Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Karur Vysya Bank offers fully loaded credit cards that are designed to meet a variety of banking and lifestyle needs. Customers have the option to choose from either an offline or online mode to pay their credit card bills. You have the option to choose the most convenient payment method that allows you to pay your bills on time. KVB payment services don’t charge additional fees. KVB cardholders can pay their bills using another bank account. This is a very common practice.


Karur Vysya Bank – Online Credit Card Payment


Customers with credit cards can use the following online payment methods to pay their KVB credit card bills in a few easy steps. These are the main online payment options:

Visa Pay

Customers with credit cards can use their net banking services to transfer funds and make payments on KVB credit card bills. These platforms can be used to settle your credit card debts for a Visa credit card. Visa Money Transfer is an easy way to settle outstanding credit debts from home. Customers can trust it.

Open the net banking portal provided by your bank. Select “Third Party Funds Transfer”, then click “Visa Credit Card Payment”.
Include the required details in the fields such as the sender and the recipient information.
After the transaction has been confirmed, the amount will be transferred from your bank account and credited to your credit card account.

Payment using NEFT

You can pay outstanding credit card bills via NEFT. Follow these steps to make a successful NEFT payment toward your credit card bill.

Log in to your bank’s net banking account. You will find the “Third Party Fund Transfers” option on the page.
The next step is to add beneficiaries. This is the KVB credit card number. You will also need to add the IFSC Code- SBIN00CARDS. Important to remember that SBI and KVB offer credit cards as part of an active partnership. Therefore, the IFSC codes are related to the State Bank of India.
After the beneficiary has been approved and listed, NEFT transactions are possible to pay credit card dues.

Use Paynet to Pay Online

To settle credit card debts, one can also use the net banking service offered by his/her bank. Payment can be used to pay off your credit card debts.

Payment – Pay Online Page. Enter the details required, such as email address, phone number, and credit card number, along with the amount to be paid.
Select “Net Banking” to select the account where you wish the money to be debited. Customers can choose their bank from this list. After selecting their bank, customers will be directed to the bank’s payment page.
Enter the Net Banking verification number and the amount to be paid.
Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive an online reference number. The amount will also be debited from the bank account.

Please note that Karur Vysya Bank does not participate in Paisabazaar. Only partner Banks/NBFCs will be able to offer you offers.

Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Karur Vysya Bank – Offline Credit Card Payment


KVB Credit Cardholders can choose from a variety of offline payment options to pay their KVB credit card bills. Karur Vysya Bank offers a variety of offline options.

Counter-Cash Settlement

KVB credit card customers can make payments at any of the KVB branches. For managing cash payments “Over the Counter”, you will need to follow the steps below.

Locate the closest KVB or SBI Bank near you. Access a pay-in slip and fill out all information.
Send the slip in and you will receive the confirmation receipt.

Cheque Payment

Customers can pay their KVB credit card dues by cheque. Simply drop the cheque into the drop box at the ATM or bank branch nearest you.

Please enter all required information, such as your credit card number.
Make sure to include your name and contact information on the back of the cheque.

Please keep in mind that the payee is the 16-digit credit card number. Also, include the date, amount, and signature.