all the details a document giving them a receipt indicating the exhibition date.
  •     You can collect the new Ration Card within 2 – 3 weeks.


Changes in Orissa Ration Card – if availableFor double ration card:

Most people will use a double ration card, if the old card is lost or Tara. This is the process to apply double ration card

  •     To fill the double ration card fill the FORM D – 1
  •     Attach documents and also give the copy of the old ration card.
  •     Place it in the next Ration Card Office.
  •     You can get a new Ration Card soon after the confirmation
To add the new name to the ration card:

Add to you ant Name of your children or you wife or husband name the following format must be followed

Complete the form with all the details

Bring the date of birth of the child, wife or husband

Insert the form into the Ration Card Office.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Orissa

After confirmation, you will receive new Ration Card with inclusion of the name within 2-3 weeks.In the case of a married couple, if your wife / husband calls in your parent’s card, you must first delete the name and apply for the new one.
How to Apply Ration Card Online in Orissa
Tracking Ration Card Status – Orissa

After completing the Ration card, you can track your Ration card. This process was recently launched in Orissa to track you, should you have a confirmation card with 15-digit number.

  1.     Go to the official website
  2.     Log in with your details and click Search Criteria
  3.     They appear with the form as shown below. Fill out the form and click on the search.
Documents required for Ration Card – Orissa

  1. Residence proof  owner power of attorney,- House tax receipt,-Allotment Letter, Registration deed
  2. Tenant  NOC from- or any relevant documents
  3. 3 passport size photographs
  4. Deletion certificate of previous card.

Ration Card Department Details – Orissa


Food Supplies & Consumers Welfare Department, Secretariat, Orissa State, Sachivalaya Marg, Unit – 2, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India.

Help line number: 1800-3456724….

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