Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit -

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

1. Aadrika:

Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby name in Sanskrit for your little girl. Like many names, this one has a wonderful meaning. Aaddrika refers to “mountain.” This refers to an individual who is as strong and durable as the mountains. Aaddrika also has another meaning, “celestial.”

2. Avni:

Names like Avni is gorgeous for females. The meaning behind Avni refers to “the Earth.” The Sanskrit feminine name might be the one you choose if you prefer a unique name.

3. Charvi:

Looking for Sanskrit baby names? This is one that’s unique for girls who are just starting out. Charvi is among the top Sanskrit girl names to give your baby. It is a reference to “beautiful woman.” Baby Charvi is beautiful and her parents made the choice to give her this name.

4. Erisha:

The meaning behind the word Erisha means “speech” which is quite rare and distinctive. The name is appealing and is pleasing to the ears too. It can be considered to be one of the best known Sanskrit names for girls.

5. Gauravi:

Gauravi is a different Sanskrit names for females. The name is so wonderful that it can’t be valued enough. Gaurvi is a reference to “pride.” This is a sign of respect for the lady’s dignity. It’s a royal name.

6. Gayatri:

The most famous Sanskrit names for newborn girls is Gayatri and is related to Gods as well as our earlier superiors of the Hindu Dharma. The name refers to the Mother of the Vedas which dates back to the time of ancient. The name is well-known and spiritual.

7. Lakshita:

This is a great Hindu Sanskrit baby name. The meaning behind this term can be described as “recognize.” It is a word is quite attractive and would be perfect for every girl who is out there. The word describes the character of the girl who is named here and her character as human beings as well.

8. Lavi:

This is a great name for a woman who is courageous. The name is a reflection of the courageous character that the child. The meaning of Lavi means “lion.” It is a shorter name is ideal for infant girls and has an positive meaning.

9. Malavika:

Malavina is a reference to the princess of Malawa. It is a great and well-known Sanskrit name for baby girls that are out there. The name implies that the girl named here is no less than the princess herself.

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit
Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

10. Nivedita:

A person who is committed to serving others. This is a wonderful Hindu Sanskrit Baby name. There are many famous Hindu women across the globe that are named Nivedita.

11. Uttarika:

We have another fantastic Sanskrit name for girls that are in the market. The meaning behind Uttarika is “crossing river.” Uttarika is “crossing the river.” The name is one of the best names that is appropriate women who have quiet attractive and disciplined.

Top Hindu Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit:

Let’s look at some of the most popular Sanskrit baby names for boys that are listed each one by one.

12. Aryan:

It is among the most popular Sanskrit Baby boy names that begin with the letter ‘a. The name is quite appealing and is suited to boys perfectly. The meaning of the term can be described as “noble.” The name is a sign of the person is a disciplined and civilized. It is among the names that improve your standing and image. Who wouldn’t like to be known by an attractive name? It is considered to be the most beautiful baby boy name in Sanskrit that brings it at the top of the list.

13. Adhrit:

This name signifies Lord Vishnu. It’s a pretty impressive name for boys. It can be given to anyone Hindu boy in almost every family. It is easily written and remembered well. It will fit a boy perfectly and can be considered to be among the top Sanskrit Baby names suitable for boys.

14. Dhanush:

Dhanush is an extremely elegant name for males out there. The meaning behind Dhanush means “bow.” This name sounds beautiful and can be used by almost any male child. This is believed to be among the top names for boys who have parents who love Sanskrit names. If you’re searching for one of the most popular names for top Sanskrit male names then this may be the best one for your child.

15. Jatasya:

Jatsya refers to “the sea.” It is another name that is awe-inspiring in Sanskrit for boys who are just starting out. The name goes hand in harmony with the character and is considered to be among the most beautiful names for babies in Sanskrit. The name is attractive and is a great addition to the distinctive and scarce Sanskrit baby boy names.

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

166. Jagrav:

Are you looking for Sanskrit baby names? This is the perfect choice for you. The meaning behind the name Jagrav is “awakened.” Jagrav is fantastic, and it is also a great name. One can easily determine the meaning behind this name if they’re knowledgeable about Sanskrit names. This is a basic one that is easily comprehended.

167. Nirbhay:

The meaning of Nirbhay means “fearless.” This is that someone who isn’t scared of any thing. It’s a wise choice to name a baby boy after this name to ensure that he grows up to become a strong man. The name has been utilized in a variety of popular Sanskrit poetry and tales. It is among the most beautiful Sanskrit names.

18. Siddhanath:

Sanskrit names are renowned for their pronunciation and gorgeous meanings. This particular one is certainly any different. The name is attractive and can easily be a perfect fit for any boy born today. It is one of the most appealing Sanskrit name for males there. Who wouldn’t like to have this name meaning “Lord Shiva” and is an excellent Sanskrit names for baby boys that begins with the letter ‘S.’

19. Yuvan:

Yuvan refers to healthy and strong and is a reference to Lord Shiva. It’s a contemporary Sanskrit boy’s name. If the child grows up and is a teenager, he’ll surely think he is lucky to be named after this name.

20. Nilay:

Nilay is a different Sanskrit baby name for boys. The meaning behind Nilay is “home.”Nilay may be a good choice when you’re searching for something distinctive and outside of the ordinary.

21. Sambhav:

Hindi is among the most important languages that derives from Sanskrit. The word Sambhav is a reference to “manifested.” This word also refers to “born.” It’s one of the top names in Sanskrit that are suitable for infant boys.

22. Sashwat:

Sashwat is a reference to “permanent.” It’s one of the most popular Sanskrit Baby boy names, and is contemporary. While you may not have heard of this name often but it is certainly an extremely popular name throughout North India.

23. Samarth:

The meaning behind this term can be described as “efficient.” It is an excellent name for boys and could be considered to be one of the most appropriate names for boys who are determined to do things that are truly remarkable in their lives. This name has a significant positive connotation.

24. Ojas:

It is one of the most unique Sanskrit names for babies. The name is distinct from the others and its significance is different from others. The word Ojas refers to “brilliance.” This describes the person’s personality.

25. Saket:

Saket is among the names that are best for Hindu babies. The name has Sanskrit origin and translates to “heaven.” Saket is a great choice for boys.

26. Madhav:

Madhav is one of the Sanskrit baby name that begins with. The name refers towards Lord Krishna as well as being a typical baby boy’s name. If you’re a staunch devotee of Krishna This is the one you should choose from names.

27. Jaideep:

Another baby boy name that begins with the letter “j” in Sanskrit. The most popular name is Lord Krishna, Jaideep means ‘victory to the light.’

28. Girik:

It could be a completely new experience to you. Girik is a reference to Lord Shiva and you could even name your new baby boy after this.


Indian Sanskrit Baby Names for Twins:

  • Amar as well as Amir If you have twins, Amar and Amir could be their names. Amar refers to God Amir means God, Amir means God, and Amirmeans wealthy.
  • Aarav as well as Arnav: Aarav and Aarnavis are yet another distinctive twin names for boys. Aarav is a sound and Arnav is a reference to agitation.’
  • Arun Arjun and Arjun: Yet another twin boy name that begins with the letter ‘A’ is Arun as well as Arjun. Arun is a reference to’red, the color of dawn’. Arjun is a reference to “Arjuna.’
  • Disha as well as Divya: Disha means “direction” and Divya refers to “divine. This could be the perfect twin baby names for twin girls.
  • Dhuni as well as Damini Damini: This distinctive twin name for babies is a reference to ‘river’ and the second one means “lightning.’