Modern Irish Baby Girl Names And Meanings

Modern Irish Baby Girl Names And Meanings

We will now take a look at the the traditional Irish baby names, as well as contemporary Irish name for babies for girls.

1. Siobhan:

It is a well-known and traditional Gaelic name that is beautiful and attractive. The pronunciation is Shivawn which means God is kind. A girl born Siobhan could possess a pure heart and become the embodiment of graciousness and kindness.

2. Teagan:

A variation of Tegwig, a variation of the Welsh word Tegwig, Teagan has become an extremely popular baby name in recent times. What’s the surprise when you discover that the name is a synonym for attractive? A girl born with this name is sure to grow into a gorgeous elegant, graceful girl.

3. Aoife:

Irish legends tell of the most fierce female warrior, who was named Aoife. It is pronounced Eefa Aoife, it is among Ireland’s most adored names. Meaning radiant and beautiful You can count on your princess to shine with a stoic, calm beauty.

4. Enya:

We all recall Enya from the mellow and melodic music she brought us in the 1990s. The name derives an old-fashioned Irish Eithne. It means fire. The infant girl who has this name could be a fiery person that is passion for life and a fiery spirit.

5. Maeve:

Another name that is rooted in Irish legends, Maeve, was a formidable warrior queen. The name means she is intoxicated or brings immense happiness. A girl born today will surely bring immense happiness to her parents and, most likely, will enchant those who love her.

6. Sinead:

A commonly Irish surname, Sinead, has a gorgeous sounding ring. The name, which is pronounced as Shin-aid has gained popularity due to the famed Irish musician Sinead O’Connor. It’s a signification of God’s gift. You can be sure that your baby angel is the present you’ve always wanted.

7. Niamh:

Pronounced Neev Pronounced Neev, an Irish Gaelic name, is mentioned in an ancient Irish legend. Niamh was the hairy daughter of a sea god. With an amazing meaning such as shine, lustre, and radiance Your little god can only shine and be alive that brings light and joy to everyone’s lives.

8. Caitlyn:

A traditional Irish name, it is a variant of Catherine. It also comes in various spellings. It has been widely used throughout the years, and is now enjoying a new spirit thanks to Caitlyn Jenner. This is a reference to purity Your little princess will be gentle and have a heart that is filled with compassion and love.

9. Bree:

Another popular Gaelic namesake, Bree, is short and sweet. It hasn’t yet been overused, keeping its unique. The meaning is strength or an exalted one You can anticipate that a girl born with Bree to possess an imposing personality and develop to become a smart, sophisticated young woman.

10. Keera:

The name Keera is a reference to dark. It is among the most well-known names used in the Irish language. It’s also known as Ciara. It is one of the most famous Irish baby girl name.

11. Maire:

Although the name Maire is not associated with an exact significance, it is often associated with honor. It is sometimes referred to as “our lady” or “honour. It is one of some lovely Irish Baby girl names.

12. Margaret:

This is a well-known name for a variety of nations which includes Ireland. It was widespread in the 14th century and beyond and was often associated with kingly communities and families during the early days.

13. Miren:

Miren means sea fair. It is a story from the past and tells us that the mermaid Miren was rescued by a fisherman during the 6th century. She later changed into a gorgeous young woman.

14. Muriel:

Muriel baby girl could be described as as brilliant as the ocean. The name Muriel is connected to bright nature, deep and significance.

15. Niav:

Niav Also known as Niamh also known as Niamh, is a synonym for radiantity and brightness. It is a reference to gorgeous women who shine as bright as shining with lustre and radiating.

16. Regan:

Many people know that the name “Pink” is derived after a sovereign , or the king. It was named after babies in the early days of family members of the king.

17. Shavon:

This name comes from the meaning of a gracious god. It is a reference to an adorable baby that is filled with love, beauty and grace.

18. Sheela:

This is a musical title given to this baby girl. Music lovers and those who appreciate art typically name this name for the newborn girl in Irish.

19. Yseult:

The name was derived from an famous and wealthy Irish woman. Although there isn’t any particular significance behind the name, it is recognized due to the women.

20. Tiffany:

The name is princess-like. The name is recognized without any specific meaning, but because of its elegant nature and its princess-like.

21. Molly:

This is a well-known middle-aged name. The name is used more or less as is Mary. Mary. It is a common word within the Irish language.

22. Shannon:

This is a reference to being wise. The baby girl’s name is often used to describe the concept of wisdom and old. person who is smart and smart.

23. Quinn:

This name comes from the qualities of wisdom and intellect. The Gaelic name is well-known and well-known because of its broad meaning of wisdom.

24. Fiona:

It is a feminine variation of Fionn which is a fair word. This is the traditional name used to refer to newborn girls as being fair and white.

25. Cassidy:

The name comes from the babies with curly hair and who are curly-headed. It is a simple but stunning name.

26. Bridget:

The Name can be Anglicized of the spelling Bridget. The name is derived from Bridget, the Irish goddess of poetry and wisdom.

27. Alaina:

This is a feminine version to the name Alen. The baby name here is the girl, Alania is for girls who look attractive and attractive.

28. Shea:

The name is often used to mean majestic. The baby name of girls with Shea refers to a large, powerful or majestic.

29. Alayna:

The name is derived from the churches and the families of God’s servants. The meaning of the name is Dear Child.

30. Adara:

The name comes in Greek mythology, meaning beauty, fairness that is unblemished and virginity.

31. Ahana:

The name is also derived from families that were members of the church or were solid members of the Church. It means that a girl born is an offer from the Lord

32. Aili:

Aili refers to light or sweet. The baby’s name for the girl named Aili refers to the ones who will fill the families with light.

33. Aine:

It is a reference to joy and fire. The name of the baby girl with Aine signifies that the baby is a gift that is filling families with joy and joy.

34. Annabla:

The word “lovable” is a reference to love. It is the Irish version of love that was derived from books and writings from the past. It is an unique Irish baby girl name.

35. Arleen:

Arleen is often referred to as an vow. The baby’s name girl Arleen is a reference to promise or people who will not refuse the invitation to speak. This is a well-known Irish baby girl name.