Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu

Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Kodiveri Waterfalls Tamil Nadu Beauty & the Best Time to Go

It is situated 75 km far from Coimbatore and 70 kilometers away from Erode, Kodiveri Dam, located in the Bhavani River is a stunning picnic spot close to Satyamangalam located in the Erode district (20 kilometers to Bannari Mariamman Temple). Kodiveri Falls is a popular tourist destination. Kodiveri Falls timings are from 8 AM until 6 PM.


Kodiveri Waterfalls Tamil Nadu

The Dam is able to irrigate more than 25,000 acres of land. The dam’s bottom is Dam is a stunning park that has been developed with a variety of attractions.

The Waterfalls near the bottom of the Kodiveri Dam are a spectacular location with breathtaking views of the waterfalls (close to the Dam). Since the waterfall isn’t massive, anyone can climb to the top of the waterfall and take in the view.


Satyamangalam kodiveri falls timings

The experience of bathing and swimming in the pool located at lower levels of the waterfall will be a memorable experience. The entertainment can be found in your pockets. admission ticket cost is Rs.4 Perper.

Kodiveri Dam locates on the Bhavani River close to Satyamangalam in the western region of Tamil Nadu. The Dam is located 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from Gobichettipalayam toward Satyamangalam on State Highway 15. The name “Kodiveri” is derived from the Tamil word ‘Kodivari’ meaning tiger. It refers to the forest area surrounding the Dam where tigers reside.

Coracle Rovers, which handles the rides, said the onslaught of tourists has increased since water from the Bhavani Sagar Reservoir to the Kodiveri check dam last month to irrigate the fields tainted by the Thadapalli-Arakanakottai canals.

Sometimes coracle rovers from nearby villages earn a livelihood by fishing. A large portion of tourists come to this location to sample freshly caught and cooked fish.

The picturesque setting that is Check Dam’s picturesque location Check Dam gives the place the popularity of a tourist spot. While the lawn and playground for children aren’t well maintained but they provide a relaxing atmosphere that lets visitors get into the holiday spirit.

Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Public Review

According to Public Works Department staff, who oversees the dam check, this tranquil area is popular during weekends. Families gather in the family units since alcohol is banned at Kodiveri falls.

Police officers were told by the staff that they would employ security cameras in order to take action when people were drinking or entered the dam drunk. According to frequent visitors from the surrounding areas, The area had been developed.

They first say that improving the facilities for toilets to ease the experience of tourists from further distances will enhance the appearance of the area.

The entryway to Kodiveri Falls is located on one side or the other of the Bhavani River. You can hire this round boat from one side to the next. Some people even walked through the water, however, it looked to be a bit risky!

If you’ve ever been to Hogenakkal You’ll know the fun of traveling on these boats. The boat captain spins the boat to intensify the excitement. Kodiveri Falls is also known as ‘Mini Niagara Falls’.



The Bhavani river is a tributary with a variety of ups and downs and its water is not enough to meet the demands of the agriculturalists in the area. The chief minister in the area established a mandatory dam on the Bhavani River to handle the water crisis and water shortages.

Since its inception, the Dam has offered a steady and safe water supply to the region. The quantity of water used in the surrounding region has grown as well as the production of food grains has been increasing in recent years.

The conditions improved and the per-capita income grew. The government was able to take over the Kodiveri falls and the Kodiveri Falls Dam in 1937.

It was constructed at the time of the year 1125 AD through Soja Kongalwan who was a member of Semba The dam was constructed by the Semba Jayagonda. Making a dam was like making a 20-foot-long stone wall. The stones were interlocked using iron rods and lead was used to make mortar.

But, these signs are not evident until the dry season, when levels of water in the river decrease substantially.

Two channels originate from the Dam Two channels are formed from the Dam. One is located on the north bank of the Bhavani river, while the one on the south side is known as the “Arakan Kottai Channel” as well as the “Tadapalli Channel” “Tadapalli Channel”.

The areas to the north of Gobichettipalayam are fertile thanks to the flowing of the Tadapalli channel. Sugarcane and paddy cultivation is the most prominent crops in the region. The beautiful field of green is also an absolute delight to see.

Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Technical Part
The Dam was constructed of bricks and mortar. The sound walls were 20 feet in width to serve as the principal wall. It was built to be able to withstand the weight of water. Water release controllers permit the water to flow in a fluid manner without harming surrounding areas. Iron rods that were thick and strong were utilized in the construction process to provide support for the long term.

The two channels were created on both sides of the Dam in order to make canals. They created the Arakan Kottai Channel and the Tadapalli Channel arranged on two sides.

Gobichettipalayam has fertile land because of the water flow from the Dam. Sugarcane cultivation is carried out on a massive scale in this area.



It is an excellent dam for tourists, with distinct natural surroundings.
Park with numerous fountains and lush greenery in the vicinity of Kodiveri Falls.
It is also possible to enjoy sailing on a traditional vessel known as “Thoni” (in Tamil).
The Kodiveri waterfalls were naturally designed in a way that they have three distinct areas for different kinds of people to soak and take pleasure in.
There is a large waterfall that men can enjoy bathing in and a flowing water feature that contains a blend of herbs and their therapeutic properties have a beneficial effect on our bodies.
On the other hand is the waterfall, primarily for girls and kids without the risk of falling and a lack of privacy at Kodiveri waterfall.
Anyone who wishes to swim can spend their time in the stagnant waters however, it’s clean and the water’s level is within safe levels.
Thus, we are able to run our business like Somersaults.
This dam cum waterfall is doing an outstanding job in irrigating 25,000 acres in the hinterland.
The Dam is expected to cost around 75 lakhs for maintenance in large amounts.

Kodiveri Falls Timings

Kodiveri Falls timings are from 8 am to 6 pm The cost is the tiniest sum of $5 INR as an entrance cost. It is believed that the Kodiveri falls timings are impacted by the covid pandemic.

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The best time to be there
The most appropriate moment to be there is in the afternoon. You can take a dip in the cool clear waters, enjoy a picnic in the park after the sun goes down, and enjoy an appetizer of fish that has been deep-fried.

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Kodiveri Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


How to Get

by Train

In the beginning, you must travel by train up to Coimbatore Junction. After that, you must reach Gandhipuram where you can obtain huge buses for the road (i.e.) to Satyamangalam and buses from local bus stops that go to Kodiveri falls.

by Bus

First, you will reach the Coimbatore Bus Stand, Gandhipuram and then you can take the Satyamangalam bus, and then an express bus that will take you to Kodiveri falls.

Email and Contact
Address: Kodiveri falls, Satyamangalam, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: +91 99440 09978


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