Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu -

Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu

Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu


Kalhatty Waterfalls Timings & Jungle Camping

Kalhatty waterfalls situated in Bellikal, Ooty, are often referred to as “Bird Watchers Paradise because it provides an up-close view of the whole valley. It’s also a good spot to spot native birds. The Kalhatty waterfalls ‘ timings run from 8 am to the time of 6 PM.


Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu

The breathtaking beauty and peaceful ambiance of the area make it an ideal spot to take short trips and vacations. The lake in which this waterfall joins is also an important tourist attraction within Bellikkal and is been surrounded by lush vegetation.

It also serves as a source of water that is fresh for the areas surrounding it. In their natural environment elephants frequently visit the lake to drink their water and making it an ideal attraction for visitors. Tourists can enjoy a long walk along the shore of the lake, giving an unforgettable experience.

Kalhatty Falls, Bellikal, is a gorgeous waterfall situated 400 feet to the south of Sigur Plateau, in Tamil Nadu.


Kalhatty falls In Ooty

The waterfalls are a part of an abundant green jungle of Nilgiris The waterfalls in the Nilgiris region are important not just for their beauty as well as for protection and biodiversity.

The people of the area also recognize Kalhatty falls as Kalahasti Falls. It locates 400 feet above the Sigur Plateau, which is located in Tamil Nadu. It is surrounded by dense forests and wildlife such as elephants, bears, tigers, and monkeys regularly visit the lake, making it an attractive sight for tourists.


Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu


Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu


Fauna and Flora from Kalhatty falls

The area is rich in an array of species of wildlife and flora. Tigers, woodpeckers, woodpeckers, and elephants are wandering about the area and can also go to the lake to drink water.

Beliefs in connection with the fall
The water flowing down on the Chandra Drona hill into the Kalhatty Falls is believed by the people living in and around the area to possess medicinal and healing properties. Many people of faith are convinced of this and believe that it is lucky to have the opportunity to visit this location.

But, many wild species like black panthers and wild dogs belong to waterfowl therefore please be careful not to over-explore. They are more healthy and more robust than humans.

If you’re lucky enough, you may see an entire wild buffalo herd and Sambhar deer, who are rushing to drink near the waterfall.

Similar to other waterfalls aren’t recommended to visit the waterfall during it is monsoon time in full swing. The flow of water through the mountains is extremely unpredictable and can safeguard you from a sudden increase in the level of water.

The most ideal timing to go to the fall is in September and November. This is when the monsoons stop and winter gets underway. Make sure you bring warm clothes with you.


Kalhatty Jungle Camp Overview

The Duchy of Kalhatty is one of the most ancient mountains in the world, located at 2000 meters higher than sea levels. The year-round prosperity is high. The days are mild and evenings cold. The temperatures range from 10 C up to C.

The RSPB recorded its flora and fauna, including threatened species. The resort has set up organically grown plants for coffee and tea. There are rosemary and geranium cultivars attractive to breeders of plants. Kalhatty Jungle Camp is situated at a distance of 16. kilometers from Ooty.

Kalhatty Falls can be described as a famous tourist attraction located in Tamil Nadu and has plenty of flowing streams and creeks. There are campsites, camping sites as well as other accommodations. for those who are interested in wildlife. Jeep safaris, trekking, or campfires. It is possible to arrange upon demand.

There was no TV, fan, or phone. Internet and Wi-Fi. We can take a break from our hectic day-to-day routine and enjoy the wonders of the forest. It was truly incredible. Kalhattiis a unique opportunity to live the experience.


Kalhatty Waterfalls Distance

Kalhatty is 262 km away from Bangalore city through Mysore within Karnataka state and 100 kilometers far from Coimbatore the city of Tamil Nadu, which had good connectivity by railway, air, and roads. It’s 2,000 feet above sea level and is home to numerous waterfalls and rivers. Kalhatty Falls is a famous tourist landmark located in Tamil Nadu, with gushing streams and creeks.

Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu


Around 50 acres are under tea cultivation, while 25,5 acres of which are under the cultivation of coffee and all the production plants made of organic manure are safe from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic coffee and tea, and even vegetables are nutritious. Cinnamon and cloves, nutmeg pepper, cardamom, and many other spices are produced in the region.

A large area that has lost forest cover was replaced with trees. With the advancement of technology, Check-dams are in place, and kilometers of waterways supply irrigation through sprinklers as well as pumps that are high-powered. The resort has set up organically produced coffee and tea plantations.

There are many geranium and rosemary cultivars of interest to breeders of plants. There are herds of monkeys and numerous species of birds. Flora and fauna of numerous endangered species, including sandalwood, rosewood White cedar Indian gigantic squirrel Sambar, barking deer elephant, leopard, tiger bison, and so on. The RSPB has identified 220 species of birds.

There’s decent lodging, camping sites with experienced guides, etc. To have a relaxing plantation trip to experience an exciting mountain adventure and all the unexpected adventures a man could imagine.

They offer camping facilities, jungle camps, and more. to accommodate wildlife lovers. The accommodation is the perfect comfort for those who are tired of traveling within Kalhatty Fort. Jeep safaris, trekking, or campfires. These can be arranged upon the request of.

To reserve your Kalhatty Jungle Camp For more information, visit their Official Site.

Things To Do
Swimming and bathing on Kalhatty Falls,
Watch Around Tea Farms,
Prayer for the Church and Temples,
Boating On Sandynulla Lake etc.

The Best Moment to Go
The Summer Season begins in April and continues until June
The Monsoon Season lasts from July through September
The Winter Season begins in October and continues through March. through March

Tourist Attractions for Kalhatty falls

Kalhatty Top Falls
Kalhatty Falls
Joseph’s Church,
Kallatty Kaliamman Temple,
CSI Neethi church,
Marks Church Sholada,
Jackalorai Muneeshwarar Temple,
Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple Mattam,
Selva Vinayagar Temple,
Sandynulla Lake etc.

Kalhatty waterfalls Timings

Following are Kalhatty falls timings:

Day Kalhatty waterfalls Timings
Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Kalhatty Waterfalls Ooty Tamil Nadu


How do I reach
Kalhatty waterfalls are located near Ooty Hill Station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty was well connected via rail, road, and air routes connecting to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, and Goa.

Through Air

It is located in “Coimbatore Airport” was located 119.1 km away from Kalhatty Falls (Ooty). It’s an international airport from which travelers can fly to major cities for household use as well as some other countries.

Through Rail:

The closest central railway station is “Coimbatore Railway Station.” It is located precisely 119.1 kilometers from Kalhatty Falls (Ooty). Tourists here can catch trains to all major cities of India.

by Road

National Highway 181 connects Ooty to other cities in India.

Distances to Kalhatty Waterfalls (Ooty):
Coimbatore Airport: 119.1 KM
Ooty 32.2 KM
Coimbatore Railway Station: 119.1 Kilometers
Coimbatore: 116.4 KM
Madurai: 316.0 KM
Bengaluru: 261.9 KM
Kochi: 277.7 KM
Chennai: 587.5 KM
Goa: 704.1 KM
Mumbai: 1126.5 KM
Delhi: 2435.6 KM

Kalhatty Waterfalls Seeger Ghat Road,

The Nilgiris District Kalhatti P.O,

Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643206

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