Randha Waterfall Ahmednagar Maharashtra

Randha Waterfall In Ahmednagar


Randha Waterfall is a magnificent natural wonder located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, known for its breathtaking beauty and serene surroundings. With a total height of approximately 170 feet, Randha Waterfall stands as a testament to the grandeur of nature.


Randha Waterfall is situated near the village of Bhandardara, which is about 170 kilometers from Pune and 185 kilometers from Mumbai. It is nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, surrounded by lush green forests, picturesque valleys, and sparkling rivers. The waterfall is formed by the Pravara River, which originates from the neighboring Wilson Dam.

Geological Formation:

The geological formation of Randha Waterfall is primarily a result of the Pravara River’s course through the rocky terrain of the Sahyadri mountains. The river flows gracefully through the rugged landscape, eventually encountering a cliff, leading to the breathtaking cascade of water.

Water Flow:

The water flow in Randha Waterfall is influenced by the monsoon season, which spans from June to September in this region. During this period, the Pravara River receives heavy rainfall, causing a significant surge in water volume. As a result, the waterfall is at its majestic best, with a roaring cascade plunging into the pool below. The sight and sound of the gushing water create a mesmerizing experience for visitors.

Scenic Beauty:

The beauty of Randha Waterfall lies in its serene and unspoiled surroundings. The lush greenery of the Sahyadri mountains, combined with the misty spray of the waterfall, creates a tranquil atmosphere. The surrounding hills and valleys are adorned with a variety of flora and fauna, adding to the overall charm of the place. Visitors can witness the breathtaking view of the waterfall from various vantage points, each offering a unique perspective.

Accessibility and Accommodation :

Accessibility to Randha Waterfall in Ahmednagar is relatively convenient. The nearest railway station is Igatpuri, which is well-connected to major cities in Maharashtra. From Igatpuri, visitors can hire private vehicles or take public transportation to reach Bhandardara village, which serves as the base point for visiting the waterfall.

Accommodation options in and around Bhandardara are plentiful. There are resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and homestays available to suit various budgets and preferences. These accommodations offer comfortable rooms, scenic views, and amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for visitors. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure preferred accommodation options.

Tourist Attractions:

Apart from the waterfall itself, several other attractions in the vicinity make Bhandardara and Randha Waterfall a popular tourist destination.

Wilson Dam: Located near Bhandardara village, Wilson Dam is a significant hydroelectric project built across the Pravara River. The dam offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and serves as a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

Arthur Lake: Also known as Bhandardara Lake, Arthur Lake is a pristine reservoir formed by the waters of the Pravara River. The lake provides a serene setting for boating and is an excellent place to relax amidst nature’s tranquility.

Ratangad Fort: Situated near the waterfall, Ratangad Fort is a historic site that attracts trekkers and history enthusiasts. The fort offers panoramic views of the Sahyadri range and is known for its architectural marvels.

Amruteshwar Temple: Located near Ratanwadi village, Amruteshwar Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s intricate carvings and serene ambiance make it a must-visit for spiritual seekers and history lovers.


Visitors to Randha Waterfall can indulge in various activities to make the most of their trip. Some popular activities include:

Trekking: The region surrounding Randha Waterfall offers several trekking trails, catering to both novice and experienced trekkers. The picturesque landscapes and scenic viewpoints make trekking a popular adventure activity.

Picnicking: The lush green meadows near the waterfall serve as perfect picnic spots for families and groups. Visitors can spend quality time amidst nature, enjoying the soothing sound of the waterfall and the cool breeze.

Photography: Randha Waterfall provides ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture the stunning beauty of the landscape. The cascading water, misty surroundings, and vibrant flora make for captivating frames.

Bird Watching: The forests surrounding Randha Waterfall are home to a diverse range of avian species. Bird watchers can spot various birds, including hornbills, peafowls, and kingfishers, amidst the tranquil environment.

Randha Waterfall Ahmednagar Maharashtra


Randha Waterfall Ahmednagar Maharashtra



Randha Waterfall Ahmednagar Maharashtra

Randha Falls Timings

The following are Randha Falls’s timings:

Randha falls timings From To
Sunday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Monday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Tuesday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Wednesday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Thursday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Friday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Saturday 06:00 AM 06:00 PM

INR:- 50 per person

Best Time to Visit :

The best time to visit Randha Waterfall in Ahmednagar is during the monsoon season, which typically spans from June to September. During this period, the region experiences heavy rainfall, leading to an increase in water volume and making the waterfall truly magnificent. The monsoon season brings lush greenery to the surroundings, enhancing the overall beauty of the place. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions before planning a visit as heavy rains can sometimes lead to temporary closure of the waterfall for safety reasons.

Conservation Efforts:

To preserve the natural beauty and ecological balance of Randha Waterfall, various conservation efforts have been initiated. The local authorities, along with environmental organizations, have taken steps to prevent pollution and maintain the cleanliness of the area. Visitors are encouraged to follow responsible tourism practices, such as not littering and avoiding any harm to the flora and fauna.

Safety and Precautions:

When visiting Randha Waterfall in Ahmednagar, it is essential to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions. Here are some important safety guidelines to keep in mind:

Follow designated paths: Stick to designated paths and avoid venturing into restricted areas. This ensures your safety and helps preserve the natural surroundings.

Be cautious near the waterfall: The waterfall can have strong currents and slippery rocks. Exercise caution while approaching and avoid going too close to the edge.

Check weather conditions: Before your visit, check the weather forecast. Heavy rainfall can lead to an increase in water volume, making it unsafe to visit the waterfall. Plan your trip accordingly.

Wear appropriate footwear: Choose sturdy footwear with a good grip to navigate the rocky terrain comfortably and reduce the risk of slipping.

Stay hydrated and carry snacks: Carry an adequate supply of water and light snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized during your visit.

Dispose of waste responsibly: Help maintain the cleanliness of the area by properly disposing of waste. Avoid littering and use designated trash bins.

Follow instructions and guidelines: Pay attention to any instructions or guidelines provided by local authorities or signage at the site. They are in place for your safety and the preservation of the environment.

By adhering to these safety measures, you can have an enjoyable and safe experience while visiting Randha Waterfall.

Randha Waterfall Ahmednagar Maharashtra


How to get there

Nashik Domestic Airport (Ozar) is the closest airport, approximately 92 kilometers far from Randha Waterfalls.


Igatpuri Railway Station is about 44 km away from the water of Randha Falls.

City Nashik is 73 km

Aurangabad is 96 km

Pune is 158 km


Mumbai is located 165 kilometers from the waterfalls.

Randha Falls Location

Rajur- Bhandardara Road,


Maharashtra- 414001

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